Shield your eyes - BulletAsylum is the Xbox Live Deal of the Week


This week, neon colors are all the rage on Windows Phone. On the one hand, you’ve got new Xbox Live release geoDefense Swarm, which promises to be super fun. On the other: BulletAsylum from UberGeekGames is the Deal of the Week, on sale for $1.99.

BulletAsylum is a modern take on the arcade classic Missile Defense. Aliens rain down from the sky and it’s up to your turrets to stop them. You can use a single finger to fire all your weapons at one area or two fingers to split the fire. Game modes include the extremely easy Arcade, an endless Survival mode that has no Achievements for some reason, and the frustratingly hard Architect mode.

It’s easy to get into BulletAsylum thanks to the pretty colors and flashing lights. The unlocking system is decent, and the Achievements are attainable for most mortal men and women. Still, I found the gameplay far too simplistic to maintain interest; the lack of depth really keeps the game from having much staying power. Check out our review for a lengthier – and dare I say more eloquent - explanation.

BulletAsylum is on sale for $1.99 for one week only. Get it here on the Marketplace and let those bullets fly!

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MacAarburger says:

NICE! i've left this game on my phone as a trial, waiting for a DotW! 8)
though today comes MAX PAYNE 3 for the 360...

tommohammed says:

Definitely would recommend this as deal of the week :) doesn't last very long

awesumjon says:

Wow, there are some awesome deals this week. First Trials HD for 600ms then this. MS must be in a good mood :D

tylerh1701 says:

Lack of depth is a good way to describe this game.

NaterBater says:

So what did the update the other day fix, change or bring. I can't find anything different and was hoping you guys had a changelog

BallistaMan says:

Think it's worth the money? I've been eyeing the game for a while, but reviews tend to peg it at ~1 hour of gameplay.

Paul Acevedo says:

If you like easy Achievements, it's worth it for that alone. But for fun factor, I clearly vote no.