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Several security updates coming to Windows PCs and tablets Tuesday


Microsoft plans to release a number of security updates Tuesday, July 8 for Windows PCs and tablets, including the Surface Pro 3, and two patches that been labeled as "Critical" by the company.

The updates will be released as part of Microsoft's monthly "Patch Tuesday" event. This month will have six security bulletins issued. Five of them are directed at most versions of Windows; the sixth, which has been labeled as "Moderate", is for an issue affecting Microsoft Service Bus for Windows Server.

Of the five patches that are being released for Windows, one of them is to fix a security hole in most versions of Internet Explorer. The two "Critical" patches are being released to fix a "Remote Code Execution" issue, while the other three, all of which have been labeled as "Important", will close an "Elevation of Privilege" hole.

As usual, Microsoft does not offer specific information on what these patches are supposed to fix before they are released, so that hackers are not given that information ahead of time. In addition to the security updates, Microsoft will likely release one or more new firmware updates for its Surface family of tablets Tuesday.

Source: Microsoft



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witterholt says:

Stay focused next Tuesday...

Xsled says:

Hopefully a firmware and or network update for SP3.

I'm 99% they will. They have to. Question is, will it address everyone's complaints/fix most things...that's the mystery.

Xsled says:

Is yours still working fine after the refresh?

percistratus says:

WP 8.1 plz plz plz

AvatarEW says:

Ask your cellular service provider.

badger8080 says:

I did they don't know

kurtd says:

Cellular provider will tell you to get android or iPhone. They are a bunch of clueless sales people.

wpn00b says:

Why do people bother asking time after time? We already know that they don't know. They aren't told anything by the powers that be.

RAVI1806 says:

In India there is no carrier problem ,when will we get wp 8.1

Prathameshk says:

It is coming in next week...

Anyone know if they are ever going to address having to delete a Bluetooth device and rediscovering every single time you want to connect? Some of these issues that everyone knows about have been going on for years. Its unbelievable a company this big has trouble fixing such small things that are annoying as all hell.

wpn00b says:

For which device? Windows laptops?

Both my surfaces and a PC

Never been a problem To me on Surface 2

ade333 says:

Go into playback devices and right-click in the playbacks tab and change it to show disconnected devices.

Nik Rolls says:

Yep, that works well for audio devices but is still a long winded way to go. But if you're using a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard and it decides it no longer wants to connect to your PC, there's no way to force Windows to try to connect to it except for deleting it and repairing. Very frustrating.

fpostrow says:

Hmmm listening to music on my Purity Pro's via Bluetooth on my 64gb Surface and surfing WPCentral with no issues. Me thinks you have other issues...

shriyanshk says:

Finally some bug fixes. It felt like everything they are doing is focusing on mobile world. Windows PC was like being left out. Hope the bugs are fixed and we see some improvement.

wpn00b says:

Does it feel like a whole month has passed? ;)

KMF79 says:

Lol. I know, right.

Nokia5110 says:

My win XP no love from MS. DOS 6 machine win 3.1 486 dx processor, 21 mb hdd ooyeah! No need to mention the clock frequency.

Hope the updates will not finish my internet before 'Skype or WP8.1' is/are installed.

Wish they was this fast at releasing 8.1 funny how they cant give a date for that !!!

Nik Rolls says:

They can't give a date because it's not up to them. It's up to OEMs and operators.

PeterFnet says:

Just a typical patch Tuesday right?

blakey nz says:

The most important thing they can release is the drivers for the xbox one controllers for windows rt devices! i dont want to buy a 360 adaptor from them to release them soonish.

Nik Rolls says:

This is one I'm confused about. I've been told that this already works, and when I plugged my controller into my Surface the drivers all installed fine. I haven't tested using it though because RT doesn't seem to have a gamepad control panel applet, so I assumed RT doesn't support gamepads. But then I've read of people already using the One controller with RT.

By the way, I think we share a mutual IRL friend ... (BuNNNY)

AskaLangly says:

Meanwhile 7-zip hates Windows due to privilege rights. Can't open a .7z file via context or add files to existing .7z's all because of it. ANNOYING, but gotta stay safe these days.