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Apict for Windows Phone

Shake it like a Polaroid as Apict gets a solid update with new filters for Windows Phone

History lesson: Apict was one of the first camera apps that we used on Windows Phone to greater enhance our creativity (and keep up with old-fashioned trends in digital photography). The app is one of the original Windows Phone 7 apps, having launched way back in mid-October 2010, and it has been consistently updated throughout the years. Respect.

Version 4.0 has now gone live in the Store and added some top-requested features to the release, making it a solid choice if you’re into Polaroid/retro digital photography.

Apict for Windows Phone

New features for v4.0

  • Filters (choose from 11 amazing effects)
  • Font options (19 gorgeous fonts)
  • Resize and position your text (multitouch: drag & pinch)

Unfortunately, the app is still not optimized for Windows Phone 8, meaning there is no Lens support just yet. That’s something that can be added down the line and doesn’t detract away from the end product.

Apict basically allows you to take Polaroid photos with your Windows Phone, much like the #2InstaWithLove app. But unlike Nokia’s app, Apict is more full-featured, allowing you to save in high resolution, share directly with Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and now the ability to change filters on the fly. You can use the app to take a photo directly or post-process an existing photo if you want to take your time.

Apict Sample

In addition, you can “write” on the bottom of the photo for a funny or memorable caption, much like in the heyday of real Polaroid usage. With version 4.0, users can now control the text color and size as well, giving a little more personality to the app.

Overall, Apict is a solid choice if you like hipster filters and that Polaroid-look to add some creativity to your daily photos. While we can’t wait for proper Lens support, version 4.0 will generate us quite a few solid memories (we also like supporting developers who have stuck with the platform since day one).

You can pick up Apict for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices here in the Store for $0.99 with a free trial. Highly recommended. (Thanks, Sanjeev S., for the heads up)

QR: Apict



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irvin792 says:

I've had this app since it came out, great app and love the update!

NIST says:

Great job guys. Always been a great app. Keep up the good work.

dalydose says:

This is worth the price just for the Polaroid frame that I can "write" on!! If they made collages with backgrounds like corkboard or refrigerator or coffee table, that'd amazing.

Rising Mos says:

Just bought it to support the developer! great app!
p.s. love bing awards == free apps :)

luimende says:

Bing rewards, but yeah me too.

dalydose says:

I love the reflection in the story photo of one Lumia taking a picture of another Lumia! :)

DonnaxNL says:


PeltFrelken says:

This is so cool.

amazingAG says:

looks great. thanks for the heads up.

bReAkEr007 says:

one of the first app i purchased! Kudos for the awesome update

Greall55 says:

Phototastic do it better, my opinion :D