Sky releases Go app for Windows Phone in Italy

Sky Go Italy

Sky Italy has just release an official Go app for Windows Phone. For those who aren't familiar with Sky Go, it's the broadcaster's streaming and on-demand service, available to subscribed customers. With the app installed, you're able to take your favourite shows with you when out and about.

We previously covered the Italian branch of Sky looking to release an official Sky Go app for Windows Phone last month, and Plaffo stated that we would be seeing a December release - and here it is.

Sky Go Italy

The app itself is pretty neat and gets the job done. Not only that, but you're able to stream on mobile connections as well as Wi-Fi. There's the option to set reminders for when your selected programs are about to kick off and to set up parental control to restrict what the little ones can watch.

You can download Sky Go from the Windows Phone Store. Note that this app is for Windows Phone 8, Italy only and you'll need an active Sky subscription. via: Plaffo

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DreadVenom says:

Very good looking app. Seems very quick and responsive. I tried to plug my UK sky details into it buy unfortunately its a no go. Must have some form of localised authentication built-in.

Ippolo says:

Works very fine. The authentication is based on sky go database, so they now who is enabled to access the online tv. Very happy of the amazing speed at which WP is growing lately.

DreadVenom says:

That's strange as my partner has the skygo app on her iphone and that works fine, i must be missing something. Ill try again.

adrian1338 says:

Two completely different sky companies. Also sky uk is only allowed in uk and sky Germany in Germany. Try the,italien homepage for streaming ..will not work for you either

Ryan Spooner says:

Yes, you missed the part that said this was for Italy only. Your UK Sky details wont work with this app.

jml3_uk says:

Hopefully UK sooner than later. Perhaps Italy is the test bed for the app? L820, UK

elyl says:

Well, I know they test new satellite encryption and viewing cards and stuff in Italy before launching in the UK.  It makes sense to iron problems out on the smaller market before launching it here.

Naaah... You Brits aren't as eager and impatient as the Italians!!!

According to Sky's forums and twitter they aren't making one.

venetasoft says:

Italy has the best WP market share of the world (more that iOS).
Italians do it better :)

NIST says:

Not to be confused with their Sky Driving app.

weedog1889 says:

Cmon get this a uk release, so i can boast to my shitephone friends we have apps just as good

yosagojimbo says:

We need this in the UK, it must be easy for Sky to localise it for different regions now

danielgray says:

Need a Foxtel app too in Australia. As it is part owned by Murdoch, you would think they can share the code.

kinaton says:

They don't even support android fully.

sejgiul says:

All they have to do is translate it... Idiots, they're missing out on a lot of money here!

Got excited...then saw 'Italy', lol!

Ippolo says:

Maybe the first thing ever italians have been first on! ahaah...ps i'm italian!

venetasoft says:

We are first on electing idiots to govern us too ;)

I'm with you my friend, just yesterday I tought: "for the first time we have something the other don't have ;)"

Anyway nice app, very happy, just missed the ondemand stuff

waqas raja says:

Doesn't work in uk. Tried to login but failed need sky go uk app....

Ryan Spooner says:

Of course it doesn't work in the uk, as the article clearly stated.

kinaton says:

Sky Go UK will be with us soon enough ;)

KKRLessey says:

UK version please come quick!!

aerosmillie says:

This NEEDS to be made available in the UK

Read the comments and the link to the forum piece. No UK Sky app planned. Sheer shortsightedness.
Forum link

kinaton says:

Skyhelpteam have no idea what is being beta tested, and sadly those who are testing any products for sky gave to sign confidentiality papers

I seem to remember an article a few months back which stated that Italy is the fastest growing windows phone market in Europe, outstripping iPhone and android by up to 12% quarter on quarter. I'd imagine this is the reason that sky has launched the skygo app there first; the audience is big enough to warrant the investment. It would be nice to see some updated global phone sales info to see if wp is still building momentum in the rest of the world.