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Service Alert: Windows Phone Store throwing up c101b000 errors today [Updated]

Nope, you’re not alone if you’re seeing Windows Phone Store errors. After hearing that the HERE Drive+ was updated, we tried to download the latest Nokia innovation only to be met with a download glitch on our Lumia 920. Same on the Lumia 928. And soft-resetting has no effect either.

We then jumped to our inbox and sure enough, quite a few of you are reporting to us that you are seeing c101b000 error messages when trying to download apps.

For service status updates, all we see is an error signing into Outlook and an ESPN error for Xbox (now fixed), but nothing Windows Phone specific. However, it may be that the Outlook sign-in problem is the culprit here.

We’ll update the post accordingly. For now, our advice is to just sit back and wait until Microsoft sorts it out. No word on if this is region specific, but it looks like a few of you are US based.

Update 12PM ET - Our downloads are now working again, so you may want to check the Store now

Update 2pm ET - Many of you are still having issues. Microsoft has now recognized the problem and said they are working on it



There are 357 comments. Sign in to comment

sugardad says:

I have already Informed you on this, check your Inbox ;)

m_n says:

same problem in iran

bluemooberry says:

It's 5 pm here in cypress, texas and it's working here now.  Been off all day, but definitely working now. 
I hope everyone gets their working soon as well. 

marantaz says:

The article says they checked their inbox, so they've already informed you first. Reading is fundamental.

sugardad says:

Indeed but I have talked with MS and posted some details on this
thank you for beeing so talkative...

F0REM4N says:

I just got off the phone with Balmer, he says the info they gave you was bad intel.

sugardad says:

No actually what he said was they gave me good AMD xD

Eas195 says:

Could they give us a normal ARM? LOL

Bent Nielsen says:

Also still not working in Denmark as well...

Rotmm says:

UK and having the same issue with drive + on the 920

DreadVenom says:

Not region specific. Same in UK. 920 on EE4G.

sholokov says:

Working in US now.

DreadVenom says:

Its working in uk(at least for me) now. Just downloaded whatsapp. Hurray...
I think the issue may have been the HERE apps as HERE Drive+ still fails.

Update. All seems to be working again.

Rem97 says:

I'm from the UK and I get the same error, so I don't think it's region based (8x).
Edit(18:49 GMT): It's working now for me but only over cellular not WiFi (My carrier is three).

sholokov says:

Nokia Network Access, Accessories, Display etc are working. (Connecticut, USA)

WhyFiNYC says:

Getting this error with Drive+ and a 928. 

WhyFiNYC says:

Woo hoo - finally went through.

moonshine88 says:

Don't think it's region specific. I'm in Vietnam and its not downloading as well

marantaz says:

I was getting it too. Then my wife's thunderbolt apps wouldn't update over our home WiFi or data, and her laptop wasn't connecting either. Seems may be a wider internet problem than just a store glitch.

I'm from Paraguay and I am having problems as well :/ Hope this is solved quickly...

Darren Walsh says:

Grand in Ireland!!

Just started getting this after seeing an app update on tile. US Florida

KadricTalib says:

same problem ITALY

purevibz says:

Just got it can't download whatsapp update.

Cruzer1 says:

Also got this in Australia

Sean Burns1 says:

I have been getting this with all apps today all I get is attention required and it doesn't download

s3rgiu83 says:

Yeap...Same for me

ghaikal says:

Same here as well in Jordan

wiseguywood says:

Update ran fine on my Lumia 810 about 2 hours ago.

pankaj981 says:

Same here worked for me on 920 around 8.30 EST

Same problem in Mexico, I'm unable to download apps

dwanefahrell says:

Works fine for me. Lumia 920. Russia.

dwanefahrell says:

Dammit. I'd better didn't say it. Now it has crashed.

Waaaa I wish it would be fixed now. I still have 23 apps to update

Rem97 says:

Whoa that's alot, the most I've ever had at one time is only 6.

I don't really update apps very much. They just take up space and adds up in my other storage.

simphf says:

Got the new Drive+ this morning. Canada.

NightWatch71 says:

Same problem here. Turkey.

Memristor says:

Michigan is down too

kayb27 says:

Dammit, I thought it was because I was running out of space on my 920. Oh well, I cleaned out some apps I never use anyway.

i did update some apps early this morning and didn't got a problem, must have started right now..(Brazil)

Wael Hasno says:

I'm just glad it isn't just me! Got 6 updates to download! (5 actually, 1 of them is the YouTube app by Microsoft which I'm never going to update)

Memristor says:

Same here, always afraid of clicking on "update all". Would be nice if you could disable updates for certain apps.

Wael Hasno says:

Yeap. Hopefully, they add this option later, it's details like this that achieve perfection.

Rem97 says:

Haha. So I'm not the only one who's reluctant to update the youtube app. I never press update all for the same reason. :D

Wael Hasno says:

Pretty much. Not giving into Google's demands so easily. I'll keep the app with the downloading feature and everything, even though I only use MetroTube.

Kavu2 says:

Proud member also of the 'one' club...update? never

UzaiBaka says:

If you press update all it won't do anything to the YouTube app because it doesn't exist anymore, it updates everything else and the YouTube app just sits there telling me there is an update that doesn't exist. I really wish it would just go away, its annoying always having that one update message there.

Wael Hasno says:

Why don't you just uninstall it?

Updated no problem. 928 in us

Memristor says:

Not working in MI

stevethenerd says:

Interesting... I've getting an error on an update for cinemagragh since yesterday

aaa6112 says:

That's a different error msg. Cinemagraph has been pulled from the store for some reason. I'm waiting for it to show up too, so I can download the update.

gmantione says:

Can't update cause I am too gangsta

dwanefahrell says:

Oh noes! Managed to update HERE Transit and it crashed again.

rankachmiari says:

same problem here in Portugal....

KadricTalib says:


Dazzi says:

Everything is working fine with 920, here in UK on O2!

Sagar187 says:

I just downloaded an app and checked my email.

marantaz says:

This is like bad talk it raining where you are?

deadspeak says:

Worked fine for me in Uk 920 on tmobile

devize says:

Must be fixed. Working for me

Do you have 2 factor authentication enabled?

Same error in Denmark. Lumia 820.

I had no problems in Malaysia but Swiss Microsoft Account. Have a Lumia 820

lucabiax says:

same problem here in Italy

richddr says:

from Caribbean/Domincan Republic and experiencing the same problems.

luciusxwolf says:

Same here in Australia, been driving me mad for about an hour, thought it was my phone. C'mon MS get ya sh*t together!

Xpider_MX says:

It is working again :)

style2k12 says:

i had no problem at al wit hthe store today . but i stil cant download here drive from the store

mortimernova says:

Still not working here in Florida. Wish I had checked here first before a I reset my phone. So angry. Thanks Microsoft for at least letting us know there is a problem. Gotta love how the few of us that continue to support them get screwed non-stop.

bsd107 says:

Can't install on 920 in US, "attention required". Nice job: premiere apps on premiere smartphone.

sugardad says:

Yes, It's also fixed here, downloads resumed and SD card Installations completed also correcty
btw I was told earlier In a conversation I had (Jul 13, 2013 11:11:53 AM EST) that It was a minor Server (down) Issue.


ChrisLynch says:

huh?  Why would you delete all of your apps?  Did you perform a hard reset of your device?

Yeah... I tought that would be the solution... :/

ChrisLynch says:

Well, that was a mistake on your part.  There are very few reasons to ever perform a hard reset, and this error isn't one of those reasons.

Eas195 says:

The exact point is, this is not the client-side problem, but it's merely the server side problem. The only choice that we have is only wait for the fix. Soft and hard reset wouldn't fix this issue.

@brandonrileyofficial: Next time, read the article completely, and you can act from it afterwards.

Wael Hasno says:

Wow dude, talk about overkill..

Hi, i have a lumia 720 and i cant update my apps :( . Is this problem going to get fixed??
cause i don't feel proud of having a windows phone :( already with problems!!!

Paola1993 says:

Of course it will be fixed, it's a matter of hours... So don't get dramatic, this isn't a common problem.

ChrisLynch says:

Nope, still not working here in Southern California at 9:22am.  Download get's to 50%, then "Attention required" appears with "Error c101b000."


avinash3628 says:

not working here in india as well.

Michu Manoj says:

is it working now ??

I'm from Brazil.. same problem here!

Just downloaded the update to Drive+ with no problems.
920 in Rogers, Arkansas

Got the error, however, while attempting to download the Here Maps update.

I'm from Malta Europe, and its 6 30 pm . Problem still here

Android is the best, no such problems

irvin792 says:

Feature phones are the best, they don't have these problems lol

Eas195 says:

Nokia 1110 had no issues with the downloading problem.

+1 Really starting to agree that Android is for me. I never feel like I have to fight with anything on that OS to get it to do what I want.

jsgiv says:

Don't be obtuse... Android phones have similar issues in the past with google play store ... Can't tell you how many times I've had (and continue to have) issues with my android devices...

I have Galaxy note 2 and lumia 920, i can say that wp8 is sh*t. Android is best os in any way.

Eas195 says:

Oh, and who is this? Another Android fanboy is here!

neo158 says:

He got lost on his way to Android Central!!!!

Eas195 says:

Well, give him the link to Android Central, then :p
LOL, but no offense :D

neo158 says:

I don't need to, it's the second button across at the top of the page :P

Eas195 says:

Well, if he just saw that before... Hahahaha

I use android ios mac and windows... Android is great but it's not for everyone.

Eas195 says:

Yep, especially for everyone who don't want any lag on half-spec hardwares. I appreciate their build and effort to make it lag-free, but unfortunately, they need higher hardware specs to make it lag-free. Thus, it will consume more juice.

Paola1993 says:

You can give your huge phone a walk around the Android Central, xo xo

xankazo says:

Cool story bro.

neo158 says:

Nice to see you have something relevant to contribute. Android has more problems than store issues though!!!!!

I am using android 5 years. No other os can be compared with droid

neo158 says:

I think you came here to troll. Android Central is three buttons over on the left at the top of the page, let the door hit you on the way out!!!!

Eas195 says:

@neo158: don't be provocated so easily. He's just coming to tell the Android issues, on the other hand. Lol

Eas195 says:

Ah really? I have so many issues when I was testing Android devices borrowed from my friends. Lag issues, crashing, etc., is that you say no other OSes will compete with Android? Ah, I think you are familiar with those issues, and you're not moving anywhere from it.

Antistatic says:

Android? Is that a typo? Or are you talking about "Lagdroid"?
Please.... Switch to another forum...

Michu Manoj says:

Me too having this issue :(

jsgiv says:

Failed twice over the air - switched to WiFi and it worked (us/ga)

Orange county, CA - error message still comes up.

sindhb says:

Problem still exists on Lumia 920.

Sean Burns1 says:

Not fixed still for me. I am using Ativ S on Three UK and all else is fine but this. I don't get that error all i get is attention required tap to retry download

Auric Jarrel says:

Still can't download HERE Drive via my 8X. Going to try soft resetting
Edit: I'm located in Tampa, FL, US

Eas195 says:

Soft reset will have no effect, just as the article said.

Johnnie8 says:

Its the same here in the Netherlands.
Not the first time, end of june was the Same problem

1ll1TERAT3 says:

I'm trying to download FourSquare on my 920 in Illinois and it still wont work.

neo158 says:

I remember an error like this on WP7, it was nicknamed the boob error as the last four characters were b00b.

Zdenek Novak says:

Czech Republic - It Is not possible to install apps...

Still there here in India. 

xankazo says:

No, it's not working for me either. Dominican Republic. 

Same Problem, after the update of HERE.
From the Netherlands.

ptoropai says:

not working 920 finland

India still having the problem with the update

pongpakt says:

Still going on in Seattle

snakechia says:

Still no lucky as of now.

xankazo says:

WOW, Did I just pick the wrong day to reset my phone! :(

UzaiBaka says:

Haha crazy bad timing

Nimdock says:

Not working for me. AGGHHH!!

bluemooberry says:

mine are still not working....
i've got a 920 and im in the us.  downloads stop in the middle still.. :/

BikemanAMD says:

Downloads stop in middle here also, Lumia 920, at&t network, also soft resetted phone and internet, still same error
Microsofts live chat answer
 There is currently an outage with our Marketplace Services that we are investigating at this time. Thank you for your patience as we work on resolving this as soon as possible.
 At this time I do not have any information as to a time frame for a fix, but we are working on it and should be fixed ASAP.

JAGuidini says:

Same problema here in Brasil with Lumia 520.

afgzee says:

Still not working in UK over wifi + 3G

neo158 says:

Same here, seems to be a patchy outage here in the UK as some people don't have this problem.

pongpakt says:

Managed to get HERE Transit to update after 10+ times but nothing else

btgusto says:

This is like roll call. Is it working and where are you from? Not working-Houston on my 920.

bluemooberry says:

same here.  i reside in nw houston- cypress area. 
not working yet. 

soysoyal says:

Same problem HTC 8x here in US

SammaelMH says:

I made some updates from Store now. WhatsApp ain't comin'.
From Brazil here.

Gamepads says:

Still not working.

immi216 says:

Lumia 520, India... still unable to update :(

Daakkon says:

Im in Canada, still can't update HERE Maps. :(

remcodewit says:

same problem
lumia 920

THE_Lawnboy says:

At 11:55am, I still can't download updates. I'm in central US.

Joice George says:

Same Issue here in Bangalore, India (Nokia Lumia 920)
Not sure when and how this issue will be resolved.

rankachmiari says:

Not working yet...

Hi i am having the error on my nokia lumia 620, i am trying to download facebook and the message reads " There has beena problem completeing your request. Try again later.
Sueann ( UK )

Dafny says:

Are you kinda of having major problems with Lumia 620? ):

It is working fine as a normal phone for calls, text etc it has signed me into facebook chat which is really weird i reinstalled my phone and got the error when i tryed to download facebook app itself and now i cant download or update any thing

Eas195 says:

It's the same error as we have this time. Just be patient is the only option :)

Josh Harman says:

Chill out and give some time for the problem to be fixed.

bluemooberry says:

i'm chill. i'm not pissed or angry or anything, but it is getting annoying.

Josh Harman says:

Right, but I'm sure that people clicking on retry 20 times per minute isn't helping.

swirl253 says:

Still not working here in Seattle Nokia 928

I am getting this in India too. Quite disappointed since I already noticed 10 pending updates. MS, pls work it fast to solve it!!

Lady ASG says:

Still having issues here in Ontario, Canada. Nokia 920

From what I've got from the net after every update versions is released by Microsoft this has happened....
Can we expect the gdr2 update on our phones tomorrow.
Fingers crossed....

Italy - Nokia Lumia 820
Same problem: i try with hard reset. After many times (20 maybe) finally i download what'sapp

kushki says:

May be it is beacuse MS is rolling out GDR 2.

Eas195 says:

Okay, updated again, the download is up and running, but I'm encountering the 0xc101b000 error just when installing the app.

t8ntlikly says:

I just checked here it is 10:05 AZ Time and nope they are NOT working yet.

squire777 says:

Updates download but won't install. 920 unlocked in Canada

In India too! Microsoft please provide the update soon!!! 10 updates are awaiting...

lasm2000 says:

Not working here at all. Fun thing is the updates seem to download but just refuse to install. :/

xankazo says:

Yes, thats the case. Updates download, but dont install.

Eas195 says:

Well, Store issue.

Iam Gray says:

00.09 GMT+7 Still not working

shn'g says:

I'm glad you posted this article cause I just unlocked my phone so thought I had messed something up. still nothing in canada.

saifuro says:

Nope, not region specific, problem here in India too...!!

Italy. Same issues Lumia 920 with 4g and wifi.

TheJester77 says:

Here Maps still not updating... Las Vegas, Lumia 928!!! People, there is no reason to hard reset your phones... This is just a server error on Microsoft's end. While here, is anyone else having problems sending and receiving calendar invites to attendees from either Windows Phone or Live accounts... Been having his problem for over a month and working with Microsoft on a solution. Another server issue on their end...

MindtakerWP says:

Same here. Argentina!

Eas195 says:

People, just don't touch your hard reset buttons on your phone as it will just ruin your phone. I mean, after the reset, you can't install the app at all, until the problem is resolved!

Djolle says:

Lumia 620 Serbia... I have HERE Maps and HERE Drive+ trying in endless loop to be installed, so no... they didn't score a point.
BTW, someone know how to stop downloads? I must disconect from wifi soon.

Eas195 says:

Restart the phone and switch it to airplane mode as soon as possible can help your problem.

neo158 says:

Or, without restarting, tap and hold on each download and tap Pause!!!!

Eas195 says:

Another great option. But after 4 hours of waiting (I'm sleeping!) it seems that the error has gone away. I can download/update the app again!

mma2885 says:

In CR too... Nothing yet :(

Onursari says:

Fixed, In turkey with Lumia 820.

Gallo991 says:

As of 1:17pm EDT, still not working  :-(

Haii i just bought my Lumia 920 today. And it dosent work at all. Keep getting the c101b000 error.. Sucks... plz fix

Eas195 says:

Don't worry, it will be fixed ASAP. :)
You just sit back and wait, while MSFT tries hard to fix this.

xankazo says:

The problem only exists on Windows Phone Store. Windows 8 Store works normally. I just installed a game from there. 

Eas195 says:

Same. Mine does work too, just Store on Windows Phone is affected.

Same Issue in Australia. 

windows phone 8 update 8.0.9903.10 - 29-Oct-2012
market crash reported -Nov 15, 2012 at 7:21 pm
windows phone 8 update 8.0.10211.204 - 11-Dec-2012
market crash reported - Jan 4, 2013 at 11:49 am
windows phone 8 update - 8.0.10327.77 or 8.0.10328.78 - 12-july-2013
market crash reported - today....
the GDR2 UPDATE is here..
Just assuming.. :P
the release dates shown are dates which microsoft released the updates not the date which the phones started to recieve the updates

Emir_Pajic says:

Nothing is happening in Bosnia store is still dead  C101BOO SUCKS !

Djolle says:

OK... can someone inform me how to stop download/install loop? please... thanx

Long press the app in the downloading screen and hit cancel

Djolle says:

Thanx mate... much appreciate!

Josh Harman says:

Anyone used to watch Seinfeld... remember George's dad's "Jump to Conclusions" game?

JW888 says:

I downloaded 2 hours problem,,,,,