The Sims 3 is the Xbox Live Deal of the Week again, plus exclusive update details

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Good news for bargain hunting gamers: in addition to the Countdown to 2012 sale, we still get the regularly-scheduled Xbox Live Deal of the Week. Now the (kinda) bad news: the DOTW is The Sims 3, on sale for $4.99.

Why is this bad news, other than the fact that the iOS version regularly goes on sale for a dollar? Well, The Sims 3 on Windows Phone doesn’t quite match up in quality to the PC and console versions. As our review points out, the character customization is extremely limited. Load times are lengthy and frequent and menu navigation is clumsy. Worse, the game has a habit of losing save files; it happened to me once.

All of those problems mean The Sims 3 is badly overdue for an update. WPCentral has learned from the game’s developer that an update is indeed coming. But again, it’s not the best of news. The impending update adds Fast App Switching support and nothing else. EA did not commission a single bug fix from the team behind the Windows Phone port.

Heck, maybe you don’t mind a few bugs and loading screens. If so, you can find The Sims 3 here on the Marketplace. The $4.99 sale price lasts for one week.

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Gemini Ace says:

$4.99 isnt' a sale.  Pass.

tylerh1701 says:

You speak the truth.

mesonto says:

Agree with Gemini Ace, and the article $4.99 is no sale and this game has not been done justice on this platform. The company behind the Sims3 for the WinPhone7 platform should be ashamed.

FFugue says:

Worst game on WP7. Sooo boring. The very first Sims game on PC ten years ago had most stuff to do that this version. All you can do to improve your character skills is cook, fish, grow plants, and repair stuff. It's terrible.

nrask7 says:

Agreed. Boooring.

tyrok says:

Funny how The Sims 3 for 3DS is also the Deal of the Day at Best Buy for $5. Thats down from $30 and the game isn't broken so I went with that instead.