Site Announcement: Official WPCentral App hits version 2.0

If you're like us, you woke up this morning to an update for Version 2.0 our official WPCentral App. Developer (and podcast co-host) Jay Bennett has been hard at work these last few months incorporating all those changes and features that you've requested. In addition, new optimizations and layout changes have made the experience even better. So what's new? Let's cut to the chase...

WPCentral v2.0

  • Redesign of the app interface
  • Comments system with add, reply-to and delete (tap and hold to see more options)
  • Offline article reader
  • Brand new wallpapers section - more to come in v2.2
  • Customisable live tile
  • Articles with multiple Apps to download now provide a list for you to choose from
  • Added developers section
  • Multiple optimisations & speed improvements

As you can see, the BIG addition is the ability to finally comment on posts from within the app. Heck, you can reply to specific people and even delete your comment...hoorah! Plus with our new Live Tile system, the app will look even more pretty on your fancy Start screen. Not to be outdone though, Jay is already hard at work on v2.1 which will be some minor bug fixes, so expect that soon too. Then comes version 2.2 with our Wallpaper feed (previewed in the app now).

WPCentral v2.0

A big and personal thanks to Jay for all his hard work as well as staff writer Rich Edmonds for graphic design and Tom Kaminiski for handling the back-end details. The app is free/ad-supported/feature limited or it can be "unlocked" for $0.99 for the ad-free, full-featured version. Pick it up here in the Marketplace or scan below.

QR: WPCentral App



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lindortmnf says:

I'm in love with this app! Thank you!! :)

Jay Bennett says:

Gonna pop this comment right at the top to say thank you all so much, 142 comments at this point I'm overwhelmed!! It has also led me to realise that with this many comments the app starts to struggle, so expect v2.1 to include some optimisations as well as bug fixes :)

MrMetalist says:

Awesome. Keep up great work.

Awesome app. :):)

Very nice update I was very excited to see the changes and it looks incredible now. Keep up the good work!!

damienhealy says:

Finally I can comment on your articles, as I'm rarely on my Laptop for anything other than work.

Very nice improvement. Thanks!

This app is sexy! Finally I'm able to comment! Thank you!

ousooner314 says:

This is fantastic! Love the updates and new features, and appreciate everything you guys do! Keep up the excellent work!!

BlueCane says:

Great app! simply amazing!

DaHui623 says:

Nice update. Any plans to add forums support?

Very nice looking app! Love the new features. Thank you!

Duckhole says:

Nice forum support would just make the cake

WinFan1 says:

Great improvement now i love my wpcentral app even more!

TboWP7 says:

New update is awesome! Really liking the new looks of the app.
Great work Jay :)

Gatlyn says:

I agree that is something I would really like to see.

druger81 says:

Love the new update! Now I can finally comment! Keep up the good work guys! :D

cdbstl76 says:

My favorite app just got better!

montel1978 says:

Love it, this is one of my most used apps.

Aspiranto123 says:

Great site and app.

Khensu says:

Alright, I'm going to finally pony up and buy this thing.  =)

WOW you guys rock! Yes Im posting this from my DVP!

Drewidian says:

Very nice. A great example of how powerful Metro can be implemented. Cheers!

ShortStuff says:

Omg yay my first comment finally on this awesome app. Great job jay ^_^

PrivateJoker says:

Very fluid, good overview - really awesome job!

MrMetalist says:

Really awesome update. Absolutely love it. Thanks very much for great job.

Sugarnotch says:

Awesome redesign looks way better now, raised bar for WP news apps again!!

TYTY805 says:

Awesome app! I love 2.0, cant wait to see what you guys bring to it in the future. Posting from my HD7!

puredrive07 says:

Looks great! Good job!

Michaelkett says:

Awesome app. At the top of my home screen.

bforster says:

Awesome app. Love the new updates!

Dagolara says:

Okay this is odd.  If I use my Quantum's physical keyboard the inputted text is invisible but works fine via the virtual keyboard.  Furthermore if I copy/paste from portrait into a landscaped field, I can type normally until it reaches the next line then it is invisible  again.

Will make a note of this, thanks.

mjrtoo says:

For reference, this does not happen on my quantum, it works fine on the physical keyboard.

Dagolara says:

weird I'll try a soft reboot and see if that changes anything when I get a chance

selfcreation says:

if im not on the Site on my PC.. im in the APP in my cell phone LOL ... WPCENTRAL is my second home!! lol

threedog says:

Haha so true! :D

welsbloke says:

Do we know if forums are the roadmap?

Yes, forums are a plan for the app. It's a big task though we do want to do it.

harchestr says:

GreatGreat freaking app... This should be the prime example on how a app should be done using metro

Nice work, some swish transitions to boot

Nice work, some swish transitions to boot

eroldevon says:

Very good (and needed) Update. Thanks!

mjrtoo says:

Nice, really like the changes so far!

foosball says:

Speed improvements are a huge bonus to everything else. Beautiful job improving this app gentlemen.

ioannisgk says:

there is a all bug, i can not see what i am writing on my screen for the first few seconds. excellent app. the live tile customization is the best thing and i think it is overlooked by many developers. live tile customization os a MUST!

dlrohm says:

Works great if your password isn't too strong. The app won't login if you have a strong password (special chars). Just an FYI...

FFugue says:

AWESOME!!! The only thing missing now is the ability to zoom an image by clicking on it directly in the article without having to go to More/Pictures.

But other than that, I'm in love with the update!!! Thanks guys!!!!

threedog says:

I second this suggestion

hauz_20 says:

This is what the app has been missing. Great!

MannLou says:

Love it so far!

thenet says:

Nice app but it should be free. I can always access the site using my WP 7.5 is 9 web browser:)

thenet says:

I already have. :-P

ioannisgk says:

Then dont bother. If you like the app, pay the developer. It's not a free world out there, mate.

thenet says:

yes it should be free. It just a waste of time has I seen many free apps already that shows WP central info. So yes it is a free world :-P also only thing good about app is how nice it looks. Nice looking app don't make the consumer buy it. Build an app that will be helpful & useful for the consumer. Than that will be a buyers app that not free. You just don't know the web business.

PhilR8 says:

You, sir, are wrong.  Good day.

TheDarKnight says:

I Agree, 99 cents wont break the budget

scdkad says:

Do you work for nothing? Didn't think so...
Anybody as smart as you can use the website but the app is a totaly different experience. Get it?

This app has two versions. Free and paid. I think that there are about 20,000 downloads so far, and even if somehow only 10% of downloads were for the paid version, I'd say the app could be considered well-received. I feel that even the first public version of the app was easily worth paying the asking price, which I feel most people opted for. Many updates later, including this major overall, I wouldn't hesitate to pay for it a second time.
The development team created a great product that I am willing to pay for. Seems like pretty simple economics to me.

CJ Thunder says:

What gives WPC more money, ads over years or a USD now? (serious question FYI) PS: would love a way to get notifications regarding comments.

Jay Bennett says:

To answer this, I receive money only from app revenue, not from WPC themselves. Believe me the AdDuplex revenue is unfortunately pittance, realistic revenue comes from app sales. I really don't feel like £0.79 is asking too much for the app and I promise to continue supporting it, hopefully that's been recognised by 99% of our community

rikkit says:

Surely that's an argument for paying for the app? It's an extra service. And, there's a free trial version anyway so you've got nothing to complain about.

thenet says:

Yes I know there's a free trial has mostly all WP apps offer free trial. No need try it if you can get same info from other free apps. People here just like how it's designed but will not purchase it. It's up to consumer.

Its 99 cents for Pete's sake and there is a free ad version!

Ninja1043 says:

If it isn't such a big deal as you make it out to be, why complain?.

Have fun using IE9, It works pretty well btw. And I'm happy it works for you. You know what works for me though? An App WPCentral has decided to provide at the low price of $0.99 cents. It has everything I need and more.

Now that I think about it, won't you agree that it's nice we are both able to share our opinions? Good day sir, and hope whichever method you choose to get your WP fix does the job for you, to your needs.

thirdday2002 says:

I gladly paid for the app when it was first released. I use wpcentral as my source for all of my WP news. I consider that information to be very valuable. From my perspective I think that these guys probably like to eat, and I find value in their research, so who am to NOT pony up NINETY NINE CENTS for the cause! Come on people, if you don't want to pay, don't! Stop your belly aching and keep watching those ads! Sent from my Focus v1.3 on a paid v2.0 fantastic app!

MrMetalist says:

There's nothing free in this world. 99cents isn't that much I paid for it. And that's how I'm showing my support for those guys. Plus you get more then just info from WPCentral. Love app and love new update. Keep up great work.

al5783 says:

Very cool you guys! Comments! Finally!

cannon#WP says:

Great job on the redesign. It's a shame that big companies, like TripAdvisor, can't do anything as sexy as this.

threedog says:

Reminds me why WP app design is the best ;)

goldenpipes says:

Great update look at how many more comments there are now lol.

sfleuriet says:

Looking great! Typing this from the app now.

Sieber101 says:

Especially with the metro indented and shaded replies! (and ability to cancel replies) ;)

jchapman01 says:

I love this app! I'm on wpcentral every day checking what's new and this makes it so much easier. Thanks for adding the comment feature!

fpostrow says:

Finally ..... comments. Now get back to work on 3.0!

topleya says:

Amazing work jay.

MoJo_Jo_Jo says:

Great improvements...i love it!! Gives me everything I want in this update..ESPECIALLY THIS COMMENTING ABILITY...!!! Good job guys...

big dooze says:

Looks much better!

TheRealSel says:

The app has reached its perfection

Vallos says:

As I mentioned in the forums, a refresh button in the comments section would be great so as not to exit the section to come back in to see new replies.

graciaman says:

This is wonderful, the only issue I am having is that the custom style for the live tile isn't updating for me. It is staying at the default.

The app is my most used app, great job! One suggestion: I think it would be better if the refresh and settings buttons were in the bottom tray. My only complaint :)

blackprince says:

Comments and a great nee look. Jay deserves an A+

This app is fantastic! Thank you so much.

Antwan3k says:

My first comment via the app!!.. :-)

Chris Coyle says:

Great update thanks for the comments replies and customized tiles. Forget the freeloaders...you got my 99 cents. Forums next update please!

amieldl says:

Awesome app.. I'm in love. So fluid and fast=)

TheDarKnight says:

First comment from the app!!
Great job guys! Love the new look, the tile customization is a great feature (besides the posts comments :P), and finally the wallpapers are really impressive. Looking forward for future updates.

jubbing says:

Loving it! Excellent work Jay!

PhilR8 says:

App looks great, LOVE the updated Live Tile.  Good job, guys.

Yes I agree, we can comment now=)

Odd-i-See says:

Great update!

banghaymo says:

Totally in love with it.. I mentioned in the marketplace review one feature that could be added and I just want to highlight it again: could we have a next article button so we can skip to the next story without having to press the back button and selecting the next article. It would definetly streamline things:]

Will definitely consider it!

banghaymo says:

Awesome! Great work! Thx

Jay Bennett says:

This will probably happen somewhere in version 2's life :)

Ivan006 says:

No way. There's too many apps like that. Maybe if they make that look an option, then that would be great.

chatafrata says:

Commenting from the phone = awsome

letsgojets15 says:

I think we're going to see a huge increase in comments on this site now... Sweet!!!

Been a fan since I got a WP7. Keep up the good work guys.

snowmutt says:

I bought it sight unseen. I love me some WP. As a matter of a fact, it was my first purchase with my 25$ ap card from buying my "S"! :-)
I was disappointed to see no forums support, but I can keep my internet shortcut for that. Glad to see from an earlier response it is coming!

JudgeAsh says:

Brilliant app!

Renigade16 says:

2.0 = Amazing. Great work WPC crew

grandarkanum says:

Is anybody else's live tile not updating???? :(

teaMJPx says:

V2 of your app is awe-freakin-some! Since u already have wallpapers built in, why not a little ringtone love? Just asking but this app is great... And for those that got the issue of the .99 cents... That's just petty my people! Support your devs! GREAT JOB ON A GREAT APP JAY!

We'll look into it, we just have to be careful with copyrights. Maybe we'll have a contest...hmm.

kg4icg says:

Got it, love it

Residing says:

This app looks fantastic!  Definitely on my 'to purchase' list once I get a Nokia WP device. 
Really, really impressive.

Saljen says:

Thanks for the app update!! Love the work, keep it up :-D

London Jr says:

wow, never seen so many comments on one article, the people are loving this, they're like ants to us D. Rubino...

Saljen says:

Lol, I use a custom color via homebrew for my tiles (a nice solid blue) but your app doesn't recognize that color, it instead makes all the tiles in the app PINK!! Of all the colors it could have picked to replace my nice blue with, it chooses PINK! Other than that though, excelent app update, keep up the great work! :)

Certainly an unintended consequence, we'll make a note of that for v2.1 ;-)

blends says:

A great app just got better! Nice job.

emzz says:

Using the new app looks woooow yummy

Ahhh conmentinggg :)

stevethenerd says:

Once again Jay has produced another very amazing app. Love the changes, and the comments! Keep up the good work. (I was surprised I didn't have to re-purchase.)

hal7eight says:

New app is the bomb!!!.. Got a 5 rating from me.

loving this (am commenting from the app now)!

only complaint is that the customized live tile with large number count on the front looks weird.. pinned next to my messages the numbers look bigger and thinner..? is there a limitation preventing 3rd party apps from matching the system tiles or something...?

AkAdam says:

New update to the App is amazing! Thanks so much Jay!

jayabarker says:

Liking the new layout and ability to comment. Good work

wideawakezzz says:

Fantastic update. So funny, just look how many comments! Love it.

toothy#WN says:

Really great. Good job guys.

dacoons says:

This app is awesome! Kudos to the devoted developers

Hampus says:

Amazing! This must be one of the better apps on the Windows Phone Market!

jtshorns says:

Top notch Jay.....bravo!!!

GhostITMG says:

Nice work Jay. This is just awesome.

Verkunder says:

Obligatory in app comment!

GhostITMG says:

Nice work Jay! This is awesome!

black_lion says:

Haha. This is the most comments I've seen on any article. I guess everyone is taking advantage of the new features.
I love the update guys! I paid for it as soon as I found out your site had an app long ago. And I haven't regretted it. :)

duanewoods says:

This app is great

Oli Gill says:

Loving the changes, by far the best community app out there

KFBradley says:

The keyboard blocks the log in button, and when I go to type a comment, the keyboard blocks half of the text box until I scroll ot manually.

Yeah, we'l ltry to fix that for v2.1 which will be out soon (quick bug fix edition).

This app is just beautiful....i love the changes

argenys says:

Nice improvements

lumpbuzzcut says:

Love it. Keep up the good work.

WRider says:

Great update. Looking forward to more great features.

Bigsro says:

Loving this app! Great work! ;-)

joecatskill says:

It was fun testing it too. I'll be happy to beta 2.2 if you need me!

oyab says:

love the way the app looks and feel. Its a little laggy on the Arrive. I love it though...

simsayz says:

Enjoying the update...most excellent :-)

mab664 says:

Testing, testing..

xXx9ryan9xXx says:

Really loving it!

kingll says:

Great design changes

peacock93 says:

Love the app and the podcast! Keep it up!!

iamoniwaban says:

Awesome. Just wanted commenting ability!!

brianppetty says:

Amazing update to the app! Keep up the great work guys!

EAA575 says:

Yes!! I mostly use my phone so this is great! :D

Awesome work guys!

dyablospyder says:

A great improvement. Loving it!

Amazing job! Everything looks sleek and fast! Thank you Jay and co. :D

TheDoros says:

Absolutely amazing great job guys.

N@vX says:

Wow looks and works great thx Jay.

jkercado says:

Wow, this is pretty awesome. Thanks, guys! :-)

Munkeyphyst says:

Great app just made better. I paid for the app to get the direct link to app downloads working. Worth .99 for the convenience. Nice wallpapers, customizable live tile, AND comments too... well done.

Ivan006 says:

This is so nice to finally comment from my phone. Thanks for your hard work Jay. ;-)

CarlosTSG says:

Another satisfied customer, this is a lot slicker, thanks wpcentral :P

hal7eight says:

This update is the bomb!!! 5 star rating given.

nizzon says:

This is just awesome, instant buy :)

malachijd says:

I've been checking my phone for this update for 2 weeks

chadbr says:

New version is sweet. Good work.

hal7eight says:

This app is the bomb!!! 5 star rating!!!

brmiller1976 says:

Congratulations on an app well done. This is the best web site publication app I have used on any platform, and i have used dozens of them in all the major ones.

Lucas says:

Great job wpcentral team! Been a beta tester, love the v2 a lot!

Very nice. Thanks for the update.

aubreyq says:

I love this new version! Posting from it ;-)

cpandafeng says:

Awesome job. One of the best apps in the marketplace!

pointblank25 says:

Excellent update. Love the new look and options. Nice job!

verynuclear says:

It is unbelievable
Great app

I absolutely love this app!!! Though, landscape mode isn't working all that well. Especially with my slide out keyboard on my LG Quantum.

MangoGuy says:

Working like a dream!

verynuclear says:

It is unbelievable
Great app

Commenting from Australia.....sweet update!

mkashman says:

Liking the new app so far. You guys walk the walk and code the code.

smontoya2 says:

Awesome update! Good job!

DavidinCT says:

Nice update I'm typing this from it !!


You guys have really stepped up the game. You took my favorite app and made it better..thanks for all the hard work!

Love the new update. Is awesome. Thanks! :)

Love the new update

This is a great update.. Making the more intuitive. Keep it up.

WPSteve says:

I registered with the site just to use the new features!

Daakkon says:

Awesome update!! Thank you guys for the continued support. Paid version hd7 here.