Screenshots of Windows 8.1 RTM leak onto the web

Screenshots from the final version of Windows 8.1 RTM have begun to surface on the web and we are happy to make them available to our readers. The shots show the default start screen, lock screen, and desktop screen backgrounds. Windows 8.1 was finalized on August 23rd and we are more than excited to get the final build in our own hands.

Check out the screenshots below and let us know what you think. They might just be collections of new operating system wallpaper, but when it comes to technology – design can be the first and longest lasting impression.

Are you currently on the Windows 8.1 Consumer Preview?

Bonus Question: Are any of our readers not running Windows 8 (Still on XP, Vista, or 7)?

Source: Win8China; via: WinSuperSite



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rubenbest says:

Work xp

Home 7

In my heart windows 8.1

jsnod25 says:

Windows CE, 7 and 8 at work
Windows 7 at home
Windows Phone 8 on the go

ThePKReddy says:

I have a 27inch 1440 and a 24 inch 1200 in dual monitor on win 8.1 preview. Win 8 makes so much more sense even on large monitors, non touch. People are just beyond retardation as you can tell my daily news

travisel says:

NT 5.2 "Windows XP Professional x64 Edition with SP2"
Windows Mobile 6.5
NT 6.2 "Windows 8"
Windows Phone 8
NT 6.3 "Windows 8.1" is going to be awesome!
Windows Phone 8.1

Whodaboss says:

Work Windows 7
Home Windows 7 and Windows 8 Pro
Phone Windows Phone 8
Just purchased and all-in-one desktop (Sony VAIO L Series) my Windows 8 Pro and I LOVE IT!  This computer is so solid it's incredable. 

jfkn2001 says:

@work Windows 7
@home Windows 8 and RT

Eas195 says:

Windows 8 at home
Windows Phone 8 (GDR1) on my phone

Rug says:

Work 7
Surface Pro 8.1
Surface RT 8
Home 7
Media Center 7
Kids 7

I've just been lazy for my work PC. Media Center on 8 won't work with my Echo. I also have been lazy to check to see if the family safety thing works on 8, plus the kids have been using the Surface RT a lot.

Ok, now that Ballmer is finally gone, can we please have some consistency and let me put the tiles where I want them, like the phone?

DennisvdG says:

Never even used w8, waiting for a lumia w8 :S

Cubeddd says:

That's probably never going to happen.

DennisvdG says:

Rt is coming so why not w8

realwarder says:

RT is basically Windows 8, just compiled for ARM so only the app store apps run.

Not exactly, but close enough.... (the fact microsoft included the desktop and made no graphical changes to RT makes this even more confusing to people) 

drg says:

If the difference between Windows RT and Windows 8 is one can't run desktop apps and the other can is confusing, then the user is a twit. Unfortunately for MS, most users are twits.

Joseph Avena says:

drg, I agree with you fully!!  The RT version is the "tablet" version.  Can IPAD people run the same desktop apps as their Mac's....no.  I really can't figure out the "twit's" and the media that feeds this BS. Very simple, the RT is a tablet for consumption with a twist....it has MS office if you need it.  Surface Pro is a full I5 machine that will run RT apps and desktop apps.  I love the Win 8 interface...the start button is between the Crtl and Alt keys.....put you apps on the "Start" screen, not really that complicated.

What i meant was, you dont see the full mac desktop on an iPad. The inclusion of the desktop shouldnt be confusing, but Microsoft over did it. The desktop, without fiddling with the sizing settings, can be a bit tricky on even an x86 tablet, and Modern UI applications are geared more towards those users (even though they are just as fine on a desktop or laptop for the most part). However, the desktop makes no sense on RT, other than to exist temporarily till microsoft makes tablet versions of the rest of their apps, such as office and explorer.
Its confusing because it has nothing distinctive about it. Especially when x86 apps are being called "Desktop Apps" by microsoft. The purpose of a Windows RT tablet is to have something that can do more. It has office, Full flash browser, and a growing store of Windows Store apps. The purpose of an x86 tablet (which manufacturers dont seem to understand this, btw) is to have the usability of the RT device, while having the added ability to run legacy desktop software and use x86 applications. But how do you market those points when, A: OEMS are making Atom tablets cheaper than RT tablets, and B: Both Windows and WIndows RT when put side by side look exactly the same.
Its not that RT is confusing, its that it has nothing to make it stand out. Nothing to visually differentiate itself from Windows [x86]. Thats probably [partially] why RT devices havent been doing so hot. (That and an ATOM tablet being cheaper than RT till recently)

Cubeddd says:

Using the Apple ecosystem as an example invalidates your point. You don't see the full mac running on an iPad is because that's the path that apple followed when they made the iPad. Microsoft is doing something different with windows 8 and adding more functionality and unification and comparing it in that aspect to the iPad makes no sense.

Lumia? nope, but Sirius W8 RT is coming :P

DennisvdG says:

Lumia sirius whatever you know what I mean, I want NOKIA W8 that's it

Cubeddd says:

Oh, now you make sense. That's probably definitely going to happen.

Josh Harman says:

Sirius is the 'code name'.

Serious? Hahahaha
badummm tsssss

Eas195 says:

Hey, don't be so sirius, this is just the community, right? LOL

W8.1 on PC, W8.1 on laptop

jholso says:

Work: Windows 7, Windows 8
Home: Windows 8.1, Windows xp

8.1 XP is still boss tho. WP8.1 is long over due.

ralexand56 says:

No its not. XP is actually quite painful to use now.

darth3pio says:

You should try working at our company, the computers are still loaded with Win2000

Tyradius says:

Our registers at work are Pentium 1 166mhz running windows 98 SE with a dos based point of sales system. And..... Drumroll..... We are a computer shop. Sigh...

pierrerv says:

work= w2000 home=w8 on the go wp8 / gdr2 and lumia 521 on the way

Rubios says:

What a surprise... nah.
Any significant changes from the preview version?
PD: 8.1 preview on desktop, Mountain Lion for laptop.

StevieBallz says:

Win 7 at work and on my home PC. Win 8 on my Notebook (X1 Carbon Touch) and 8.1 Consumer Preview on the Asus EP121.
I'm curious to see the animated Startscreen backgrounds.

mayur89 says:

I'm using Windows 8.1 Preview.... :) It's Great.. But I can't see any change in above pics... :) what's the leak??

DreadVenom says:

Work, win8. Home, 8.1 ConPreview. Loved 8 but 8.1 is so much better. Nothing major but sometimes its the little things that make the big difference.

Cleveland2k says:

Windows 8.1pre on laptop and do I count Windows phone 8 also lol

flygeani says:

I just use w7 on Pc but I think the w8 only fits with tablets.

ThePKReddy says:

Win 8 is faster than 7, plus the desktop has more features lacking in 7. I won't go back to 7 unless I'm forced to (work)

thats a misconception. 8 has numerous improvements over 7, and the desktop is nearly %100 identical to seven (minus the start button, which is hidden in the bottom corner till mouse hover in 8.0, put back in [sadly] in 8.1). And did I mention the fast boot speed?

ThePKReddy says:

Its not just boot speed. Its noticeably faster on older/weaker hardware than 7.

I have Windows 8 running on a AMD E1-1200 1.2GHz dual core APU. It doesn't take more than 20-30 seconds for W8 to fully boot.

DenniSundaY says:

Running windows 8 on my surface and home laptop :P

Nemoc says:

W8.1 on both work and home (inclusive my surface)

Fellipe Abib says:

Work - Windows Small Business Server 2011
Home - Windows 8.1
Smartphone - Windows Phone 8

I have been running 8.1 preview since it dropped. The main reason is the updates to PowerShell in v4.0.

admrjosh2001 says:

Windows 8 is overrated imo. I'd much rather stick with Win7.

Cubeddd says:

Have you actually used win8?

admrjosh2001 says:

Yes, yes I have. I like the idea of the app store for windows but the whole start screen thing I couldn't get use to... And yes I did give the OS a chance.

Cubeddd says:

I run both windows 8 and 8.1  consumer preview on my old 2009 non-touch laptop (came with vista) and believe me or not, performance is way better than windows 7.
There are numerous third party apps that can make you never see the start screen but in my opinion, the "Metro" start screen is one of the best features on Windows 8. I mean windows 8 is basically (a better) windows 7 with an easy-to-use-visually-stunning welcome screen and i'm quite suprised you couldn't get used to it.
To be honest I don't use the start screen as often as I would if it was a touch device, but every single thing about it, navigation, apps&games, multitasking works almost flawlessly with a keyboard and mouse. You probably have more reasons why you don't like it, but "overrated" is a pretty unreasonable word to use regarding windows 8.

I can vouch for this.  My second laptop is a HP Intel Centrino Duo that came with Vista.  I got it in 2007.  I upgraded it to Windows 7 in 2009 and put Windows 8 on it last year.  Windows 8 has worked the best.  I too started with Start8 on mine to help the transition, and I still use it for jump lists and quicker access to libraries.  But for an actual app launcher, I think the new Start screen is superior.  Who cares if it takes up the whole screen?  You're not looking at the other stuff when using the Win7 start screen anyway.

ymcpa says:

The start screen is the app launcher. Do you sit around looking at the start menu on windows 7? If not, then click on the shortcut you need, wait for the app to launch and then get to work. There is nothing to get used to. Just like the desktop, pin your favorites and organize them how you want. The only part of windows 8 that gets a little getting used to is the charms and the location of the settings.

drg says:

Funny I taught a 75 year old woman to use Windows 8 - upgrade from Windows XP and she learnt what the start screen did in 5 minutes. She also thought the apps were great. Are you perhaps an 80 year old woman?

DennisvdG says:

"overrated" lol I cannot think of anyone I know that doesn't hate w8, I know it's ridiculous but sadly it's true. (I've never used it yet but I love wp so I'm sure I'll like w8)

admrjosh2001 says:

I have a WP the whole touch screen thing should stick with mobile devices not PCs.

ymcpa says:

Touch is great on laptops. Let's face it, as portable devices get more powerful, the traditional desktop is becoming less useful. Besides, who is forcing you to use touch? The only thing that requires touch is some of the metro app, but you don't need to download them. The start screen certainly doesn't require touch. If you don't like the tiles, make them small and organize them the way you would on the desktop. If you don't like any of the metro apps, just unpin them and pin the x86 apps instead.

Kros says:

I've heard people call Win8 a lot of things ...but never once have I ever heard anybody call it overrated.  lol.

Aryan Angel says:

W8 can do everything w7 can (in a slightly different way) and more. then why do you hate it?

admrjosh2001 says:

I never said I hated it. I might try the OS again when 8.1 comes out on one of my friends PCs.

Because it doesn't have a start button. :P

And yes, Microsoft is adding it back, but it just takes you back to the start screen. I don't mind the start screen, but some do.

In other news, my friend went to a Microsoft Store and said Windows 8 is better than 7, and the guy said he was wrong, and that 8 is shit. -_-

Aryan Angel says:

I can't think of one reason why w7 start menu is better than w8 start screen. Maybe, people just don't like change, they don't wanna get used to new things. It's like every time Facebook or YouTube changes their layout/design and people lose their minds like it's the end of the world and a few months later, they get used to it.

Which Microsoft Store was it?

Century City I think. Or somewhere near Stanford.

drkgrss says:

Running Windows 8 at home. Didn't bother with the consumer preview. I'll just wait for the finished product to roll out in a couple of months.

cdbstl76 says:

8 on all 4, except work, 7

wetworker says:

I'm running 8.1 preview on my Surface RT and regular 8 on my desktop. Stardock Modernmix and decor8 to make it MetroSexy

8.1 Is awesome on my Surface.

kaynachtsman says:

Win8.1 on Samsung ultrabook

Using 8.1 preview (surface rt), 7, and XP at work.

jlynnm350z says:

Any new surprises with final version? Any secrets? I won't tell, I promise.

Adretheon says:

On the 8.1 cp, and I'm so far happy with it. I get people's ease of use issues with win8, but I they don't apply to me. As a WP8 user id like to see better cross platform stuff, and easier syncing between the two.

WPmunkey says:

Work: OSX 10.8.4
Home: XP on desktop and laptop.

I will probably upgrade to 8 on the laptop and buy a Surface Pro soon.


gamo62 says:

So. Fresh install over Consumer Preview, or ability to upgrade?

Cubeddd says:

Definitely fresh install over Consumer Preview. But my question is, fresh install over normal windows 8?

No, upgrade from W8. Updating from previews requires a reinstall.

MDak280 says:

I'm using Windows 7 but I'm looking to upgrade soon

gsquared says:

I have all of my personal machines on Win 8. Can't touch the work laptop without getting a mighty beat-down.

hopmedic says:

Overheard a couple of developers at Atlanta Code Camp this weekend who said that they're going to stick with Win7 until at least Win9 comes out. Good luck keeping up with technology with an attitude like that...

Win9? That's 10 years away...

hopmedic says:

Yeah....... Maybe not quite, but long enough to get buried. How many devs are still on XP?

ejoshmo says:

Been running W8 since consumer preview. Now, I have 8.1 CP on everything.  I've been using W8 for so long, when I tried to fix a relative's XP desktop, I kept on putting the pointer in the top right to get the charms bar.

dmpollittWP says:

Win 7 work, Preview 8.1 at home, like it :) eagerly awaiting to find out what's gona happen with msging thru people hub

Josh Harman says:

I'm running 8.1 preview on desktop, but have Windows 7 on my laptop.
Windows XP & Vista on some no longer used hardware.
I'm wandering what, if any, differences there will between the preview & final release. I'm really interested in seeing if anything is added to the Start button (i.e., programs list). Unfortunately these 'leaks' don't really tell us much.

NAMISH says:

Using Windows 7 on my laptop but have the Consumer Preview on my desktop. My next upgrade would be a touch-enabled Windows 8.1 laptop for sure... Love it!!!

pepsijosh says:

Work: Windows XP Professional (domian controller is Windows Server 2000)
Home: Windows 8.1 Pro Preview with Media Center (domain controller is Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition)
My house is much beter than work, they are living in the stone age it drives me crazy!!

andreirlopes says:

Cool. Now tell me we can disable Start Button... :(

Cubeddd says:

There's an app for that. Well, there will be.

mango.lover says:

I know, right? There are already 4 different ways to pull up the Start Screen.

Paulo1300 says:

im fresh installing 8.1 when released

tgr42 says:

"Are any of our readers not running Windows 8 (Still on XP, Vista, or 7)?"
Hahaha!  Please.  We're not ALL raving lunatic fanboys here.

Home: Windows 8.1 Consumer Preview
Work: Windows 7 Enterprise Edition
Windows 8 is fine, but the tiled interface seems totally unecessary.   I totally understand how to use it, and its true, the new start menu is less jaring in 8.1 than in 8.0.  I still have to wonder why though.  Using Apple as an example, they have introduced some iOS features into OS X, but the core operating system is still separate, and rightly so.  Microsoft should have simply improved upon Windows 7 instead of reinventing the wheel half way.

Cubeddd says:

The tiled interface is what makes windows 8. Apple has done (almost) exactly the same thing, the only difference is that it does not boot to the Launchpad. Window 8 is just (a better) windows 7 with a nice welcome screen. With the numerous games and apps that take the "metro" format, in my opinion, the 'tiled interface' is necessary. 

Kadcidxa says:

Main PC: Windows 7, Windows 8 Build 9200, Windows 8.1 Build 9471
Virtual Box: Windows XP, Linux Mint 15

W8.1 on PC, WP8 on ATIV S, looking forward to a 2nd Gen W8 Tablet.

myrandex says:

W7 at work but plenty of OSes at home including 8 (but no Crapple stuff)

purefire21 says:

Using windows 8, faster boot, and i go straight to desktop mode

Aggemam says:

Windows XP on GF's laptop, Windows 7 Ultimate on laptop, Windows 8 on desktop and tablet. ;-)

ibanezrudi says:

Home: Win XP Professional. 
I know a guy who uses Win 98.

Yes really.

sholokov says:

I use XP at work as well, but I have seen some employees with newer computers running W8. Soon I should be on W8 at work as well.

Markp74 says:

Windows 8 & RT here, I ran 8.1 RT for about a month but needed usb to ethernet on my RT so I rolled back.

remmo says:

Still using Windows 7.
I tried Windows 8 and I found myself switching to Desktop as soon as I started my session, because TBH, there's no sense on using a live-tile based UI with a mouse.
Also, most Windows Apps are not getting the advantages of the Modern/Metro UI, so the fancy Windows 8 "start menu" is barely a launcher for legacy style apps.

ymcpa says:

But that's exactly how it should be used until the metro store matures a bit. Just treat it as a full screen start menu. So, why use windows 7? The under the hood improvements alone are worth the upgrade. You'll get faster boot times and a better explorer. The new IE is fast and fluid. By the way, the live based ui is fine to use with a mouse. Just use the mouse wheel and click away. It's only a problem if you pinned every app you have installed and now require a ton of scrolling to find anything. A little organizing and the strat screen becomes very usable with a mouse.

iamtim says:

Prior to Win8, I did not like MS. If I had to run XP, I'd snag VirtualBox and run an Ubuntu VM.
Now I run Win8 on my home laptop, my work desktop (an iMac, no less, yay Boot Camp!), I have a Surface RT, and I have a Lumia 920.  I love Win8; I think the Start Screen (even in 8.0) is a huge improvement over the Start Menu when used properly.
I did run 8.1 Preview on my laptop for a bit, but I'm not a big fan of beta OSs.  Can't wait for the final release.  :)

prlundberg says:

8.1 on my Surface RT.  Photos and People still don't work right, IE 11 is almost unusable, and overall it's almost as unstable as Android.  I find it hard to believe all this will be magically fixed in the official release.

ymcpa says:

I haven't used 8.1, but IE11 on 8 works great for me. I find it is the best touch browser out there. I have a crappy dell duo netbook that has a touchscreen that flips. I use that more than my ipad2, even though the screen is really crappy, because the browsing is so much easier on ie. I've seen people complain about videos and People, but you are the first I've seen complain about IE.

prlundberg says:

There are lots of complaints on the Surface forum here.  Some backed out the preview because of it.

genuinefrand says:

I wonder if you really understand the meaning of "preview".
Apparently you didn't

prlundberg says:

Did you not read my previous reply, or did you just ignore it because you couldn't think of anything else to say?  There are serious basic functionality problems in the 8.1 RT preview that have not been fixed yet, so when they say the final release is ready, I have my doubts.  We'll see if I'm right soon enough.

And by the way, I did actually read what Microsoft had to say about the preview prior to installing it.  It was not nearly as complete as they claimed.

I can agree with your statement to the extent of its very glitchy but I can also say that back when the cp for w8 was out it was near identical with the experience. Somehow they managed to reduce the issues before launch, so I'm not worried.

mango.lover says:

I have Windows for Workgroups 3.11

wpguy says:

Me too! Installed DOS 6.22 and WFW3.11 in virtual machine. Solitaire is blazingly fast!

paramsingh says:

Where is the message app? I heard they're going to integrate skype into the message app, is that true?
Home: Windows 8

Shadow 024 says:

Message app has been removed. Skype is the default message app. Hopefully this means Facebook chat, the only reason to use message app right now, will be coming soon.

Fade_z says:

Win7, thinking about a win8 laptop

terrokkinit says:

If you're running XP now, you're only doing your PC a disservice, as it will be prone to rampant viruses, malware, spyware, etc., as many are written specifically for this OS. And since Microsoft is cutting this OS off in 2014, no more updates to fix any other problems. (IE7-8 a big one!)Do yourself a favor and upgrade to at least 7. Or replace your hardware.
As for me? Win8.1RT preview on my VivoTab, Win8.1 preview on my desktop, Win7 on my laptop. All with antivirus spyware and malware safety from either Defender or Security Essentials.

Home: Ubuntu 13.04 & Windows 8
Looking forward to 8.1!!

enzom09 says:

Win 2000 (lol I know), Win XP, and Win7 at work.
WinRT 8.1 on Surface RT, Win 8.1 on Yoga and Win 8 Enterprise on Desktop at home.
Excited to finally be able to update out of the consumer version (really disappointed it's not on MSDN).

sholokov says:

W8.1 (RT) on Surface RT, W8 on Desktop and W7 Ultimate on Laptop (for stuff that may not be compatible with W8 yet).

Saste says:

Win 8.1pre on laptop and win 8 on my htpc :D

jfash007 says:

Still on Win '98

Why? You might as well use an abacus.

Dreyer Smit says:

Someone once came to me with a Windows 98 laptop and asked me to check because something was wrong (Windows 98 wasn't it) so when it boot up and came to the login screen nobody knew the password. Guess what, I clicked the cancel button on the login screen and I was in the system.
Windows 98, the easiest to break into. Windows XP is also super easy....

mprice86 says:

Windows 8 Pro on desktop and laptop. Did have the 8.1 preview on for a while but gave it up once it stopped getting the same features as the RTM version. Really looking forward to the full release.

Windows 7 will be replaced on my systems as soon as they restore the start menu. The start screen is too much of a pain in the ass on a desktop. I like windows 8's desktop improvements, but not enough to upgrade. No I don't want 3rd party addons to fix microsoft's screwup either.

ymcpa says:

No it's not. Unpin the metro tiles you don't need. Pin the X86 apps you do need. You will have yourself a nice full screen app launcher that's easy to use on a desktop. You really have to learn to deal with change. Just do a little organizing and you will become very happy with the OS. Besides, what is so great about the start menu? It narrow, doesn't show very many shortcuts, and many shortcuts are buried in folders. The only function I miss a little is the jumplists.

I have a Lumia 925.  Work Laptop Win8.1, Home Desktop Win8.1, Surface RT is on 8.1 also.  The work laptop has a hard time connecting to Skydrive.  The RT is very buggy on 8.1, was good on 8.0.  Home Computer is good on 8.1 with no issues.   (non windows I have the Galaxy Nexus Stock on 4.3, I carry it tethered to my Lumia... I have the ASUS Transformer Prime, which I hate.... crashes all the time, tried factory reseting it countless times and even sent it in fo service.. I give up on it)  Coming from Samsung and ASUS, I'm blown away with the stability and software support from Nokia.  (I have Apple's stuff too, but the above stuff is Mine... I work as a dev so a lot of the devices are shared for testing purposes)

xankazo says:

Work: Windows 8
Gaming: Windows 8
Home: Windows 8

BTW, they're the same PC.

MrSimmix says:

Ha ha, I still use Windows 7 but I'm probably going to get it at the end of the year.

MrGoodSmith says:

Windows 8 runs faster and lighter than Windows 7, and it's more secure.
I am on Windows 8 and waiting for 8.1

msweig says:

Win7. I'll wait to upgrade to Win8 when I can find a touch screen laptop that has a matte screen, and the laptop has more than a couple ports. Hello OEMs? (though it does look like Lenovo is going to release something in the fall that might work).

Es yo says:

Still using XP.

lancguy says:

I have dual boot W8 and W8.1 on my desktop, W8 on laptop and another desktop. Still stuck on XP at work, which really sucks

migueli2 says:

Work: Windows 8 Pro (HP EliteOne 800 G1)
Home: Windows 8 Pro (Lenovo Ideapad Y500)
Pocket: Windows Phone 8 (Lumia 920)
Pleasure time: Windows 8 (Asus VivoTab Smart)

I'm pretty sure my life is easier and smooth with Windows 8 familly.


TechsUK says:

We're finishing our upgrade to Win 7 at work this year. Major global electronics firm.

rahul.sharma says:

W8 Pro with Media Center on Thinkpad
W8.1 on Surface RT
W8 Pro on Surface Pro
Waiting for GDR2 on ATT L920, this part sucks.

kamikaze80 says:

Win 7 at work and home.

Most businesses will not upgrade to 8.1 because they don't even have touchscreens yet, it's very expensive to upgrade and then train employees to use it and make sure all their other software remains compatible, and Win 7 is such a reliable OS that there's really no compelling reason to goto 8.

Companies that are on XP or earlier are going to wait and see if Win 9 is when they take the leap.

ymcpa says:

The training for windows 8 is to sit everyone in front of a projector, show them the hot corners, show them the multitasking, and show them the charms and settings. Should take maybe half an hour. Then let them play with it for an hour and you will be done. I haven't found a single program that worked on win 7 that didn't work on win 8. Although there are some drivers for hardware that might not work if the hardware is very old. Usually, windows 7 drivers work in that situation, but not always. If you are talking about laptops, touchscreens are a must. For desktops, it's not needed unless you get touchscreen monitors that lie across the desk at an angle. You can't use touchscreen monitors if the monitor is a hand length away from you. The core of windows 8 is nearly the same as windows 7. So, 8 is just as reliable. Companies that are xp are fools. They should at least upgrade to 7. I'm sure Microsoft isn't devoting much resources to XP and many vulnerabilities remain unpatched. Support ends in 2014.

lancguy says:

As ymcpa said training isn't that complex. Heck, during install, you get a 30 sec video that shows charms and corners. Also, there is now a help feature included on the start screen.

This whole thing about needing to have a touch screen is crap. I have a touch screen on one desktop, and sure it is nice. But I don't have a touch screen on my other desktop, nor on my laptop and it works great with a touch pad and mouse. And yes, the start screen is still just as useful without a touch screen. I think people are just stubborn and are afraid to change.

Darkgift says:

Still on Win7.

goldenpipes says:

I think you guys should rebrand the site to Windows Central. I really love Coming here for all things windows related!

Cruzer1 says:

Work: OSX 10.8
Home: Windows 8, 7, XP

Dex84 says:

I have an hp I bought new with Win8 on it in January. I also have an older pc my son and I built that dual boots Win7 and 8.1. I also have a Toshiba laptop I got 2+ years ago with 7 on it. And just to round it out, I also have WP8 (Nokia Lumia 822). I like the different advantages of each one. My laptop I use mostly for my work, because I had loaded all the necessary programs on it before 8 came out. I am gradually adding them to the hp. But I enjoy trying out the new features of 8.1 in my spare time.

morbility says:

Running 8.1 on my Surface Pro, 7 on my desktop, but only because of compatibility issues with my HD PVR.

Work:  XP

Home:  Windows 8
But... I bought the StarDock "Start8" app to add the start button back.  Damn near unusable without that button for me.  :)  I'm in Desktop Mode 99.9% of the time.

DJCBS says:

You and many of us. And 8.1 will still be criticized because they insist in not giving users what they want...:/

Mitheledh says:

I'm on the desktop the vast majority of time, too.  I load up my PC and go straight there.  However, I've found that I get by just fine without the start menu.  I keep my most used programs pinned to the task bar, just like I did when using Win7.  That takes care of the vast majority of what I do on my computer.  And on those occassions I need to load up one of my only occassionally used programs?  I keep it in an easy spot on my start screen so I can quickly hop over to it, click the large box, and then go right back into the desktop mode with the program running.  As for the rarely used ones, using the search pulls those up very quickly.
No start menu needed.

sip1995 says:

Windows 7 at home but I gonna buy a windows 8 pc as soon as possible.

broughshane says:

2 windows 7 running at home . Not b making the jump 2 windows 8 till the ones I have pack in . 

As long as Comcast doesn't have to approve it before I can upgrade my desktop.

But why in the world would we expect a Telco company to somehow decide what operating system should be running on our computing devices.

Its like if AT&T were to... *sigh*

zigzagr63 says:

Laptop: Windows 7
PC: Windows 8
Tablet: Windows RT
Phones: WP 7 & 8

W8.1 home
W7 work

ndk1 says:

I switched from overrated Macs loving all Windows products from ny Lumia to RT to PC. Can't wait for 8.1.

DJCBS says:

W8RT only on Surface. I still have XP on a computer and a laptop, but in my normal work and gaming PC, Windows 7 still rules and will remain there until Windows 9, next year since 8.1 hasn't addressed any of my problems with W8. And if W9 still doesn't do it I'll wait for W10 etc until I'm forced to change it (like happened with XP).

reprod3 says:

Work: Win7
Surface: Win8
Home: Win8

MediaCastleX says:

Its funny how you list Surface as though it were another location...as in the earth? =P

klose91 says:

Running Windows 8 on my PC and 8.1 on a virtual machine. But from the screenshots I can't see any differences between the RTM and the preview. Is known what has been changed since the preview?

sumton says:

home Pc's : windows 8
work : windows 8

Windows 7 at work
Windows 8at home

HermanDeezy says:

I'm running windows 8, with the classic shell program installed. I never see the windows 8 touchscreen portion, I just get my start up button , and all the coolness of windows 7. A great $40 Windows 8 OS.

cadaov says:

Home PC Win7
Home Notebook Win8 (touch), I prefer to wait for 8.1 RTM
Work PC Win7

7 and 8.1 Consumer preview @the office.
8 and 7 @ home. Where's the notification center

SpideyCoco says:

I could say I am 60% using my Windows Phone 7, 30% using Mountain Lion and 10% using Windows 8. I miss those times when I could stay on the PC for more than an hour.

bawboh86 says:

Stuck on XP at work, but I'm on Windows 8 on my home desktop and laptop, and using a Surface RT with 8.1 preview.

ryraansh says:

Work: Windows 7
Home: Windows 8 and Windows 7

devilfisch says:

Home: Windows 8 for my HTPC and another PC in my bedroom. My laptop also runs Windows 8. I also have a Windows XP PC - built from a pile of old computer parts that I had lying around - but I barely use it now. Waiting for the 8.1 upgrade. :D
Work: Windows 8 on my main PC. Still had to work with Windows XP and XP Embedded on some machines mainly due to hardware constrictions or software compatibility issues. I don't operate those machines unless I need to repair them anyway so it does not bother me much. Some of them even still use OS/2 Warp which are pretty robust machines if you ask me. LOL :P
Phones: A Lumia 620 is my daily driver. I also have a couple of hacked Windows Phone 7 devices which I don't really use much lately other than for testing some app ideas. Hope to see the progress of Windows Phone 8.1 soon. Planning to upgrade to a Lumia 1020 because my cousin's Lumia 920 is turning me green in envy. LOL

I have a 920, Surface RT, and a 2010 Macbook Pro running 10.8 ML. I am waiting for the perfect PC though. I want the XPS 27 ($2000 model), but it's weird that only the $2,500 model has blu ray. I want a blu ray slot. Also 802.11ac. Once they add that, I'm buying it, unless Apple's new Macs are good (as I want a mac too). If it is, I'll just get that and put windows on it.

Here's to using Windows Thin PC or Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs!
It's nice to have to run on an old IBM that shipped with Win98, running essentially Windows XP without most of the miscelaneous stuffs.
Windows Thin PC or Embedded makes for the best gaming PC,  it lets you install Windows completely itemized and its nice to have a nearly bare minimum OS with only the packages you need. I got a free copy from Dreamspark, and its convenient.

markdotinc says:

Still on 7, gonna try to jump to 8.1 in November

wpguy says:

Work: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008
Home: Everyone on Windows 8, Home Server 2011 (will probably end up wiping it and putting Windows 8.1 on it for use as a file server)
Both: My Surface Pro is running Windows 8.

RogerWh says:

Windows 8 ( aio )
Windows 8.1 ( exopc tablet )
Windows 8.1 ( laptop )
OSX & Windows 8.1 ( default boot win8.1 on MacBook Air )

Lych says:

Work: W7
Home: W8 (8.1 is here soon, didn't wanna bother with the cp and reinstalling stuff)
WinRT on the Surface - bought about a month ago, gave it to my brother as a present. Holding out for either the Surface 2 or the Nokia tablet now.
Phone: 7.8 (yay for contracts)

CobraJ82 says:

XP, Vista, 7, 8 at work, 7, 8 at home.

MediaCastleX says:

Any decorative stained glass windows? =P

msrb21 says:

Windows XP Service Pack 2 at work (they don't want to upgrade, haha)
Windows 7 Professional / 8 Pro at home
and on my hand, Windows Phone 8 GDR2
Go Windows!!!!

MediaCastleX says:

Service pack 2, though..?? @_@

pongpakt says:

Win 2K on a P3 mobile

mpt15 says:

win7 at work.
Home: XP
Hoping to get a surface pro soon

InlineV says:

I thought we were in the post PC era? LOL. Not that anyone will read this but:

Home Office and Lab:

Surface Pro128: Windows 8.1
Surface RT: Windows 8.1
Samsung Slate: Windows 8 Enterprise
Hypervisor Desktop: Windows 8 Enterprise
Samsung Series 9: Windows 8 Enterprise
Dell Latitude 6400: Windows 7 Enterprise
Primary DC VM: Server 2012 Datacenter
Secondary DC VM: Server 2012 Datacenter
DHCP and File Services VM: Server 2012 Datacenter
Certificate Services VM: Server 2012 Datacenter
SCCM Primary Site VM: Server 2012 Datacenter
SCCM Distribution Point VM: Server 2012 Datacenter
DirectAccess Edge VM: Server 2012 Datacenter



ScubaNitrox says:

I am using it on my Lenovo x220T and I am generally pleased. The last BIOS update will not install and for some reason I get a notification that one of the drivers is missing, but that is not true. I hope that the full version fixes these little issues.

Groover1971 says:

At work, using Windows 7 Pro on one computer and XP Pro (for now) on another. Have Windows 8 on home PC and Windows 8.1 on Surface RT. Carry Nokia Lumia 822 (WP8 with GDR2 & Amber update).

Jackalneck says:

Surface Windows RT 8.1
Surface Windows 8 Pro
Two desktops and one laptop Windows 8 Pro
Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 with Amber
Samsung Focus S Windows Phone 7.8

diktea says:

Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 Consumer preview dual boot in my laptop (only gripe about my Windows 8.1 is that bluetooth connection - my Lumia and Windows 8.1 never want to connect each other through bluetooth even when i installed drivers in my laptop) 
Otherwise all izz welll

diktea says:

Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 Consumer preview dual boot in my laptop (only gripe about my Windows 8.1 is that bluetooth connection - my Lumia and Windows 8.1 never want to connect each other through bluetooth even when i installed drivers in my laptop) 
Otherwise all izz welll

Rukai Yu says:

Laptop: W8
Phone: WP8 720.
waiting for next gen of surface pro..

Windows 7 at home and xp at work.
I'm not getting Windows 8 until I get a new laptop because W8 seems almost pointless without a touchscreen.

JimmyRespawn says:

I appreciate 8 but this is system optimized for tablet. Hope they will give desktop user to disable the metro interface.

MediaCastleX says:

I'm sorry but that just sounds silly... =P

DavidinCT says:

Agreed....The Start buttton in 8.1 is a joke, I want the full start menu back on desktop mode so it's usable with a keybord and mouse..
and Windows 8 is great with a touch screen based tablet but, I HATE it with a keyboard and mouse..

Dreyer Smit says:

Work: Windows 8 (Waiting for final Windows 8.1 to upgrade)
Home: Windows 8.1 CP on Touch Notebook

WinEXMan says:

Uninstalled 8.1 due to WiFi issues, can't wait for this one m

MediaCastleX says:

Someone uninstalled my 8.1 Surface when my bag was stolen... =[

Windows 7 at home
Windows Phone 8 on the go!