The Seattle Times launches official Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps

seattle times

Microsoft's home town newspaper, the Seattle Times, has finally released dedicated apps made for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 platforms. Both apps give metropolitan Seattle residents (which includes Redmond, the world headquarters of Microsoft) up to date news on local, state, national and international news. They also allow for users to pin their favorite news sections to the Start screen, with updated headlined delivered to their Live titles.

The Seattle Times News apps allow for stories and photos to be shared with others online and users can even send tips to the newspaper's staff from within the app. There's also app syncing features that will let users start a story on a Windows Phone 8.1 device, then later continue their reading at the same place on a Windows 8.1 tablet or PC.

The app is available for free, and is a universal app at that. If you're into Seattle area news, check it out and let us know what you think.

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Since the past couple of days a lot of official apps being released. This is really great for the growth of WP.

joe_easton says:

I agree; maybe a conincidence but it might be tied to the official launch of 8.1 on the 24th.  flood the market with new apps to help promote

k0de says:

+925 keep them coming.

Paritosh Rai says:

It's raining apps everywhere in WP Land!!



dxtr says:

Beautiful design and fast navigation. Great job!

Tahiti Bob says:

Maybe Flipboard isn't that far, it's been almost a year since the announcement.

ahmu86 says:

Candy crush... Sob sob...

The next person to hijack a news article with a request for Candy Crush will find me on their case. "I will find you and I will kill you". :D

Starbane says:

Don't worry, I'm sure it won't have xbox support, which will only make these guys rage. Bc all they care about is points and not actually playing good games.

Nevermind Flipboard, I have used it for Android and don't think much of it at all. Anyway back to this app, even though it's of very little use to me here in little old England, it's a very well put together application. Very fast and fluid with a nice design.

Loving the app. Really well done

digiacomo says:


God, these days has been busy :) I'm loving Universal Apps ... Really!

Ah! WP getting the love it deserves.. Enjoying every moment of it!

Dre325 says:

The Seattle Times has had an app that I've been using for many years so its certainly not a new thing for them to have an app. While the old one (which looks to have been pulled from the store now) lacked live tiles and graphics, it was very fast and well done except for back button integration. I used it every day.

smoledman says:

Apps are raining down...

Am I missing the windows phone link? Seems to only be Win 8.1. Tried using link in wpcentral app but it says invalid device type. Can't find in store search either.

Never mind WP 8.1. Must read more carefully. Haven't updated my 920 yet

I like the plain text windows 7 version. I want to *read* the news.

Dre325 says:

Yeah, the graphics and live tile are nice, but I might just stick with the old version focused on the text of the articles. Much easier browsing to find what I want to read.

ChrisFricke says:

What's with all this Windows phone news this afternoon? I thought this was an Xbox news site :)