SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 also available at Expansys USA and Phones4U

Nokia Lumia 800

Yesterday, we mentioned that Clove UK was going to begin offering the Nokia Lumia 800, unlocked and SIM free in December. Now we got word that Expansys USA and Phones4U are both offering the same deal--one cheaper, one more expensive.

First, Expansys USA is offering the black Lumia 800 for a whopping $789. So, you should probably start saving now if you want it by Christmas and we doubt anyone will be picking it up as a gift. The phone will work on AT&T's 3G network but lacks the HSPA+ bands, so keep that in mind--you may want to wait a few months for an "official" offering from the Death Star, especially since you'll not only get HSPA+ but rumored LTE as well.

Next up is Phones4U. They too have the black, unlocked Lumia 800 that you can buy now, so forget that pre-order. The price there is £399.95, which isn't half bad--heck, at $618 it is cheaper for Americans to order it overseas than locally (too bad Phones4U doens't ship overseas). Plus, they also have the Cyan version available, which is a bit of a rarity and we think gives Phones4U the edge here.

Source: Expansys USA; Phones4U (and Cyan); Thanks, c03105780, for the tip in comments



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thenet says:

sorry i prefer samsung focus s phone way more better features and hardware. Lumina still lacks hardware.

ZipTBM says:

It doesn't look like Phones4U will deliver overseas.  

Yup. Just noticed that too. I am dissapoint.

I just tried to order the cyan for import into the US...but it looks like they will only ship to UK addresses.

I bought mine from Carphone Warehouse sim free and with HSPA enabled for £469.95.

ctafield says:

Picked up a Cyan one from Three today for £399. Love the colour!

JCSOne says:

New price at Expansys $699.99.
I'm wating some more time, and see if i can get the Cyan.