Skype for Modern Windows brings back sign out option, adds 'invisible' status

Skype’s for modern Windows has recently been updated with a toggle for invisible mode and the ability to sign out completely.

The new features are available to anybody running Windows 8.1.It seems a little silly that there wasn’t an option to sign out before, but at least things are improving. Recently Skype’s modern version was also updated to so you can pin it to your desktop taskbar, which is great.

I’ve just recently switched from Skype desktop to modern, and it’s been doing the job just fine. What about you guys? Any features you’d like to see implemented?

To force the update, head into the Store, swipe from the right, Settings, App Updates, Check for updates. And if you haven't downloaded the Modern app for Windows 8, you can grab it here in the Store.

Source: Skype Blog



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brod56 says:

A feature I'd like to have? Screen share!

That's a long overdue feature. Always wanted that on the app version.

x I'm tc says:

Can it be done? My guess is RT doesn't have the APIs for this, but what do I know.

WP8.1 will have this feature(not in skype but in settings?), and it WP81 based on WinRT, why WinRT doesn't have this one ?

neonspark says:

yes, basically makes skype modern a non started for collaboration and business use. And if you don't have an x64 tablet, may the gods help you because you're stuck with skype modern.

Part of the reason I never used my RT tablet was because every time I had to share my screen I had to go look for my laptop and re-start the call.

Reflexx says:

Would LOVE that even if it was just a "premium" feature. Skype and Lync should merge and maintain the functionality of both.

Bloobed says:

THANK YOU! I love having the OPTION to manage my accounts.

liamog says:

Isn't the pinning to taskbar an 8.1u1 feature, I don't believe it needs a dev to enable the option

Is update 1 out? Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

When you see our post, you'll know it's out ;)

spinzeroWL says:

What is the eta on 8.1? My 1020 is developer preview enabled...really looking forward to all the improvements!
By the way, is it possible to upload files to the browser in IE11 (photos etc).

Search our site. There are a few dates floating around.

Excellent, waiting for that post, I got tired searching !!!

sarim_xyz says:

Thank you Daniel, I'm tired of checking for updates manually on my XPS. Now I can just glance at my WPC app live tile :-) WPC rocks!!!

sladyrko says:

Same here... Waiting is painful..

Carlos Mota says:

You can download the offline installer from the Microsoft kb. Check softpedia for the links

sqlchicken says:

If you have MSDN account\subscription you can get it now.

AtOmIc031 says:

Finally, I can't believe it took them so long to do this. Small thing but really worth a fortune to people with Win/RT

I don't understand why they don't include font size options...

The biggest issue is the main screen layout.  I don't want a list of recents, a list of favorites and a small list of random contacts.  I just want a full list of all my contacts, sorted by online... just  like the desktop application.

Also, when I'm chatting with someone... it really doesn't need to take up the whole freaking screen.  It should show a list of my contacts at the side.

Honestly, just the entire layout of the application is terrible.  I get frustrated every time I use it.

rockstarzzz says:

Imagine using Modern UI Skype on 30+ inches screen. Looks bull.

Yep, I know.  My monitor at home is 27".  I am positive that the Skype (interface?) developers do not use their own products.

Is voice mail in modern Skype yet?

CreepinJesus says:

The 'invisible' option has always been there, I'm pretty sure of that...

ferlemos says:

Yup! I used it very often! Since the beginning.. 

The only new thing (as you can also see from the change log) is that you can now sign in. You could always be invisible. As the Skype blog says when mention the options invisible and sign out they only say "Here are some options to manage your availability:" but the change log says "What's new: - You can now sign out of Skype."

Who knows why it was not possible to sign out before, they had the button but it only said "You're singed into Skype with your Microsoft account.

To sign in as another person on Skype you must also sign into Windows with another Microsoft account..."

realdstar says:

And what about some File Transfer?

What about it? My guess is this: they'll roll out new features in future updates when they're ready. Nothing more to say on the matter, really.

realdstar says:

This feature should be included in first release of ModernUI version of Skype, long time missing..

adrian1338 says:

it is there. Use the plus in a conversation,and,send file

neonspark says:

why would you need to file transfer. it isn't as if basic chat programs could do this in the 90s.

realdstar says:

Generally, missing file transfer is not a big deal. But sometimes someone send you a picture over Skype for desktop, and you like: "Oops, sorry man! WinRT, you know..". Sad moments for me ;(

Raesu says:

Skype is terrible. I still can't manage my Skype profile, account balance, and view friends profiles without being booted to IE? No screen share or group calling? Lets do a kick starter for Microsoft's second Windows Skype dev.

Andr3sfc says:

The "modern" Skype looks more like a throwback than anything else.

neonspark says:

YES!. MSFT ridiculous policy of fixing your skype to your live sign in was completely bogus and unjustified. Part of their "War on Users" ® policy. I'm glad things are turning back. 


oh crap it is just a sign out  screen but you can only sign in as you. pffffff OMG MSFT. OMG. Stop being so darn stubborn and let me do what your desktop app does: sign is as anybody I want without unecessary linkage to the live ID.

War on Users" ®  continues....

rockstarzzz says:

You could have just done a screenshot using "Printscreen" rather than this ugly photo in article taken by a phone. No?

Flavio76 says:

I have to open it manualy when I turn on my surface sometimes, otherwise I hear my phone ringing and no message arrives at the surface

Richard_Indy says:

I want to see Skype completely close if I sign out, not just minimize to the start bar. I hate having to close it 5 ways to Sunday to actually make it go away.

AlexC00L says:

The end of desktop app  and the era off modern app

Not. Even. Close. :P

Nimdock says:

Still prefer the desktop app. I prefer to decide how big a window is. Snapping somewhat helps but is nowhere close to having complete control.

Mark Richey says:

Signing out us not the problem... I need to sign in with other accounts. They all predate my MS account. I NEED this!!!

Nimdock says:

Hahahaha, wait... So they allow you to sign out but not to use another account?



cardingtr says:

There is still no way to completely cancel your Skype account?

Laura Knotek says:

Does Modern Skype sync with Windows Phone Skype finally? My issue with Modern Skype is that it never stops showing notifications, even if I've checked those notifications on my phone.

No, not yet.  It is being worked on, though.

md_minhaj says:

Smh.. Shortcomings are addressed as updates. Same applies to windows phone too.

"Sign out" Bullshit!

Still can't really sign out, only can sign in as you.

Same shit, if I have two Skype accounts, I have to create another Windows account to use this Skype Modern.

Zarnywoop says:

Yeah, this is why Skype is crap.   I do not want to have to log out of my Windows account and log in as another "user" just to use a different skype account.  I currently get around this by having my desktop app logged in as one (work), and then using the metro app as my personal, but this is less than ideal esp on my Surface RT.

Like all those games/publishers that make you merge accounts that never work correctly, its probably because they wanted everyone to tie their skype ids to their microsoft account.

So, how about dem msg sync? I stopped using modern skype cause of delay it had recieving messages

Darkgift says:

Something all Skype apps need, whether its the desktop app, modern app, or phone app is the ability to manage/merge duplicate contacts. Its something I'm surprised hasn't happened yet, especially since Live Msgr had that ability, and Outlook.com has it (and they all draw from the same list). I don't get why they're merged on Outlook.com, but show up separate in Skype. Hell...I'll even settle for being able to do it on Skype.com. Frustrating.

rahul.sharma says:

May be not possible from modern app at all, not related to RT only. Modern apps have no way to get out of their app context or app window... But may be Win8.1U1 that brings dockable apps can do it.

I wish you wouldn't indulge Microsoft's monumentally stupid naming/terminology choices by using the term "modern" to describe the Windows RT (a marginally less stupid name) version of Skype.

caresrg says:

I'd like multi-person video calls and screen sharing.

fahad kazi says:

I am always facing downloading in background with Windows 8 apps or any other tasks. For example I am watching a video on video player when I switch to some other app it throws me back to arrive the main view.