Silencing your Windows Phone shutter [hack]

It's a problem that has plagued photography for decades; taking pictures without the camera sound disturbing everyone around you. Most digital cameras have the ability to mute the simulated shutter sound but Windows Phone 7 owners aren't so lucky.

Regardless how you have your ringer volume set, that distracting sound is always present once you press the shutter button. For those who have a developer unlocked/jail-broken Windows Phone there's a solution out there.

The solution requires you to modify the system registry (proceed at your own discretion).

  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Audio\StreamClass\Output\10 and set "BypassDeviceGain" to 0.
  • Apply the changes, reboot your phone.

Your Windows Phone camera application will now follow the phone's audio settings. Simply mute the ringer and you mute the shutter. 

Source: XDA Via: Windowsphonehacker



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simbadogg says:

man, finally...i love these registry fixes. people fixing all the glaring issues that MS overlooked

OGCF says:

My Focus doesn't let out the shutter sound when I reduce the volume to 0. It really should be silent when you toggle vibrate, but it still works and just takes a couple seconds longer.Do other WP7s have the shutter sound as default and CANNOT silence it in anyway?

CABAL says:

HTC 7 Trophy here. No shutter sound plays if you drop device volume to 0. Interestingly though, if you have it at something other than than 0 and there's something plugged into the audio jack, the shutter sound still plays from the phone's rear speaker instead of the plugged device.

Bei337 says:

In the US, the phones are required to have the shutter sound even with volume dropped to 0. That's why some of your phones don't have the shutter sound (outside of US).