Say hello to the new Surface tablets with this awesome Microsoft advert

Microsoft has only recently unveiled both the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro Windows tablets, but already the company has released an advert showing off exactly what these new products can do. The above video explains why the Surface Windows tablets are worth checking out, and what an advert it is. "Not just a laptop, not just a tablet."

From the increased battery life all the way to the new Intel chips utilised, Microsoft is going all out when it comes to the second generation of its Windows tablets. When the original Surface tablets launched back in 2012, Microsoft emphasised how unique and fresh the products were (with a focus on movement), compared to the competition. It's clear with the second wave that we will see the company promote what improvements have been made.

If you're interested in the new Surface tablets, be sure to head on over to Microsoft's website to place a pre-order. As an incentive, remember the company is packing 200GB SkyDrive and free Skype calls with each Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro.

Source: YouTube; thanks, frugo, for the tip!



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DaveGx says:

Good ad. Better than that dancing crap for the first surface

Rich Edmonds says:

So true, so true.

thesorehead says:

I particularly like how they used a new arrangement of the same theme, to tie back to the pure "fun" of the old ad, while talking about the actual value proposition of the product this time.

anon5351951 says:

The animation at the end made me want to buy it more than a full ad of dancing... That animation though. Slick, sexy.

tvolpe86 says:

which part are you referring to?  how it pans out from the kid, to the office building with the windows logo, to the screen, etc.?

theefman says:

Problem with those ads was they were the ONLY ads, should have been followed up with something more substantial showing off the features after piquing peoples interest with the first ones. Alas...

someoneinwa says:

This is a nice ad....still introductory like the dancing ads were but more product focused rather than image focused. These should run.....everywhere....for a couple of weeks and then be followed by a series of ads showing off the specific models and/or specific features.
Anyone else notice that the theme music for this ad is a variation of the music in the first dancing ad?

nguyem86 says:

Yes! I really liked this variation of the music, gave the ad some class!

ProFilmLA says:

To be honest, the demographic for that first dancing ad was teens. It had a hip factor. This ad is more responsible and conservative...for the oldies..25-50. Lol

DaveGx says:

When I was a teen, dancing ads would've never worked for me, and still don't. Though it makes me wonder just what type of person that would work on...

RyanAMG says:

Kids now days are into dancing ads. Look at the new Toyota Corolla ads. Toyota is marketing to kids. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KbFsqsfkS58&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DKbFs...

willied says:

If I even wanted a Corolla in the first place (which I don't because I actually like driving), that ad would turn me off. But I'm not your average young person.

Reflexx says:

I still love the dancing ads!

NIST says:

I know several people where that dancing ad caught their attention. It served its purpose very well. Bam, here I am IN YOUR FACE. now you can do these quieter artistic type ads now that you have some brand recognition.
Same reason I'm rockin a bright yellow Nokia 1020. In a sea of iPhones, you stand the F#ck out. Get noticed. Differentiate. Dancing people, yellow Lumias. Same thing.

willied says:

Same here. The dancing ads were pretty dumb and useless.

Rockartisten says:

When everyone already knows what a Surface is and what it can do, then you can have those kinds of ads. People probably thought it was as trailer for Glee or some crap.

Lol, that's a good one. Glee..lol. That is freaking true.

DKJr says:

MS finally gets it right. This really works. Just watched ad like 4 times already.
Very convincing! Can't wait to get my hands onto the Pro 2.

Rug says:

Its a bit deceptive, I thought the Surface 2 didn't support the pen and that the Pro didn't come with Office. This implies there is no difference, setting people up for disappointment, like usual.

addicusbrown says:

Well done commercial.

Sarang68 says:

Shows people using it in different walks of life. Drives the point home. Only if this was broadcast worldwide!

WinMaverick says:

First they have to launch worldwide before going for a global broadcast. For that they need to move their asses outside USA and Europe.
Come on, get on with the deal! Atleast give them money and start using Nokia's supply chain and stores for now.

Sarang68 says:

Absolutely. No full Bing experience. No Xbox music enabled. No Microsoft physical store. Even the online store is limited. No Xbox one as of yet. Over & above Microsoft India insists on a credit card for app purchases! All this when i am an early adopter. Got my 920 & Windows 8 both on desktop & laptop which are non touch by the way. Don't get me started on new touch enabled laptops or AIO. Its just a trickle here & hideosly expensive. We don't even have proper multi touch monitors yet. Sorry for the rant . Had to take it out somewhere. :'(

WinMaverick says:

Agreed. They need to show their presence worldwide in a big way before getting on with the deal and changing the "Nokia" name on the stores to "Microsoft" overnight.
Ad awareness is all... Just look at Apple... they are so hefty priced here that only a handful buys, but all considers them as a status symbol of sort. All Indian metros have 3 to 4 Apple premium stores and many many retail partners.

pr0phecy says:

This. Please broadcast this out here in Apple-centric Netherlands!

ltjordan24 says:

  These are the type of informative commercials that they need to make for WP8, in addition to the ones highlighting the cameras on the Lumia Pureview cameras.

That is what they should have been doing from the beginning. Good stuff.

farskija says:

Very nice!  Now, what do I do my Surface Pro 1 that I bought 2 months ago??

OMG55 says:

Wait for 8.1 update, purchase one or more of the new accessories if you want to, the "Click In and Do More" ; )

freshfelicio says:

buy a Power Cover that also works with the Surface 1 and brings you Surface-2-like battery life. Or one of all the other accessories that are backwards compatible :)

cruisezero says:

You can give it to me ;)

schlubadub says:

You can give it to me, plus $10 for my trouble :P

toph36 says:

This appears to be an ad for just the Surface 2 (not the Pro), but I thought the stylus only worked on the Pro?

duk3togo says:

I've been wondering the same thing. I saw this ad yesterday and I asked the same question.

Steven Curl says:

He clicks in his USB drive on the left side, which is the location of the USB port on the surface pro. The surface has its USB port above the power connecter on the right.

dwigfor says:

That's my problem with this ad.  It doesn't distinguish between Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, so consumers will again be confused why their Photoshop won't run on Surface 2 like in the ad.
You need to pause on the clip to see in small text: "Sequences shortened.  Surface Pro 2 comes with ProPen." 
As I understand it, they sell a stylus for RT, but it's fat tip, no pen pressure, no active digitizer.  Now, could he draw his scribble on RT running remote desktop into PC running Photoshop?

_Emi_ says:

do you know the price of photoshop and what it is used for? then you would know IF people want to use that in a tablet, and they have the money to pay for it and do all photoshop does... Im sure they would know how to distinguish between surface and surface pro.
Like Im sure Rob Powers (someone important you might not know) knew what Surface he had to get to get all his software running in a tablet. because I know he has Photoshop and other advanced software in this surface pro.
ugh... really

Reflexx says:

But what if you're just a regular consumer who loves to draw? Seeing this ad could be confusing.

ralexand56 says:

Except that consumers aren't running photoshop.

Darkness690 says:

Those consumers probably don't even know that was Photoshop.

_Emi_ says:

Im sure a "regular" consumer that wants to use Photoshop in their tablet, will know the difference between Surface and pro, if not, im sure they will just be a regular users that wont know how to use it or know about it, and we will go to: why would they want to get something they dont even know about?
maybe the dont even know the photoshop UI or icons so how can they tell if its PS or not? only if they knew about it. especially when CS5 and before had the light grey UI and now CS6 and CC have dark grey UI. so I dont think many will be like "omg its photoshop!" since they might not even tell what software is the guy drawing something on.
and like I said, Photoshop its not free, so if someone can spend $19 per month on a software to draw (new CC costs that), or $629 (in amazon, since they dont sell it in adobe store anymore) for CS6 , Im sure they would know the difference between pro and normal surface.
so in the end, if they liked to draw, they would probably just do the same they would do in other tablets, install one of the apps on Win8 that says "draw" or sketchbook express or something. and get a stylus like the ones that work in iPad and Android and other tablets. like Adonit, iKross, etc.

Lych says:

The new surface supports capacitive pens in certain apps, the new pro supports active pens as well. I think they even mentioned this during the reveal event.

dwigfor says:

Yeah, I think I know the price of Photoshop and what it's used for, since I use it professionally every day, along with After Effects.  I think Rob Powers may have even visited our studio's Lightwave team after they moved their group out of Newtek into LA.  But I left LW about 10 years ago for Softimage.  Out of curiosity, do you know which company sold Softimage to Avid?
BTW, I think a lot more people know of photoshop than you might think.  Perhaps they only know "it's been Photoshopped" rather than what the interface actually looks like.   Then again, my perception is probably skewed, seeing that I work for an animation studio. 

It appears to be for the Surface Pro: stylus, dark exterior, type cover, etc.

BK-one says:

Now that is what I call an informative commercial. Well done advertising team at MS.

chezm says:

I like it, well done...now start pumping it on tv and shoving down peoples throats

MacDaMachine says:

They say "your favorite apps" well I didn't see any big name apps. Why not show netflix, or HBOgo, or Facebook/Twitter snapped on the side?

Still better than the click clack dancing garbage..

toph36 says:

Good point.  However, I don't think there is HBO Go yet?  Netflix and Twitter are there, but the official Facebook app has not been release yet.  Hopefully it will be there when 8.1 is available, along with a ton of other apps.  The store is getting there, but the merging of the Windows and WP app store will be huge when that finally happens.

ymcpa says:

it has a full browser. you can get hbogo on the browser. i pinned the website to the startscreen and it feels a lot like an app.

toph36 says:

On a separate note, I watched the new Michael J. Fox show.... it was actually pretty good, but the Surface was
prominently used in the show, multiple times.  Even had a close up clearly showing the Windows home button.  Great product placement.  Hopefully the shows had great ratings.

The first season of Arrow was a big Microsoft commercial with product placements. Will be interesting to see if that continues. I would think it would as I know most people don't watch commercials anymore.

Don't forget Under the Dome and Wendy's Commercials

mondokjm says:

And Parks & Recreation featured a Lumia 925 and a Lenovo YOGA
Microsoft seems to really be amping up product placement recently

MethodGT says:

The Mindy Project season premiere used a surface lookalike and yellow Lumia lookalike, just with huge over-the-top Windows buttons (still in the old style, no less).

juanitoriv says:

And Elementary. Sherlock Holmes has a Surface.

enzom09 says:

might start watching this now because of it....saw one episode and it just didn't compare to Sherlock

Adretheon says:

That's cause nothing compares to Sherlock haha

enzom09 says:

They use windows 8 prominently in White Collar too.

Darkness690 says:

Everyone on TV has a Surface or a Windows Phone now, I wonder how much Microsoft is shelling out for all this product placement.

rchillin says:

Is anyone else having odd problems trying to view YouTube videos on their phone. The past 2 articles with videos, YouTube tells me "sorry we can't play this file on your phone"

theefman says:

That's google being twats.

juanitoriv says:

I have MetroTube app. When you tap the video, it will ask you to choose watch via YouTube app or via web page. Still works nice... BTW check out project remix vid too

rchillin says:

I've got metrotube as well. It says oops try the website..go to the website then it says sorry, can't play it....wth???

I think it's boring and won't get consumers interested or excited.

typhon62_1 says:

Yes it was not very exciting but at least I didn't hate it like the ordinal Surface commercials!

poiman says:

I don't get the stylus part...

NutmegState says:

What is not to get?
I working with a lot of engineers.  We use the Surface as whiteboard sometimes and when I am not working I do photography on the side and sometimes I get paid.
I like bring up a picture and being to put notes on it so when I go back to my office I know what to do
My brother is a mechanical engineer and he shows parts to customers and put notes on the pictures
We are both doing this with the Original Surface but have bother ordered the newer Surfacce Pro 2
The stylus is incredibly usefull and I love they have it.  More important I truely do hope the color rendering is better and it will calibrate with my Spyder

Wevenhuis says:

Missing support for portrait mode. After all Panay demoed surface pro 1 that it was built to hold both in landscape and portrait. Vents would not be blocked....

R0bR says:

It's a much better ad but both the Surface 2 and Pro 2 are represented with no info to differentiate the two. Meaning users are again going to get confused. Hopefully there will be a follow up ad that does differentiate the models.

sManowar says:

So, does the Surface 2 support styluses?

jlzimmerman says:

The stylus works on the Surface 2??

rchillin says:

The screen is still capacitive so although the pen will work, it won't be as concise as it is on the Pro

ymcpa says:

That pen isn't a capacitive pen. It's a wacom pen that works on a digitizer. I'm not exactly sure how these things work, but the capacitive pens have rubber tips and the wacom pens are hard tip.

Steven Curl says:

He's using a surface pro 2 in the segment. He plugs the USB device into the left side of the device, the location for the surface pro and pro 2. The surface and surface 2 have their USB port on the right, above the power connector.

jlzimmerman says:

Then as a consumer I cry FOUL.  This commercial at the end specifies ONLY the Surface 2 but has snippets of the Pro in it?!?!

lubbalots says:

Beautiful! Now just have to wait for Sirius and see what it has to offer.

Drey says:

Miles better than the original ads. Does anyone know exactly how hard MS fired the previous ad agency? Also, if anyone knows which agency it was I'd like to know so that I never hire them, or whomever was running marketing at MS at the time.

typhon62_1 says:

Was expecting stupid dancing and irritating music and was almost let down that I didn't hate it :)

LOVE IT!  Should have done this with the first surface.  The dancing shit was the worst.  Simple, elegant, and informative.  

isi mcf says:

Now of they would start playing them more on tv, people would actually see them.

adrian1338 says:

Now here everyone loves the new Advertising - everywhere else they are complaining about not clearly pointing out the differences between Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.  To be fair - after seeing that advert you would thing that everything displayed is just done with that surface 2 

n_n says:

why? on the 'subtitles' it says "surface pro comes with a pen".
Is it really that strange to place a product family or series in 1 commercial?
I'm getting a feeling that people are complaining just because they can..

adrian1338 says:

So the difference is one comes with a pen the other one without keyboard and which one comes with office rt and do both have the same operating system on it.. no no no and no. thats the problem. and why do they just say "surface 2" at the end where the ARM based clearly is the only service 2? and why do they say one device for everything? which one now? surface 2 or surface pro 2? because the ARM based clearly is not for everything

n_n says:

I give up.. we both know there are a lot more differences between these versions. Is it importand to show these in a commercial? I believe it isn't.. It's to trigger people to be interested.
In my opinion it's to easy to say that they both have an operating system that says: Windows... so that means there the same. Windows 98 and Windows NT where not the same? Windows 7 Home Edition and Windows 7 Proffesional are not the same. Sure some where able to run the same programs, although windows NT could'nt run everything Windows 98 could.
When i'm buying something I want to know what i'm buying. On the box of the Surface RT it says "Work exclusivly with apps from the Windows Store" and "Not compatible with other desktop software". That should give a hint that it will not run your old software. If i still would not be sure.. I'dd ask someone in the store. If they fail to explain it to me, it would be their fault, it's there store so they should know what there selling.

No, it's because the commercial first makes them excited and then lets them down when they try to find out more about the product!

n_n says:

Thats the whole point of a commercial.. to make you excited.

Excited, not disappointed with false promises.

This is fair criticism.  Microsoft still has the issue of making it clear what the differences are, and calling both of these things Surface 2, just with the Pro designation, is not going to be enough.  Surface *RT* was a stupid name, just like Windows RT is a stupid name, but now Microsoft seems to think this product needs no name at all, which is equally stupid, maybe moreso.  

I agree. People are going to see this ad, get excited, go to a store to play with a Surface 2, mess around with Windows RT for about 45 seconds, then walk out when they can't find a Facebook, Instagram, or whatever app they're looking for.

freshfelicio says:

Anyone noticed it's the same music they used in their danicing schoolgirls commercials? but this time they focused on featured, so i think they learned their lesson. no actually broadcast this on TV international.

ejlee072006 says:

Surface MINI is what im waiting for

Micah Dawson says:

I like it a lot. Though the original commercials were not bad with the dancing as they got people eyes on the commercial, they should have then been followed up by commercials like this latest one.

RatPriest says:

I may have missed it in the articles and info we have seen regarding the surface 2, but does anyone know if we can use our existing surface rt keyboards/type cover on the new surface 2, instead of having to purchase a new one?

jchapman01 says:

Well that answers that. Edited my post... Cause I was wrong, lol. Thanks!

That is a very nice ad.  What Microsoft needs in addition are some killer app announcements in October with the release of Windows 8.1.

ninny1176 says:

They also need to nail down content - content in the way Amazon/Apple deliver content to thier respective devices. It has to be clean, and simple to use for consumers. The Surface ecosystem isn't complete which turns people away - at least that's been my experience with letting people use mine.

wow! i just had an orgasm..

bkydcmpr says:

i got it, surface 2 has kickstand 2 positions, surface 3 will have 3 positions, when are we going to have a continuous adjustable kickstand?

Sarang68 says:

Surface Infinite! ;-)

Parks and Rec last night was like a commerical for Nokia 1020!   Sheez.

umangparikh says:

Fantastic ad. Makes me want to order a surface instantly.

PeltFrelken says:

This will appeal to business customers.

beefydragon says:

Greatest ad ever!!! I like inspirational ads...

Blkacesvf41 says:

I must agree that the marketing IS getting better!

Now if only they'd offer a buyback program for early adopters, I'd totally get a Surface Pro 2 with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage. But for $1300, I need a good trade-in price for them to take my Surface Pro gen1 off my hands :). ($500-$600 for a 128GB SP1 sounds fair :) so they'll probably offer $400-$500 :\ )
If you're interested in the newer models, be sure to look at the specs:
The amount of storage you get will determine the amount of RAM you get. The 64GB and 128GB models come with 4GB RAM while the 256GB and 512GB models get 8GB RAM. It doesn't look like (judging by the link above) that you can get a 64GB or 128GB model with 8GB RAM.

GustavN says:

Yep, I'm getting two. A regular 64GB for my parents and a Pro 256GB for myself

blackprince says:

Great ad, more and more like this. succinct, shows off the features, doesn't talk about competitors and good looking.

wpoblation says:

Finally, good ads for the Surface are coming in. The other good one was the one with the cute College Girl using the Surface in class. They really need to emphasize what the Surface can do (USB, easy printing, Multiple Users!!!, screen snapping), and spend time less on mocking the iPad. 
And also this Ghost in the Shell Anime video is awesome:

Neo Nuke says:

Amazing commercial! We got a winner

IMStrugglin says:

Who is the woman on the plane? HOT!

Ushae says:

Waaaaay better than the dancing commercial, shows different types of people using the device. Keep ii up MS. Now get to work on that app store and UI !!

SwimSwim says:

That was legit one of the best commercials Microsoft has ever made, it's of Apple tiers. They didn't use freaky dance numbers, take cheep digs at competitors, or have people fighting amongst themselves. No, instead they created a simple, to the point commercial, that leaves you feeling... Something.
Not sure what, but it's just like Apple's famous Here's to the Crazy Ones commercial. You aren't quite sure what, but after watching it, is leaves some sort of odd impression on you. Instead of trying to throw the whole kitchen sink at the customer, they went with a minimalist approach. However, it seems like less is more. I definitely feel this is a more compelling sell for the Surface than any dance number or Siri parody.
Great job Microsoft, stupendous. Finally, you've gotten this advertising thing down.

hysonmb says:

I like the ad, it's better than all of the ones they did for the previous generation, but, there's one issue.
They don't talk about which one is which and they don't have any indcator that there is a difference between Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2. Customers who go looking for "the one device for everything" and find out there are two different versions may be confused.
They're on the right track and this is a good show of the features but they need to be clear that you're not getting a device that can replace a laptop like they talked about in the start of the commerical if you don't buy the Pro.

gouboy says:

Can I connect a controller and play Halo on it? Maybe GTA? If I could, I'd be sooooo happy.

THis proves to me that MS delivered on the COurier

At the 0:43 second mark, what phone is that sitting on the camp table?  Looks really slick and kind reminiscent to the Zune HD design.   Surface Phone, right?!   :)