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SkyDrive for Windows Phone gets bug fixes in latest update


As if we needed any more updates for app on Windows Phone this week, SkyDrive too has received a minor bump today to fix some bugs. Version is now live in the Store and although your Store notification may not show it, you can go and grab the update by following the link below.

The official SkyDrive app for Windows Phone helps users manage their SkyDrive and mirrors the Windows 8 version of the app nicely, giving users plenty of control over their storage and the ability to share links easily. While this update doesn't bring any new features or UI changes, hopefully if you have had any odd behaviors in the past they'll be fixed with this update.

Download SkyDrive for Windows Phone here in the Store.

QR: SkyDrive


Reader comments

SkyDrive for Windows Phone gets bug fixes in latest update


If you click manage storage from the web you can buy an additional 20GB for only $10/year. That's one way, the other way is to buy Office 365 Home Premium ($100/year includes 5 Office installs, 20GB of SkyDrive storage and 60 minutes a month of Skype minutes at no charge.

This is simply the most used software/ service to which I've ever installed/ subscribed. If they would up the quantity of additional storage I could pay for substantially that would be great. Yey for updates and platform extension.

Agree with cellus and ray, 25GB is nice for free, and auto backups of phone and pics/videos, also sharing photo albums on my blogs posts, its an excellent service.

Those who had a live account before SkyDrive got 25gb free when SkyDrive was launched. After it became popular Microsoft lowered the free storage to 7gb but those who already had the 25gb before could upgrade back up to 25gb for free for a limited time. At least that's how I remember it.

Yup, this is correct. Those who started out with the 25gb plan were given the option to be grandfathered in.

I for one am sick of news updates saying an app has bug fixes with no change log. This is really not news.

The lack of info is frustrating, I agree. But it's news to us because we all know the Store doesn't immediately let us know of an app update. Thank WPC for that!

I know this is off topic, but is there any good write up on how Skydrive works on W8.1. I can't tell if/when it syncs to my PC keeping a local copy, and the desktop app was removed when I installed 8.1

time to get used to that..
developers now regard wp7 as a dead platform (it is, actually) and hence a waste of time..
MS should've done something for easy back-porting of apps from wp8 to wp7..
but that didn't happen, and it never will..
so just wait till your time with your phone gets over, and upgrade to wp8 or switch to android where most apps support android 2.2 and above, provided the hardware is decent enough..or an iphone..or blackberry..or anything else..
wp7 is dead..
and yes i too own a lumia 710 which is barely an year old as of now..
and people with cheaper phones than mine get better app support..(both android and wp8)..and it is annoying..but i can't help it..

Developers consider WP7 dead? Hmm, my Marketplace tile indicates otherwise. I have 25 updates waiting for me to install on my WP7.5 HD7. Half of those appeared within the last two weeks. And I still run across brand new apps now and then. I'd probably find more, but I'm not the app-fiend I used to be, given that my 16GB of storage is nearly full.

Pratham - Your comment has nothing to do with Dionigi13's comment - the point was is that the article did not mention that it was for WP8 only.  There are two versions of this app, and the courtesy that editors could at least do is advise which version the update pertains to in their articles, so as to save other version users the time of having to go check the store.

I hope it addresses the Other Storage Folder bug. I downloaded and installed it and the "Store on Phone" buttons are not greyed out. Still not a fully baked update.... expect more to come :(

2 SkyDrive biggest bugs:
1. Fast resuming back from any other app, picture we were browing are turing black, said: "please check your network connection"
2. Hit back button after viewing a photo, photo list view position will be reset to from the first photo again.

Dumb question but how long has there been an XBox Video folder in Skydrive? It's not a daily use app for me so when I updated my 8X and saw it I thought it came with this update but then I checked my RT and it's there too. None of my videos are there however. Feel free to ridicule me if this folder has been there forever

This sounds like a new feature to me. I know at the Xbox One announcement they talked about having the ability to save and share replays and videos, I wonder if this is how it'll be done.

If you click manage storage from the web you can buy an additional 20GB for only $10/year. That's one way, the other way is to buy Office 365 Home Premium ($100/year includes 5 Office installs, 20GB of SkyDrive storage and 60 minutes a month of Skype minutes at no charge.

Installed. Looking forward to 8.1 and integrated SkyDrive on my rt. :):):):):). just need to wait on my device coming back.

accessing SkyDrive documents through office takes for ever, do others see same issue ? i have 2 SkyDrive accounts, i use app to access one account & office to access another account. SkyDrive on Web/IE on phone refreshes faster.

I followed the link to get the updates but it doesn't say anything about an update....just that it is in my at 7.8 would that make a difference?