Siri-like app for Windows Phone gets a big makeover [Video]

It's been awhie since we've talked about Ask Ziggy, the Siri-like app from developer Shai Leib. Powered by Nuance for voice-search and some backend tweaks to customize how things work, the app is a great example of developer ingenuity.

Since the app went viral, Leib has gone back to the drawing board and reworked a lot of the app in response to user feedback. For instance in the new version expected in a few days, it's much more Metro influenced with the SMS chat bubble. But more importantly, the feature list has greatly expanded to include using your geo-location ability to pinpoint weather/time/search requests. You can even set reminders (it will create a Live Tile and alarm), call people, pull up calendar information for any day upon request and much more. (You can see some more screenshots here)

Ask Ziggy

The app should be hitting the Marketplace in a few days and it is still free as far as we know. This is also just the beginning as Leib has much more planned for new and unique features. For now, you can watch out video though to get an idea of what's coming and you can download the old verison here in the Marketplace.

We'll keep you posted when version 2.0 goes live probably next week, so stay tuned.



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Dormage says:

The current version is quite usless to me...
All it does is display search resoults ..and plays the "i have something for you" sound over and over again. Don't know about Siri, never used it but seeing the hype it defently can't be as bad as this one can it?

EJNelly says:

Siri is only slightly better than tell me. Definitely not worth the hype.

rojar19 says:

Just remember, siri is integrated into the OS.

kollege says:

any news on the nokia 710 photo contest?

nice! yeah i thought the old version was pretty useless too, but i saw the vision of what it could become promising. this looks awesome. suggestion: change the app name to just 'ziggy'

willied says:

I think it should just be called "Ask".

Askziggy says:

Ask.com is a search engine,so the name is taken,
And I am not pulling any information from them.

willied says:

That's what I thought...oh well.

Nakazul says:

Why not AskMe? Instead of TellMe?

paulandyt says:

MS should buy this software out and integrate it into the existing functionality! Good job!!!

Micfur says:

@Willied That genius, simple and easy to remember.

dtboos says:

Very nice.  Can't wait to test this out.

firthy says:

I like the voice selection option at 0.37secs: Bloke or Sheila (Male or Female for you non-aussies)
Now if they can give ziggy an aussie accent, all will be good!

ChrisLynch says:

Is it good that I re-read your comment with an Aussie accent in my head?

stevethenerd says:

This is still quite horrible and useless

amieldl says:

To you it maybe useless, but for the rest its fun and helpful. You can just give credit to ziggy even if useless to you. Are you a troll.? Peace main.

MannLou says:

Ziggy, how does it feel to be damn close to Siri? Nice work here. Looking forward to this.

Askziggy says:

Try asking SIRI "Split my check of $45.35 three ways with a 20% tip" :( and then try it with Ask Ziggy :). You can try saying it different ways also. The amount was just an example by the way.

Conasca says:

They call this a big makeover? I still dislike the UI

Askziggy says:

The light theme tends to give everything a washed out appearance, especially on video. I personally like the dark background for better contrast.

amieldl says:

Freaking awesome. So excited.. Thanks for the great job you do. Other people if you have nothing better to say don't say it at all. Simple if you other people don't like it, don't use it. Simple as that.

adriel623 says:

Great job!! The UI is a lot better now. Keep up the good work Ziggy person.

paulomalley says:

I'm sorry... But it never understands a word I am saying... And I'm an Aussie...

Cyruss1989 says:

It understands me and I'm not even a native speaker ;) German accent FTW!

marcusjl808 says:

Mate, try a kiwi accent. The accent of the gods ;) works like a charm. Great job on the app

polychromenz says:

try being a pommie that has been in nz for 12 years. I thought having a sort of English accent I would be sweet. Guess what? I cant get it to recognise anything I say.
Actually this does raise a serious point. MS and for that matter most software companies make the mistake of assuming that your accent matches where you live. This is so stupid, so many people relocate for work and love abroad. They have all sorts of issues with LIVE profiles but also, based on this logic, if I move to Japan I am expected to be japanese.
I really hope someone looks into this for WP8 that would be a game changer, actually thinking about how people live and what they need ;)

amieldl says:

If you have a specific request, ask. Don't be negative about it. Much love.

emzz says:

Omg holy holy I can't wait for this
Wow great job mr z 11 out of 10

ChrisLynch says:

Pretty cool!  Love the redesign and new features.  Can't wait to try 2.0!!!

To be honest, I don't use the app too much...but personally, I really like the concept of it. It's a great app, and with what I just saw, it's only getting better. To each their own, and opinions are the feedback that help developers make their apps better, whether it be positive or negative...but don't waste your breath bashing an app in a thread, just for the sake of bashing it. At least tell us why you don't like it, or what the developer could/should do to make it a more appealing app to better suit your wants/needs.

rabit1 says:

well microsoft, hurry up and hire this guy.....

aeonlinux says:

Why? For creating a voice-activated search engine/aggregtor that all it does is read out loud basic search results?
And that UI is still a mess. Look at those boxes.

Askziggy says:

Don't you think people are tired of your repetitive rant? I am accumulating a database and if you understand AI, then you will appreciate that future versions will benefit from SVM modeling to understand intent from speech and text, but the accuracy improves over time and with a large dataset.

Love this app. Works great for me. Always finds what I need & understands me, without exception. Can't wait to use the new version!

Arun3 says:

This is great work. Thank you to the developer. Keep up the good work. Btw Daniel, did you get a Nokia lumia 800? What happened to the TITAN? :)

Yeah, have a Cyan 800. I still have, lets see...

  • Lumia 710 (T-Mo)
  • HTC Radar (T-Mo)
  • HTC Titan (AT&T)
  • HTC Titan (Int'l, unlocked)
  • Samsung Focus S
  • Mystery LG device (more on that probably Monday)

Those are just my Gen 1.5/2 devices. Still love the Titan but I make sure to give all the phones some attention for experience. Otherwise, why the heck would you trust what I have to say on them? ;-)

Cyruss1989 says:

Mystery LG, mh what could that be...

Arun3 says:

Hahaha.... Good point! ;) And that is quite a list; waiting for the mystery LG device report on Monday. And nice work at the MWC.

marcusjl808 says:

Hey Daniel, how bout sending me your cyan 800 when you get the 900? Cheers.

mccasive says:

That definitely is a big makeover and I'm very confident that the dev is not going to leave any stone unturned to prime this app to rub shoulders with siri. Bravo man.

rezzet#CB says:

Always had faith in you, Ziggy. Can't wait to take the new version for a spin.

This looks really fun, I'm interested in trying the daily brief command

N@vX says:

Wow! is an impressive progress from the latest version of ziggy, great job!!

Wevenhuis says:

Again, missing support for other languages. Dutch please?!!

Brainio says:

Do you only get full functionality in certain countries? I am in the UK and no matter what I ask I just get the response" I have something for you, press the button above this one to get web search results".

Askziggy says:

The new update addresses those issues.

Askziggy says:

In future versions you will be able to do a lot more. Version 2 is a baseline for more things to come! I'm working on it 24/7.

forestred says:

Thanks Ziggy great work, when does v2.00 get released>?

Brainio says:

Thanks, looking forward to v2.0.

sinister1 says:

Still waiting, it's been more than a couple of days already. Please hurry the current version is not working anyomore.

Askziggy says:

Ask Ziggy is approved but still not released. I also submitted an update today and will follow up with another update by week's end or early next week.

pantiko says:

Hi Ziggy, awesome job, thank you very much... Will askziggy support other languages in the future, like say, Spanish, which coincidely is my native language?

sinister1 says:

Dude, when? I'm waiting. Love your work but the current Ziggy is tripping out; it won't give results anymore it just gives web results. Please!

sinister1 says:

I got the update this morning thanks man; where does one donate?