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Service Alert - Windows Phone Store unavailable in some regions

Today is a big day for the Windows Phone team at Microsoft, but a partial outage of the Windows Phone Store is raining down on the parade for some. If you are able to access store, than you are in excellent position, as some users are receiving the generic “unable to reach store” notice - error code 805a01f7.

Microsoft has released an announcement on their Microsoft Support Community website noting that the “Windows Phone Marketplace [is] Unavailable in Some Regions”, and that “customers in some markets may be unable to access the Windows phone Store”.

We are currently unable to confirm all regions being affected, but it seems a majority of reports are originating from users in European and Indian markets. Users in the United States currently appear to be unaffected.

Stay tuned to Windows Phone Central for the latest news on the release of the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers.

Are you having problems with the Windows Marketplace – what region are you in?

Thanks, jldirks and AnkitDutta7, for the tips!



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Jaskys says:

First! To get dissapointed.

Swipe keyboard doesn't support my language
Why the hell just let US people use cortana? Europeans know English language aswell(just sayin)
You have to be a freak to add quiet hours feature to cortana, it's so usefull and now europeans have to wait until 2032 to get it.

Why add games to app lists? Really?
No more MS messenger of any sort integrated? Rooms kinda sucks aswell now
WP8.1 doesn't feel as fluid as WP8 sometimes

Xbox music sucks big bawls, i expected it alteast to have a sync of some sort, but nooooo...
Not a single improvement in office, one of the selling points...
Same with OneNote....
Promised additional wifi settings aren't there
Lots of cool stuff which was supposed to be in WP8.1, got removed(probably keeping for wp8.2 because they have no new ideas)

CAN'T WAIT FOR WP8.2, i hope it will fix all this ridiculous shit


Localhorst86 says:

if you know english well, you can still set your phone to english (US) language and Region and enjoy cortana. I did that but returned to german language not 5 minutes later. Voice assistans are too gimmicky for me.

PS: Store confirmed down for Germany. This effects Windows Phone 7.8 as well. Windows 8.1 is unaffected.

iAdrian23 says:

... You cannot get Cortana because both Microsoft and HTC are idiots.

ntatic says:

You cant add US english, HTC removed it from non US phones ...

Rem97 says:

It showed up on my HTC 8X...

It is shown, but it is not complete. You cannot set it as phone language (the interface language), but only for keyboard layout, region format and speech. Even if you set those It is not enough for Cortana. It is not available at first setup (after hard reset) you have to download it (partially as said).

horizon286 says:

I don't really blame HTC, they just didn't add US English for Europeans. I blame Microsoft. Why the hell must be Cortana region and language locked?! Why couldn't they just make it like Speech Recognition, where you can communicate in English, even though your phone language is different. And aside the fact that US English is not avalible for us, I tried to change my region once, because of a certain app. Guess what. I couldn't make purchases, because the damn credit card didn't work outside my region. In Music app I miss Last Played (or History). But I like the Video app. It's nothing fancy, but at least it finally supports subtitles. And I don't see sense in adding games to app list either.

NightWatch71 says:

It's probably because of Bing. They are the ones who's slowing it down. MS needs better integration between different branches.

luk3ja says:

For a start you shouldn't even have WP8.1! It is for developers, it is not the public release so you shouldn't be complaining. Joe said an updated music app is on the way as well as skype facebook and twitter. Cortana is in beta and she isn't out to the public yet because WP8.1 public release is not put yet either, if they made cortana available instantly to all and it didn't work well then you would alp complain so they are making sure it works well before they give it to you!

It's actually pretty obvious! A - This is a developer preview. B- cortana is a beta. C- you are frustrated, go have a beer.

Jaskys says:

You can't set it to US English on HTC and it  isn't a solution.
I don't really care about cortana, i just want to sleep tight with quiet hours feature.

Well, have you guys ever heard about FLIGHTMODE?

You wont get ANY notifications about ANYTHING.
PLUS you save battery
PLUS your brain gets less microwaved when you sleep next to your phone!

2tomtom says:

Great if you don't want to receive emergency contact from family members or friends.

Vlad C says:

Just asked Cortana "is the windows phone store down", and it sent me to this article the first time.

The second time she was like "i'm sorry, i don't have the number for windows phone support" :)

ogracia says:

Can you start by saying your language? The swipe keyboard works in Spanish, and 8.1 its fucking flying on a 820

How did you get 8.1???
















And you think youre funny?

Shiawian says:

NOT FUNNY.... Whahaha Whahaha Whahaha

you can get it whit the app preview for developers  but you need be registrer like developer 

reda igbaria says:

Well. , it supports my (not english) , just wait it will finally support all

enduracell says:

I agree for fb messenger, they should keep it, huge fan of it, big mistake
+games to app list
+calendar tile should have more events on it

I'm totally with you on the Xbox Music and showing Games in the app list. It just grows the list unnecessarily.

What's wrong with Xbox music exactly ? That's the only thing that would pinch me moving to 8.1.. Haven't updated yet.

Music app is really slow now, took long time to load my music list. But in general Music app feels very slow.

luke_grech1 says:

Same here! Didn't update due to the downgrade of the music+videos hub

ortizang says:

It's important to have the games in the app list because that way you can pin the games you prefer.

We could do that already on 8.0 from the games hub. Still an unnecessary move by Microsoft to add them to the app list.

ortizang says:

What I'm noticing is a lot of complains for unnecessary things, there are two ways to search for apps which are extremely easy to use.

Even before you would be able to pin the games in Start screen, this is not something newly added to Windows Phone 8.1

Saiyaku says:

Nigga, you could do that on the very first WP7 for crying out loud...

Sergio0694 says:

I also have to add that the xbox hub lags terribly ahahaah
It even lags when you scroll your games list.
And why in the world did they remove the comma in the standard keyboard?
I have to tap on the &123 to make it appear, that's reeeeally annoying :/

oefos says:

Seriously? Hold down the dot-key for 1 sec and you'll have the option at your fingertips ;)

You can add comma if you want it.

Soypan says:

How do we add comma back? I hate holding the dot key for 1 second... EDIT: just go to keyboard settings, haha

Settings>Keyboard>Advanced>Show a comma key when available

Keep the bottom of  { . }  you press e after go appear more options.

ogracia says:

What about press the dot and select the comma ?

J88NY R says:

Comma key is only not shown permenatly if you have multiple keyboard languages availble. Delete them all apart from the one you use and the ENG button will go and a comma will appear.

I still see the comma in my keyboard, Mine is US English and I have 920

The comma actually disappears when you got more keyboard languages. I just removed unnecessary languages and my comma is back! :)

oefos says:

It's a Developer Preview, take a chill-pill!

ortizang says:

These people are never satisfied.

Jaskys says:

It isn't a preview, it's technically RTM build

+920 totally agree with this guy. Especially the change with xbox music! They've ruined it

akshaypn says:

I absolutely agree with you on all the points ...this update has been a major disappointment...

majohnny says:

Flow keyboard works really well for me on German.

mpr says:

Wow. Calm down man.

Messenger is supported by Skype.

It is not the official Version of WP8.1 and Cortana it's BETA.

Plus you seem to have no idea what you are talking about or how to use your WP. Sad.


mswindows101 says:

Dude this morning is not the official release. Some more things can still come along with the official carrier release. As for the Cortana side of things.. You're probably out of luck for now.

punkJD says:

Probably more languages will be supported by word flow in the final version of 8.1. And Cortana probably will be available in more places too with the final version.

swizzlerz says:

Dev preview.. Go buy a PC to use office. Works well.

KillaKilna91 says:

I dunno what's wrong with your phone but I'm in Europe and I have the swipe keyboard and the WiFi sense settings

Greggf2k3 says:

Probably because Microsoft is a US based company and also a smaller market for Windows Phone right now. Just be patient and you will get access soon.

iXesh says:

bro only US has bing smart search,

so you have to use cortana there,

or change you phone language/region to US

S Vaibhav says:

+620, not working in India

+1520, not working in India.

kannavkingg1 says:

Store is working now.. ;)

-720 -520 Not working yet :/

+520 working now, but still a problem

afnan_mc says:

Works if you send the app to your phone using the desktop site. Just a heads up.

Dean McCrae says:

Denmark is down... :-(

And here in Phil! :(

F4RiS says:

Confirmed down in France

Store working in the US on ativ s with 8.1

Chris Yahya says:

Me too. Cant access store :(

hugheey says:

Not working in the UK, on US region.

immortalmatt says:

Its down for me on my w8.1 1520 and my wifes 920 on w8. We are in the UK. Been off now for over an hour.

neo158 says:

Same here, just did a factory reset as well :'-(

IzaacJ says:

Sweden seems to be down

dxtr says:

Jepp, same here. WP8.1 on 920

KIIS says:

And it's still down.

dungnq says:

Let check again, it's working now

holzlondon says:

Down in Germany

CanGueler says:

Can confirm that

frostieDE says:

I can confirm, that the store is down in Germany.

majohnny says:

Just want to add one more waiting German to the list

roman_hess says:

Yup, down in germany on my 1520 with WP8.1

frkristi says:

Norway is down

oefos says:

I know! Guess it won't take long before its up and running though.

Zenfith says:

Let us all have faith in our beloved Microsoft! :D

Works fine in manitoba

WRider says:

Store working fine in Canada

DhenyAW says:

Yup.. I got this problem.. Im from indonesia but used US Region.. I want cortana ;)

stga77 says:

Sweden is down :-(

Kindis says:

Let's hope not. The Windows phone Store in Sweden is however down ;)

Zaki Smile says:

Same for me, store down in Sweden :(

Tumppi says:

Here in Finland store is not working.

hopmedic says:

I'm affected in the US.

Virus1020 says:

down for me in Slovenia =/

markokat15 says:

For me too :( now my windows phone is even more useless

krashek says:

It is not useless, even without the store, it does many things.

Its back up for India region.

i just checked now mines nt working here in India!! Did you change your region to US for Cortona.. coz i did .. the store works interminently like once in a 100 tries!!

Capitano375 says:

Down in Switzerland

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Hitchmah says:

Hahah bi mir o :'(

koubis says:

Czech republic down

themichal007 says:

I'm in Ireland the store doesn't work. :(

OscarMaDi says:

I can confirm four WP 8.1 users down in Spain.

ogracia says:

Down for me too in Spain

magustinf says:

Confirmed. WP Store is down in Spain

+520 in spain is down in US region

PradeepKr says:

Yes, can't access store in India.

Palimatix says:

Intermittent in India now. I guess lets just goto sleep for tonight n start afresh tomorrow

Clice says:

Confirm Faroe Islands (Europe) is down

Torulf says:

Sweden is down

frankeye says:

Germany unavailable........

Remy prive says:

Holland is down (lumia 1520 on 8.1 dev)

cortana working with US region.

hope store is down, not US region workaround for cortana

SamiHanna says:

Snap cortana nu niet, hou het vraagteken infedrukt noet ik wat zeggen maar krijg het startscherm van haar niet? Ativ s.

Not working in Belarus too


Working in Canada

wimvanp1 says:

Also down in Belgium :(

simplyboci says:

Not working from Hungary. (On WP8.1)

pegasus2k says:

I can confirm (lumia 520). But it loads the home page

broughshane says:

uk down with uk settings

cknorthpole says:

Doesn't work in Sweden.

faida says:

Turkey down

Azyr says:

Spotty in turkey, a little bit of up followed by a lot of down...

vielze says:

Indonesia down :'(

rizzo183 says:

Down in Bangladesh. 

Any way we'll get alerted when it's working again? Or do we have to just keep trying on our own?

eskerrik says:

Down in Spain on WP 8.0
I tried it with WP 8.1 device changed to US region and language. I can access but can't download anything. It keeps saying there's an error.

Yup, Denmark is down. :)

Germany. Store is offline :(

dray111 says:

Working perfectly well in India... Already in my phone..... All features are working absolutely perfect....

twomill69 says:

Uk, its been down for about 4 hours.

katlo says:

It was down for 2 hours in Croatia but now it's working :)

Momotachi says:

Not working in Indonesia.

patrickwee says:

Region in us is unable to enter into store right now ><

madmass says:

Netherlands down

Remy prive says:

hoi, heb jij regio op NL of op US ?

ben benieuwd of er verschil is..



mshaw2k says:

UK down, bit annoying as I hard reset it and now can't download anything. Oh well.

madasafishuk says:

Same here, wish i hadnt hard reseted now :) ahh well no rush its not my work 925 so all is ok...

MBuchwald says:

Not working in Poland :(

It would be great if they could send out that Microsoft Comunity notification to all WP8.1 users via the Action Center...

neo158 says:

That would be awesome, service status info pushed to your device ;-)

aghaphyrote says:

Indonesia is down :((

Nomad1055 says:

Down in South Africa

lordbebech says:

They have changed my favorite blue color to something unblue :'( down in Poland.

p4l0m0 says:

It looks like all regions, not just some...

aniket19292 says:

Not Working in India Too :/

Gussee says:

Vietnam is down :(

Pufu says:

Down in Hungary

Grgsmth says:

+1 in Hungary :(

adirco says:

In Israel :(

Daniel Baev says: is not available

down in Egypt too :(


shaharukhs says:

India also one of them

reda igbaria says:

Its in Europe asia down

Markus22 says:

Lumia 1520 wp8.1 and Finland. Store is down

John20212 says:

I am using US region and can't access the store.


ShG says:

Not working in Uzbekistan.

Happy to see the user from Uzbekistan)) I was also from Uzbekistan

Cristian_x3 says:

Store is down as well in MOLDOVA

gabrielio says:

Romania is down

Working just fine on brazil. 

Freelicks says:

Good here in Massachusetts!

in Bulgaria store is not available

swiz#WP says:

I confirm this ib Bulgaria with US region.

spyridop says:

Down for hours in Greece...

Dean McCrae says:

Mars, Venus, and Jupiter are down. Saturn still up for now. Seems like entire planet Earth ... down.

DreadVenom says:

At least its not because I changed the region settings. Loving cortana btw.