Skype version 1.2 released with improvements and a few fixes in tow

Skype for Windows Phone updated

An update for the Skype has been released taking the Windows Phone app to version 1.2. The update fixes a handful of issues with the previous version and adds the following improvements.

  • All phonebook contacts with at least one number are shown in Skype contact list.
  • Ability to edit phone number in dial-pad before calling.

The update fixes cover issues involving calendar notifications ending Skype calls and instant messaging crashing the app. There still remains issues such as the app requiring a minimum of 512mb of memory on your Windows Phone, no Bluetooth support for audio or video calls, and answering an incoming call will end your Skype call.

The updated version hasn't appeared on the Marketplace just yet and we don't know if the Skype app was released for Marketplace certification or released from Marketplace certification. If the app has cleared certification, look for the update to be pushed out shortly. Otherwise, we're still looking at a few days, barring any issues with the certification process, until we see the v1.2 update.

In the meantime, you can find Skype for Windows Phone here at the Marketplace. It is a free app for your Windows Phone.

Source: Skype Blog; Thanks, Jay, for the tip!

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kenzibit says:

Little by little the Skype app is gaining momentum.

XboxOmac says:

I agree. They're planning to also remake the Skype infrastructure if I'm not mistaken.

Deejay Ron says:

Still waiting on call notifications!

alexplayer says:

O believe I read in another article,that call notifications for Skype on wp7 is technically impossible due to the way the phone functions and during testing they found it to be too slow, so don't hold your breath on that one. Though I do hope I am mistaken :P

Giddora says:

Nah, it has more to do with the p2p nature of Skype. WP can't hold p2p-connections yet which is why other IM-programs can show these notifications and not Skype.

They're working on both the backend and on WP to support it though.

timwp12 says:

Can't wait when Skype be integrated to wp 8. Sprint says will have an wp 8 phone by fall. Enjoying my unlimited data.

Im_On_One says:

At dialup speeds

Bushybro says:

Ohhhhh snap!! LOL

tbonenga says:

Sprint had pretty fast speed when I had them a while back.

oldpueblo says:

I dont' use Skype but isn't part of Skype just chatting like messenger?  And does Skype chat run in the background on WP7?  If not why can't it if so many other messengers can?  The same reason it can't receive phone calls?  What if MS re-tooled just the chat portion so that it could always be running, and then you could ping people on chat and say I want to call you?  Seems a pretty easy workaround.
Yes I'm making a lot of assumptions and not talking from any kind of experience, just a curiousity question.

mcmaui says:

The reason Skype behaves on WP like it does lies in the Skype infrastructure which is based on Peer2Peer-communication, meaning that a constant connection is necessary because there is no central server to "push" information like there is on WhatsApp and the like. Therefore if the rumors are right, MS will change the infrastructure so that notification can be pushed through a central server. Think of it like that: If you use Skype on PC and you chat with another user on a PC, it will still be P2P, but mobile devices will get a central server to connect to. P2P is the reason why Skype is not working in the backgroud with the multitasking restrictions of WP or you could say that it's not working on WP and sucking dry batteries on other OS.

schlubadub says:

I use Skype ONLY for chat, and no it doesn't stay in the background either. Yes, you can just SMS someone to tell them to get on Skype... But if you don't leave the app active you'll appear offline.

touchpad4760 says:

What do folks have for the current one?   I have
Would be nice to see who's online in your Contacts list.
And I was unable in my one attempt to get video to work w/ a PC-based user.
The full integration we all want won't be coming in 7.5, I'm sure.

mcmaui says:

You CAN see whos online in your contact list, although it's tricky to find.
Under the "Contacts" Tab , theres a rather small text saying "all", tap on it and you will be able to cange it to "online".

touchpad4760 says:

Thank you!!  I didn't latch onto that as a clickable item! 

timwp12 says:

Just updated my skype

It doesn't show the update on my ATT Lumia. :-(

Still doesn't show. -_-

dvorak123 says:

Not showing on Focus S

PJ McPhizzle says:

It is nice to see this updated, but id rather see it integrated (if mango phones can be updated that is).

I understand the limitations with not getting getting calls or messages unless the app is running in the foreground... And I can accept them for now.

What I can't accept is not having basic features like sorting the contact list by online/offline, or even being able to see who is online at a glance without tapping their name first. C'mon guys, this is basic stuff...

Umm...just tap the word "contacts" and you can choose to show only online contacts.

PJ McPhizzle says:

Thanks for that, I hadn't really poked around the app much as you can see. It would still be nice to have an option at the bottom or in the settings to sort... Like the rest of the OS and most apps I've used

No problem. I guess it's not super intuitive. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic app later this year

mccasive says:

Even with version 1.0 you could see who is online. Just beneath the Contacts heading of the app you either see phonebook or all but when you click on whichever of them is showing, all the options which include phonebook, all and online show up. Select Online and you can always see your online contacts.

annaba1 says:


Bgrubb says:

Has anyone downloaded it? Still not showing in the marketplace. Mary Jo reported it was ready earlier and it really wasn't.

elea9 says:

Why I can't update it

schlubadub says:

Hopefully the messaging fix deals with the way it syncs ALL of your chat history with a person. I really don't need to see several hundred messages when I start to talk to someone on my phone :/

camptime says:

They do say at the end it is wait to be certified.

yeahbuddy78 says:

As usual, the update isn't live in the app store.
Microsoft really needs to speed up it's updates.  They are listed here and don't go live for like another day or two.  Annoying.  At least Andorid is instant.  FB update on Android? Posted online and bam, it's there in the market.  Minor gripe, but I just don't get what takes so long.

Did you even read the article? It clearly states the update is not live yet.

yeahbuddy78 says:

I did not but given the track record of "update!" announcements on this board, they are never live, even when the article says so (see free Gleek/GMaps Pro, etc).
Just sayin'

MadSci2 says:

If I recall, part if the problem was also that Skype used 'Supernodes', basically some users are used to route others to their respective parties. Ot a bad idea when You have millions of PCs jacked in to the Internet, but a disaster for cell phone batteries and data plans. Part of MSofts overhaul will replace these with MSoft's servers.

I can wait for WinPhone 8 for MSoft to get it right. They're track record for execution has been pretty impressive of late!

Omari81 says:

Is the update out now, cuz my app store still has it at version 1.1 (tmoble hd7)

siddharaj says:

In india not showing update :-(

percistratus says:

Until when Skype will be able to run in the background on my wp7, it's pretty useless. Meego has the best implementation of Skype, and I'd like to see similar implementation on Windows Phone.

insi says:

in germany there's still ver. 1.1 in the markerplace :-/

thecember says:

Update hasn't arrived yet guys........wait for some time.....may be today or in few days.

pgoth says:

Just updated!

slkrck says:

Updated and its broken. :( #FAIL Focus -S

wsantosf says:

Skype crashes during splash screen on my nokia lumia 900 after the update. Contacted skype support and got this: phone not supported!!:
11:13:19 AM Venus N. says,

I already checked your handset.

11:13:29 AM Venus N. says,

Currently we did not support your handset.

11:13:44 AM Venus N. says,

We have tested and certified the following devices for the best performance of Skype for Windows Phone:

◦Nokia Lumia 710
◦Nokia Lumia 800
◦HTC Titan
◦HTC Radar
◦Samsung Focus S
◦Samsung Focus Flash

nicooke says:

Not available for wp8 yet!