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Share a photo representing Spring and win a Windows Phone UK mug

WP Central

The Windows Phone UK team are giving away four Windows Phone mugs to those who send in the best photos representing Spring. With the constant weather alterations we're currently experiencing, now would be a perfect time to get snapping to win your own brew server. The winning photos will be selected based on originality and how eye catching they are compared to other submissions - check the above photo for inspiration.

To put forward your entry, simply follow the Windows Phone UK team on Twitter and tweet them your photo. Be sure to include what app you used (if any) to add effects. On the official announcement post the team have encouraged the use of photo editing apps for Windows Phone. There are a number available, some which we've recommended ourselves. Also, why not check out our Windows Phone camera tutorial to make sure you get the most out of your camera's performance?

You've got until April 26th (17:00) to get your submissions in and note that this competition is open to UK residents only. Check out the terms and conditions for more information.

Source: Windows Phone UK



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Nakazul says:

Heeey, I want to buy one :'(

smontoya2 says:

I want to buy one also...any for sale?

Banstyle says:

Win a mug and only four winners? Pretty lame contest, imo.

EpicRegret says:

Why complain over a contest Banstyle? Don't like it, don't do it and life goes on.  You not participating just means one less person to beat. :D

Banstyle says:

I felt like complaining because there's this whole comment system tied to news posts and I thought I'd take advantage of it. :)

WPSteve says:

Let's get a U.S. version going!