Shuffle Party shuffles onto Xbox Live in the US and lands abroad too

Shuffle Party

Not long ago, WPCentral broke the news that Shuffle Party, a new game from Babaroga and Microsoft Studios, would be released as a free download in the US this week. As promised, Shuffle Party is now available on Xbox Live. Even better? It appears to be available outside of the US too!

Shuffle Party is a shuffleboard/bowling game. Players aim the puck with the touch screen and then send it flying down the lane. The game has several modes of play, with the overall goal of earning money to purchase items from the Pro Shop.

WP Central

What we didn’t mention last week was Shuffle Party’s sweet Xbox Live Avatar support. Between shots, the camera cuts to your Avatar, showing how he or she reacts to the game. It gives the game a great personal touch – nobody will accuse this one of being too sterile.

sShuffle Party - Personal avatar action

Shuffle Party is a free download and includes Achievements worth 50 GamerScore. We can confirm that the game is available in France as well as the US. Foreign readers, let us know if you’re able to grab it too. Here’s the download link.



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micha_beck says:

Yepp, got it.
On HTC HD7 in Germany.
Now let's hope Ghostscape will be released soon too! :)

Letwin says:

Same here. =D
Got it on my HTC HD7 in Germany. So we haven't to wait. =)

TheWeeBear says:

Fine in the UK too.

Confirmed for Australia (thx Joshua C.)

z33dev33l says:

One of the most enjoyable games thusfar. Not impressed with ghostscape yet.

Verkunder says:

My avatar is facing the wrong way. Any tips?

aptcore says:

it is available in Colombia too. Just downloaded it :)

Jellynutz says:

Confirmed in Canada!

Thamuz says:

It works perfectly in Belgium as well :)

binlid1 says:

Got it in Ireland! :)

hoodoo#WP says:

My avatar is facing the wrong way as well on my HD7.  I figured he was just embarrased of my scores... lol.

Terrin says:

it isn't on my marketplace in canada but I used the dl link from this website and it worked awesome !!

kennbw says:

Like this game.  Just wish my own Avatar would look at me.  Come on little guy, what did i do to deserve the cold shoulder?  I at least know he cheers for me when I get a strike since I see his arms move.  TURN AROUND.

Terrin says:

oh the cold shoulder well you know he is to busy watching the game to turn around

5tephen says:

Had it close on it's own when trying to load bowling earlier. Like 3 or 4 times. Had my avatar facing backwards too. Avatar's fixed. Not sure yet on the bowling though cause it opened this time.