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Show your loved one you care with Thinking of You messaging for Windows Phone

Thinking of You

For all of those with a significant other and two Windows Phones, you'll want to check out Thinking of You by Quinn Damerell. Damerell is also the developer of the super popular Reddit app, Baconit, which just received a fantastic update.

Thinking of You is a secure personal messaging app the allows you keep in contact with your latest beau. The service which is free, works by connecting two Windows Phones via a personalized PIN. The service then pushes messages between two devices by connecting to a server for Toast and Push notifications.

It's cute, quaint, secure and free. The service doesn't maintain the messages on the server and get this, if you "break the connection" i.e. you get dumped, the app will automatically erase the messages on both devices. That's good news for those worried about their SMS messages coming back to haunt them later.

Thinking of You

The app is fairly limited with just text being able to be sent (no photos, no location information) and you can only have one-secure connection at a time (sorry, swingers). It works well and there's even a prefab "Thinking of you!" message to quickly send to your loved one without all that effort making is a niche but well-done app.

If you have an SO that you want to use the app, just send 'em here to the Windows Phone Marketplace or the app's homepage for more info. Thinking of You is free and ad-free.

QR: Thinking of You



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Fiann says:

Nice looking app. Unfortunately my s.o. prefers her iPhone so this won't do me a whole lot of good right now. :-(

foxibs says:

Funny @EJNelly

cliff08er says:

I'm single need to find a gal with a Windows phone lol.

Kiveau says:

"and you can only have one-secure connection at a time (sorry, swingers)."

It's okay. I have a phone for each! :D [jk]

Hernan69 says:

Ask first, 'if U own a WP7 we can all about it, if not get lost'... :-D

HD7guy says:

Sounds like Pair, which supports the other two but not Windows Phone. Maybe someday Pair will buy Thinking of You, and the dev can retire.

HD7guy says:

Sounds like Pair, which supports the other two but not Windows Phone. Maybe someday Pair will buy Thinking of You, and the dev can retire.

Ummm....maybe the de developer should tweak this app just a little - too many restrictions! First I have to FIND a SO, then i may have to convince them to get a Windows phone, THEN i have to turn them on to the tires just writing that!

MastrMeatWad says:

This is why more people should must have WP. :D

Im the only one in my family with a windowsphone and I have no girlfriend. I shall download it anyway!

Better buy 2 phones that's the case! :-)

thecember says:

All u guys dump ur gfs if they have that Apple shit phone....

MastrMeatWad says:

Neat idea. The dump feature is great. You can always deny what you typed of the two split

apocacrux says:

Wouldn't just sending a text be much quicker than launching an app to message your SO, or is there something special about this that I am missing?