Skype version 1.2 update now live in the Marketplace

Skype version 1.2 available

The version 1.2 update for Skype has been released from certification and is now available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Just to recap, the update fixes a handful of issues with the previous version and adds the following improvements.

  • All phonebook contacts with at least one number are shown in Skype contact list.
  • Ability to edit phone number in dial-pad before calling.

Fixes contained in the update cover issues involving calendar notifications ending Skype calls and instant messaging crashing the app. There still remains issues such as the app requiring a minimum of 512mb of memory on your Windows Phone, no Bluetooth support for audio or video calls, and answering an incoming call will end your Skype call.

If haven't seen the update pushed out to your Windows Phone, you should see the notification out shortly. If you haven't tried Skype for Windows Phone, you can find the free app  here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, jon b and dario, for the tip!

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scottaii says:

I really hope the new VoIP features promissed for wp8 come to 7.8 :(

adam9997 says:

Still no fix for HTC Trophy speaker issue. Keeping calm and waiting for fall 

OMG55 says:

Not to be rude, but what does this article have to do with the speaker on your HTC Trophy? Wouldn't this be an issue for HTC direct? Microsoft didn't manufacture the hardware or do you think it's a software problem?

adam9997 says:

The issue is with the skype app. Since beta it's been documented that it only works if your speaker is activated. Hence no privacy. Three updates and still not fixed. Yes I did report to Skype. 

stevethenerd says:

What happened to Audible that was promised during yesterdays WP announcement?

venetasoft says:

Its available, as promized

Sarang68 says:

Audible now available.

OndraSter says:

My phonebook doesn't appear to be in the Skype...

OndraSter says:

Aha! There is small "all" button above the contacts. You click it and select "phonebook". 
Well hidden! :D

Montpbm says:

What did happen to Audible, I have been looking and looking & nothing yet..

Lobbie1978 says:

Looking for Audible? Here it is folks: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/bdc813dd-c20b-41f8-8646-de72fa0b365d
Thanks to Paul Thurrot's Twitter feed! :-)

kinaton says:

Still only runs in foreground.

venetasoft says:

It is reported in the article.

wsantosf says:

Crashes on my lumia 900 after splash screen. Already reinstalled 5 times, turned phone off/on, etc.