Simple Calendar rises to version 2.6 to conquer multiple bugs

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is one of those apps that's worth downloading just because it looks amazing. That's not taking into account how much functionality is packed into the app. Today we're covering the 2.6 update, which will be going live shortly. So what's new in this latest release?

It's not a huge update, here's the full changelog:

  • 'Hide private appointments' is now a universal, simplified setting.
  • Live tile bug fixes, including updating tile on each app launch, only updating the tile size that you use (must select your tile size in settings page)
  • Various bug fixes

The update should go live in the next few hours (if not already available). You can download Simple Calendar from the Windows Phone Store.

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I hope gdr3 or 8.1 will let this app have the ability (in terms of code) to edit appointments. Otherwise, great app!

AlwaysHedged says:

Week View 8 can edit appointments right now.  No gdr2 or gdr3 required.

But the developer keeps saying that the OS won't let him?

Mystictrust says:

No no, modifying appointments is still not allowed in the Windows Phone API... Week View 8 is using a workaround with a drawback (it is even stated in the app itself). Basically, with Week View 8, you have to sign in to your MS account via the app, and it uses the Windows Live API to edit through your calendar on the web... And then it takes some time to sync back to your phone.
I'd much rather have the ability to do this directly on the phone. I do hope it comes by 8.1 though, but who knows. I'm fine with manually editing in stock calendar app for now

NIST says:

I wish simple calendar would pull birthday info from your Facebook account. Maybe have a fb login to synch up or something, and be able to push todays events to the lockscreen while using Bing wallpaper.

AlwaysHedged says:

Nonetheless, I still signed in only once when first installing the app.  Afterwards it does everything I need.  The sync time isn't as long as some may think.
So far, I have been most pleased with Week View 8 after test driving (and purchasing) every other calandar for WP8.  

x4x says:

I can edit my appointments with this just use the stock app


Am I the only one that doesn't use a third party calendar? I don't understand the need for it. The stock one does what it needs to do. It is a calendar, not a day planner.

Tafsern says:

I ain't, because they don't show the private ones. MS, do you copy??

Mystictrust says:

For me, two reasons: I prefer the live tile of Simple Calendar over the stock calendar AND, almost more importantly, I can read my appointments for the month at a glance instead of the stock calendar's gibberish month view. Also, stock calendar won't default to month view which is annoying to me.

Humorously, I think the stock calendar behaves as more of a day planner by default than a calendar. The default view is agenda! Seriously?!


Well like I said, I am the only one. The stock one works fine for me. And I don't use the live tile.

allos autos says:

You're not the only one. I use the stock calendar to sync multiple calendars and with multiple users and have never had a problem or thought that it was lacking with respect to my needs. I do use the live tile, though. You might be alone on that one. :P

eroselim says:

I use the Stock one. I don't even use a Facebook third party application. IE can handle everything for me.
Lumia 620 user here by the way. The Alarm Clock, The OneNote, most of the In-built applications are useful, if you know how to use it well in your end though. 

Mystictrust says:

Updating tile on app launch is much appreciated!!

cybermoose89 says:

Its sweet but i prefer super calendar with custom images etc

Nakazul says:

A nice battle between Super and Simple calendar going on, who will I use, it varies. Currently Super Calendar is on top with at least week numbers on the live tile (although it doesn't look perfect) and pretty advanced customization and looks pretty nice when started. But in usability to enter new appointments it looses out.
I agree with everybody else though, nothing beats Week View 8, not even close. The fight of the 2 former is more about the battle of the live tile because Week View 8 isn't good looking currently (but powerful). If week view would offer similar live tiles it would bury these competitors. So no perfect calendar yet.

A cookie for this man!

AlwaysHedged says:

Make that 2 cookies...

Nakazul says:

Mmmm, cookies!

Pappa Ed says:

I have a new bug since I've updated. Each time the tile refreshes I get a private appointment for every day at 12:00 a.m. When I open the calendar and then close it the tile reads as it should. I have tried changing the settings, uninstalling and reinstalling and rebooting. No change. Am I the only one? Lumia 920.

imLou says:

disable hotmail and gmail calendar.

Pappa Ed says:

Yep, just figured that out. Thanks!

Pappa Ed says:

Nope. Didn't fix it after all. Will contact the developer.

Pappa Ed says:

I contacted the developer and he said there is a bug which has been squashed and further update should be out next week.

Got the same issue.. Wish I didn't update

Pappa Ed says:

Update will address the issue. This is a great app and the developer is very responsive to feedback. Hang in there.

JackG058 says:

I love the live tile feature. The developer is very responsive to email as well. My tiles are not auto-updating so I did an in-app contact to the developer, and he replied within an hour, and tipped me off that this update was forthcoming. Great support.

ejlee072006 says:

Damnt everyday I see apps for wp8 makes me wanna burn my l900

rvoje says:

This condensed typography on live tile makes me puke.

BahaTexas says:

I prefer Super Calendar.

pmhgeneral says:

Nice app! But no edit, private appointment's or birthday's from Facebook show up. Week View 8 does and is much better. They use a work around that updates the live web calendar which in return update's the stock calendar app.
For me it's Week View 8 calendar!