Skyfire retiring Windows Mobile and Symbian products

This past summer we reported that Skyfire would begin scaling back operations and development on Windows Mobile and Symbian products. While development stopped on this popular mobile web browser, the company continued to offer support for their products in select countries.

Skyfire has now announced a complete phase out of their Legacy 1.0 products for Windows Mobile and Symbian effective December 31, 2010. Skyfire products will no longer be available or supported for Windows Phones.

In the press release, Skyfire's CEO Jeff Glueck stated,

"We do expect to bring Skyfire 2.0 to additional platforms, and have begun discussions with some carriers and OEMs to decide which will be our next OS. Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 and Nokia’s MeeGo platform are both shaping up as platforms with a lot of potential and the recent launch of the new Blackberry OS 6 with a WebKit browser core makes for interesting potential for a future release of Skyfire 2.0."

While Skyfire will quickly become a thing of the past with Windows Mobile, we may see it as a part of Windows Phone 7 in the future.

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federaly says:

Skyfire. I used it then moved on to Opera Mobile(WinMo6.5).

GP07 says:

Skyfire by it's very nature shouldn't be hard to do for WP7 since it's not really a full browser, just a front end to the server which does all the work. It should also be able to make it into the WP7 marketplace without any delay or moaning from MS's side but I could be wrong, only time will tell.

mtbmdk says:

Dec 31? I tried opening Skyfire and got the notice with an exit button at the bottom. The only thing I can do is open the app, read the message and close the app. Looks like support has already ended. which is too bad It was the only way I had to watch imbeded videos over the internet.