Seton Hall University handing out Lumia 900s and Samsung Windows 8 tablets to freshmen

Freshmen at Seton Hall University are receiving free Lumia 900s and Windows 8 tablets, thanks to collaboration between Nokia, AT&T, Microsoft and the University itself. The entire class of 2016 will receive the Samsung tablet and Lumia 900 to support the University's mission of providing state of the art technology tools to enhance the student's college experience.

Last month we reported on the announcement and in the above video you can see the rollout commence. Stephen Landry, Chief Information Officer at Seton Hall, explains that the university had a large pileup of Android tablets and iPads, which proved to be unproductive for students. He notes that they require the functionality of Microsoft Office - something both Windows 8 and Windows Phone supports out the box.

Students with the new Windows devices will be able to make use of a SHUmobile app, which provides access to campus news feeds, directories, maps and other University resources.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Daniel, for the tip!



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Evster88 says:

Nice! One of my favorite professors works there now.

Montpbm says:

I would love too have one also.. :)

theefman says:

"He notes they require the functionality of Office". Multiply by all the other businesses with the same requirement and that's the Reason right there NOT to port Office to ios and android.

BK-one says:

Agreed, if MS stopped making apps for the iDevices and google did the same, apple would crumble to the ground.

theefman says:

Actually my point was more related to how Office can be used as a selling point for Windows Phone and obviously Windows 8 and how that can help them grow marketshare for WP. Whether apple crumbles or not is not really a concern of mine, just would like to see MS use its properties to grow its other products. Instead of acting like they are best friends with apple and google.
And this is why they should not have office on the ipad and make it an even more attractive buy: http://blogs.strategyanalytics.com/TTS/post/2012/07/25/Apple-iPad-Captures-68-Percent-Share-of-25-Million-Global-Tablet-Shipments-in-Q2-2012.aspx

Well Microsoft pulling there products from apple and google would be money loss anyway cuz they gain money by sharing plus Microsoft likes to share that's what this great amazing company is about ios don't share with others apples to them sell tryn so hard to monopolize but it won't happen lol look at Samsung there like Microsoft on top and sharing to be the best and number one

gsquared says:

You are a very smart individual Fman. Hardware platform will always play 2nd fiddle to MSFT. They are a software, not hardware company. The platform they write or port software to is of no concern.

Shane says:

I have to say this is pretty awesome.

Apoc says:

Congrats to Seton Hall freshman class! Bastards! I hate all of you! Just kidding, but I am jealous. :'(

What lucky dog they r :-p

Curtieson says:

Lucky?  They just paid $20,000 for a phone and tablet!  yea, they get free college...but $20k for a tablet!!!

jsnod25 says:

My college education costs $32,000 a year and I get jack, other than a great degree... But I would really like a phone and a tablet that's not out yet too.

engellion says:

Samsung? What about a nice new MS Surface? Now that would have been a great giveaway to students. :-)

pr0phecy says:

Hushh! Samsung is good for them, the Surface is MINE, ALL MINE I TELL YA!! :P

mrolympia74 says:

I can't wait until the real tablets come out. Not these thick ass ones. Im sure alot of these students probably think that these are the real thing and are disappointed but their look

BK-one says:

Its better than the ones we have, oh wait, we don't have one at all..

uh..these tablets are full blown laptops with intel Core CPU and full x86 compatiblity.

TonyDedrick says:

So Samsung tablets are fake?

Curtieson says:

They are so fake, they might as well be cardboard.

Not satisfied about anything are you

ben55124 says:

Now that I have been a Windows Phone user for awhile, I think it would be strange to see other people using it.  I'm so accustomed to being unique.

TonyDedrick says:

I thought getting WP into the hands of as many folks as possible been was the goal of those on this site? Now it's about being unique?"

ben55124 says:

I'll have to tone down the sarcasm next time.  Yes, I hope WP succeeds and targeting students in school is a good way to grow users.
As a WP user though, I am surprised when I notice someone else with the same OS.  Having a full campus of the same phones would be an unusual WP experience.

pr0phecy says:

Right on buddy, same here. This is especially the case here in the Netherlands.
Just for laughs, I once put the default iPhone ringtone on my WP and let it off in my pocket with max volume in a crowded subway in Amsterdam. At least a dozen people in close proximity were getting their iPhone out of their pockets to check if theirs was going off.
I'm so unique here with my lovely Windows Phone! :D But I would love to see more WP users!!

Jazmac says:

AND TABLETS??  I thought the site did a system restore on this story but the tablet part wasn't there.  Nice.

blackprince says:

So the class of 2015 got screwed with Android and Ipad, poor bastards. Now my question I have is are those tablets running consumer preview or an early, early RTM version of Win8?

RaRa85 says:

Class of 2017 will get Surface tablets.lol That's pretty cool though. I want to enroll at Seton Hall too.

frodiggs says:

wow, very sweet!

mmoses1978 says:

I am hating real hard right now lol and Seton hall is 8 miles from my house. I should just go seat in a class and get one lol.

U made me laugh. Lol.

AzD says:

I thought I read on another site that it was juniors who were getting these. Anyway, they aren't 'handing' them out; the cost is built into the tuition and fees somewhere.

AzD says:

Oh looks like the reference to juniors was just in re: to the Samsung tablets.


rebinoh says:

I am so jealous! Brick form factor or not, they have more than what we have.

rich4A1 says:

What kind of deal they get with Microsoft to have commercially not available products distributed to their sudents, namely Win 8 tablets?

Samsung has vogue in all deal..I am truly influnced by their features and configurations !! they are always better then the others.

ed tech