Seasons, an endless runner game for Windows Phone, free for a limited time


Seasons is a multi-player endless runner game for Windows Phone that has you racing through various worlds.  You jump, duck, dodge, smash, slide and even fly around various obstacles.  What makes Seasons a unique endless runner game is the multi-player mode where you can race a friend using a local Wi-Fi network.

To celebrate the New Years, the developer will be offering the Windows Phone game free over the next few days.  The game normally runs $.99 and is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

You can find Seasons here in the Windows Phone Store.  The price change went into effect a short time ago and it may take some time for the price change to show up in all markets.

QR: Seasons



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walter1832 says:

Does it have Autumn?

Does it have black pepper and rock salt?

walter1832 says:

Rock salt - yes

Pepper - are you crazy!

DVELOPinc says:

Downloaded and tried it out. Not too bad.

freshfelicio says:

I dont like it. The 3D graphics make it very hard to tell if the next rock needs a jump, slide or punch. It would have been better in 2D, like Run! for iOS.

tighec says:

How about a "Top Multi Player-over-wifi Games for Windows Phone" article?  Keep up the great work!

Nice deal, just downloaded for the Lumia 625!

It is difficult to tell if you need to slide or jump - but for free; im not going to complain!

Now if ms can get chess titans out... ;)

It is a fun game, although he runs as idiot