Security Toolkit gets WebCam viewer and audio recorder in new update

Security Toolkit

Security Toolkit (our review) is an app that enables the user to turn their Windows Phone into a mobile security system. From motion sensor capabilities to an intrusion alarm, Security Toolkit certainly is a neat app to play with. The app has recently been updated to 1.6. A brief list of a hundful of improvements implemented in the latest version:

  • WebCam Viewer - view a PC (live) connected webcam over local WIFI (auto discovered Cam Broadcaster is available as a separate app.)
  • Voice Recorder - voice recorder with silence detection and skip, start/stop/pause/resume recording using phone camera button, remote listen/record from PC console via local WIFI
  • Image quality improved for Cam Broadcaster

You can download Security Toolkit from the Marketplace for $3.99.

QR: Security Toolkit



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XboxOmac says:

Always been curious about this app, but have never tried it.

venetasoft says:

Trial is time unlimited, you can evaluate and use all its features. The only difference with full version is recording time.

Gmotagi says:

Wont the theives just nick the phone?

venetasoft says:

No of u arm the alarm, wake up, and shoot him :)