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SkyManager gets updated to version 1.2

SkyManager for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone app SkyManager from JDB Pocketware is a nice alternative to access your SkyDrive account. It was temporarily pulled from the Marketplace a short time ago due to logo issues but is back and was recently updated to version 1.2.  The v1.2 update comes just a few days after seeing the version 1.1 update being pushed out that added a good bit of functionality to SkyManager.

SkyManager lays your SkyDrive contents out in either tile fashion or a list view. SkyManager allows you to create and edit folders, upload/download content, and browse your shared folders. Your image uploads can be custom set to reduce resolution (width) or max it out at 2048 pixels. Additional features for SkyManager includes:

  • Support for ZIP files, Support for video files
  • Sharing folders via email, SMS or posting on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Live or LinkedIn)
  • Multi-user/Multi-account support.

We've tinkered with SkyManager for some time now and find it to be a simple, yet feature rich alternative to the Microsoft SkyDrive app. There are two versions available for SkyManager over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.


There is a free version that is ad supported and has some limited functionality (can't pin folders to Start Screen, no photo editing tools, no multiple account support, and no shortened URLs). The full version of SkyManager is ad free and will cost you $2.99.

You can find SkyManager free here and SkyManager full here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: SkyManager Free               QR: SkyManager Free



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thenet says:

Nice metro style look but I prefer to use SkyDrive app which also works great.

ChrisK91 says:

meh... I'm still looking for an easy way to access my windows live groups documents...

siddharaj says:

Anybody can tell me plzz wer can i buy best skins for samsung omnia w

kidjenius says:

ask that question in the forums dude

EyoSama says:

Sky Manager does not allow me to do anything with the pictures on my phone. In settings I can only choose between Sample Folder and Favorites Folder. It does not show the Camera Roll or Saved Images folders. In fact, it appears the Sample pictures that come with the phone are recognized as representing the Camera Roll. I purchased the full version and can't use it. I contacted the company that makes but they have not responded at all. In short, I'm quite disappointed.

EyoSama says:

Meant to say that the sample pictures are the only ones that I can upload to Sky.

jandieg.b says:

Great app. Has some more functionallity than the official, ie ZIP support, pin to start any folder, share with shortened urls, multi-select to upload, multi accounts...