Siri-like app for Windows Phone, Ask Ziggy, gets another major update

Ask Ziggy

While we don't have Siri (and Woz misses it) we do have Ask Ziggy which is getting closer and closer to Apple's AI. Some of the last few updates were interesting for Ziggy but the one for today comes across as stabilizing in addition to adding a few new features:

  • Live Calendar integration
  • Fixed annoying pop-ups ("query canceled", etc...)
  • New toggle to add/remove secondary Reminders tile
  • Yelp integration local and remote with multiple tappable areas on results
  • Improved splash screen animation
  • Fixed greeting issue + mic states
  • Improved overall performance
  • Search Tweets by topic "Tweets for NFL Combine"

We've been throwing lots of questions at it and the results seem more accurate (and quicker too) than in previous versions.  The Live Calendar integration looks to be a huge bonus for many of you who need to make appointments and the search Tweets feature is certainly a new twist.  Using Yelp for search results should also help you find that local bar or coffee shop too.

Overall, we're impressed with the update and seeing as the app is still free (and ad free) we so no reason for you to not try it. And if you have tried it in the past, you may want to re-download it and give version 2.3 a spin.

Hit us up on comments if you're seeing any improvements or have some tips to make it better. Grab Azk Ziggy here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Thanks, Vishal, for the tip!

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Ticomfreak says:

Don't see it :(

This update has been out for a while now....

I've had it for like 2 weeks nearly...if not longer....

Thamuz says:

Yeah, me too.

Yeah I thought I was tripping when I read this. Had to go to marketplace & check my Ask Ziggy settings, lol.

al.cantara says:

Is it just me, or there's a problem with this app on T2? It can't seem to hear me at all. I've been using it for a while with my hd7 and never got it to work since I switched to t2 three weeks ago :(

cme4oil says:

I seem to have the same problem.  Works sometimes with the T2 but pretty frustrating.  

smoledman says:

Ultimately the solution is for TellMe to progress to Siri-level.

theman60099 says:

No shít they're on that. Stop trolling

Jess82#WP says:

Lol damn calm down.

al.cantara says:

I tried reinstalling with this new upgrade and still no luck.

smoledman says:

Ultimately it's about getting TellMe to Siri's level.

Peter McCain says:

It has a really hard time understating names. It pisses me off

ChrisLynch says:

2.3.0 is the only version that shows up for me, which I'm in the US.

MadMup says:

How soon before Microsoft buys this and incorporates it into the OS?

xmarklive says:

Never they are going to incorporate more commands into the is like they already have.

idrewpage says:

Very cool. Works just as well as siri in many cases, just not as funny...

tallgeese says:

I asked Ziggy what's the best smartphone. It replied, "the Verizon Droid running Google Android has tons of apps"

A Windows Phone app says an Google Android based smartphone is the best?!

Uninstall in progress...

I think it's because they ported it to Android.

bauerc51 says:

I got.... "Apple iPhone 3g is the best smart phone for business." when I asked the same question

Nakazul says:

Best computer?

NIST says:

It looks like it queries some search engines for answers. I think one of them is yahoo. Can't quite figure out where its pulling the answers from....yet.

GhostITMG says:

Wow, people seem really harsh on this. I think it's great! And kudos to the developer for giving it to us for free!

NIST says:

Ziggy cracks me up. Especially when asked questions like "do you love me" . Heehee

Arun3 says:

This is a great app, no doubt. But say "open google dot com" and see what happens! Please fix it dear developer, as it quotes safari.

tbonenga says:

How do you tell what version you have? I've looked everywhere and can't find it.

Dre325 says:

I had this app a few months ago and deleted it since it was so terrible. It's much much improved now. Still needs some work, but it's certainly on the right path.

scottaii says:

Same, much smoother now

dgduris says:

I'll be happy when it hooks into bluetooth.

dtboos says:

This guy is doing an excellent job.  Hope he keeps up with improvements.

al.cantara says:

Can anyone get this to work on their att titan2? Does not recognize mic n just says "listening..." forever. Thanks.

Askziggy says:

The current release is just a fraction of what's already being tested for the next major release. Significant AI changes but also additional 3rd party content providers coming.

Brian3 says:

I'm amazed at just how far you have come. I've been using Ask Ziggy since version 1 and it's improved so much. With the lasted release, Ask Ziggy is now one of my favorite apps and I'm no longer jealous of Siri. Keep up the good work! I can't wait for the next release!

Its very nice and very accurate for me but not sure how much I would ever use it

diplomat696 says:

Personal experience with this app is not az good as siri. It is not bad but has a hard time understanding and recognizing more obscure names maybe this is just an overall issue with speech recognition apps but kind of disappointing when u r trying to show it off.

theman60099 says:

Siri is a gimmick

OMG55 says:

I've used siri and it makes a lot of misinterpretations. I'm not saying you're one, but I wish people would he honest about the iPhone. I had the last three offerings and have had problems with the 4 & 4s....3GS was okay, but also had its issues

incendy says:

Very impressive app!

cme4oil says:

I have a hard time getting it to recognize anything with my titan 2.  Works OK though if I use my bluetooth headset.

ahuczek says:

Its more of a novelty right now because of the delay. Its not very efficient when you've gotta wait two ways for everything. Still faster to just scroll and click for most things. Its getting there though.

HellcatM says:

It is odd that its still ad free and free, I wonder if they're hoping Microsoft will buy them to incorporate this into Windows 8 or at last hire them to help them with Tellme?  I'm pretty sure Microsoft is pretty far with Tellme and it will be on par or pass what Ziggy can do when Windows 8 comes out.  It might even pass what siri can do and be more accurate.

DavidinCT says:

I gota try this...

BostonSammy says:

Does anyone know how to stop it from saying my first appointment is at 12 AM? I don't think I have birthdays synced to my calendar, but it still seems to recognize them as an appointment when I ask for my daily brief.

vijax21 says:

it never got my name correct... & no matter what i ask it.. it just make something on it's own & starts processing.. i had this app for like 5 minutes.

Expat64 says:

Does anybody know when we will see Ask Ziggy on Windows Phone 8?