Screenshots of Windows 8 installation shows Metro influence

We're all aware that the Metro UI is now the shiny baby at Microsoft and that they've been implementing their simple typographic design on their online properties too. There have been some Windows 8 setup screenshots leaked on the web that display an incredibly attractive installation, and we all know how Microsoft love their setup dialogues.

Looking at the screenshots, we can see the clear resemblance to the likes of the Zune media centre and Windows Phone 7 itself. It really is a much simpler design that's less cluttered with 'cool glass effects' - now all they need to do is get rid of the horrible progress bar. With Microsoft heading towards a Metro Windows release, one can only hope for a more optimised release with less memory used while bringing across the "concentrated focus on information and content" from WP7.

But what do I love most about the screenshots? The new BSoD, no wait, that's Black Screen of Death. Gone are the days of dumping the old memory and here comes…

What do you think of the images, and how the Windows OS is advancing further in the minimalistic approach and design? Hopefully the beta should be available sooner rather than later and an in-depth analysis will be possible.

Source: WinReview



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Grubish360 says:

Love it! Can't wait to beta test it (hopefully)

OGCF says:

That Black Screen of Death looks **** Thank GOD they changed that.

ChrisLynch says:

Indeed. I do like the images thus far. I really want to see how MS is evolving the Aero UI, especially since they claim that Windows 8 is being designed for touch devices.

rexalbel says:

Me too. Should be interesting. No main os has taken a major design jump since it's origin. Each has slowly evolved with each update. I can't imagine an extreme overhaul. While I m indifferent about the metro ui I do think it adds simplicity.

pulseMOD441 says:

As long as they add improved multi-touch compatability I'll be happy :D

frylock says:

I miss the good old BSOD with the hex dump!

ddreese says:

It looks like they finally got somebody with UI design chops in-house. Who'd they steal from Apple?

What are you smoking? Have you SEEN Windows 7? Granted, 8 looks improved, but to say 7 is ugly is insulting and false.