Shell Brazil chooses Windows Phone to fuel its entire distributor sales team

Shell WP

Shell in Brazil has selected Windows Phone as its choice of smartphone, offering hardware to the entire sales team of the company's distribution network in the region. Models ranging from the Lumia 520 all the way up to the Lumia 920, Shell isn't messing around when it comes to deploying advanced smartphones to its base of employees.

So why did the company go for Microsoft's mobile platform? Cost savings were a major factor, and have been in previous case studies too. Compared to iOS hardware, Shell was able to provide the Windows Phones at a more affordable price, adding further improvement to the commercial team regarding productivity. Also, changes required are made to the servers and software on the handsets is updated automatically, which makes it easier to manage.

Shell invested in sales force automation solution Blink Mobile, developed and implemented by Blink Systems, a partner of Microsoft solutions. Aiming to professionalise the dealer network, Shell aims to make employees better prepared in the field. It's not all about cost of deployment as we're talking about Microsoft systems here. Windows Phone also integrates nicely with Windows 8 and the Microsoft server family. 

Source: Microsoft Noticias; thanks, Andre and Eliano , for the tips!



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Josh Harman says:

I'm tired of these Brazil only articles. There are Windows Phone users outside of Brazil you know!

Lmao are you sure?

In Finland it's the top consumer smartphone in all three operators! (model Lumia 520)
Now #1 in Russia! Next Italy or France? or maybe Brazil?


L0gic Bom8 says:

Because your griping too much? LMAO

Bartdog says:

wow, your sense of humor is flying over posters' heads. 

Postador says:

Does that really bother you?

douglasbaiao says:

They posted like 2 articles about Brazil and you complain? How old are you?

jmshub says:

Portugese is the primary language of Brazil...

amcalexandre says:

+1520 Portugal, olé, olé....

Ocelotty1 says:

ah yes, with milk please :)

walter1832 says:

While I'm happy to hear this, lets not get too excited yet.  I think this is an order of only 200 phones.  If they order 2k or 20k then I would be very excited.

ZX9 says:

Lol. That was anticlimactic...

OMG55 says:

As the old saying goes, "Every little bit helps"

MrSimmix says:

Windows Phone is really starting to become a big thing out there(ok maybe not REALLY big but still). Everyday we are reading something about Windows Phone growing somewhere or being used by some company and even celebrities using Windows Phones! Things are looking up for WP.

chunky2055 says:

Thats a good news!!

xankazo says:

Microsoft Power!!!

ruisolid says:

Brazil is a powerful market to Microsoft, GMC (Aka Chevrolet) and other brands. After 2008 economical crisis, Brazil was one of the first countries to recover.
And believe, in market dominated by Androids, a company like Shell adopting WIndows Phone is excellent.
TOTVS, the biggest IT company here in Brazil, is adopting Windows Phone too.

Flavio76 says:

If TOTVS is also doing, THIS is BIG HUGE news for Brasil and MS...

Duduosf says:

Yay! Brazil rules. All of the carriers around here are advertising the Lumia range of phones rather nicely. And I'm lovin' it!

RyanAMG says:

Good news. Hope this keeps up. :D

its all because of this...
my needs are similar in some aspects to a business or a sales man (Office andOS integration)

xFalk says:

More and more corporate integration of Windows Phone is great.  Its a nice introductory avenue for WP to the masses.  That's how Blackberry got its start.  People used them at work, liked them and they became popular.

j_jabbar says:

Very catchy headline...

walter1832 says:

Shell, please port your app in the Brazilian market.  I can show you how. 
Wait, that's not me, thats someone else.  My bad.

Andr3sfc says:

I see what you did here lol

bigbosseby says:

Y all these good news only after the Nokia sell off ?!?

Great!!!!   Good for them!!!