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Skype update

Skype for Windows 8.1 lets users edit messages

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Skype group sharing is now free

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Microsoft discontinues Skype for Windows Phone 7

Skype update

Skype for Windows Phone finally gets photo sharing


Skype adds free group calling support for Windows 8.1 Modern app


Skype is changing the way it charges VAT to EU customers


Skype for Windows Phone updated with Cortana support


Microsoft goes all in for Bonnaroo music festival, will stream live to Xbox


Real-time speech translation coming to Skype later this year, shown in video


Latest Skype for Xbox One update adds Snap support for video calls

Windows 8 Apps+Games

Skype and Bing apps updated for Windows 8.1, Skype now syncs favorites across devices


New Skype app headed to Windows Phone, Facebook getting a big update in June


Microsoft adds new perks to Skype Premium accounts


Skype group video calling goes free on Mac, Windows and Xbox One

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Skype for Modern Windows brings back sign out option, adds 'invisible' status


Skype reveals new features in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 apps

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Microsoft is making changes to messaging; this is your last chance to save your chat history


Skype updated for the Xbox One, brings improved chat experience and more

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Skype for Windows Phone receives minor update

Skype 8.1 Update

Skype has received some love since the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers was released. Microsoft unveiled some handy new features to come and today we noticed an update available for the Windows Phone client. Unfortunately, it's not a major release and we're looking at only general improvements and bug fixing, but it's a bump in versions nonetheless.

That small change log is pulled from the store listing, which now shows version Let us know in the comments should you spot anything new in this latest release.

You can download Skype from the Windows Phone Store. Cheers, Nino, for the tip!

QR: Skype



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At least now when some one calls,it rings :D

kenzibit says:

Are u guys using the automatic app update feature?

msualum says:

Yeah - the default was set to update automatically and to update only on WiFi. Changed the WiFi part - LTE is faster then my WiFi

I have set mine to update via WiFi only. Don't want to use up my data updating apps - even though I get faster speeds Visa lte

Via LTE ? Are you in India ? Which city ? I haven't heard any carrier offering LTE here..

Asceish says:

Airtel LTE available in Kolkata and Bangalore... Though not much speedier than 3.9G

slyronit says:

Which Nokia handset supports LTE in India? I don't think any Nokia handset supports Indian LTE bands yet.

lonerider_wp says:

Lumia 625 does. Ignorant much?

Ignorant, indeed, as he was asking what Nokias supported Indian LTE bands. You, however, are just an ass for replying like that.

Yup. I have a cousin who is using LTE in Kolkata. He gets speeds of about 10mbps

Ticomfreak says:

Is it faster than 6.9G?!?!?


No, I live in London. I get average speeds of 6mbps over LTE and average speeds of 5mbps via broadband. So my data is actually faster. However have a 5gb limit over data. Broadband is unlimited

Yes once a day I go to history to check which apps were updated. The curiosity in me needs to do that. :D

wps81 says:

better it can send notice of list of updated apps in notice centre. But I disable auto update across devices and Win 8 PC cos I don't like to be f***ed quietly.

kenzibit says:

Just wondering but does it drink a lot of battery juice? Have all my stuffs running normal cuz I hate disabling in favor of battery life. Wouldn't be a smart phone will it?

riteshpande says:

Is there any way to change voip client viber instead of skypein wp 8.1? my friends prefer viber and i too feel viber far better than skype

Soypan says:

Just download it from the store and use it

gamato says:

I prefer to decide myself when to update. Usually I skip x.0.0 versions. :-) Besides that I like to check what changed.

ilektrolo says:

Live tile should be updated to the be background standards

I think they must give us the option (like 6tag). Chose between "official" colour app (in this case, blue) or our WP theme accent (or background)

jonatsh says:

Really? I didn't know that :D Thanks for the tip!

DaSchnee says:

All MS apps should be. The ugly red news tile backside, the green music and games tiles are ruining my start screen.

Markp74 says:

These should all have been updated for the developer preview release, they dropped the ball on this.

kwajr says:

Right for the preview version get real

ilektrolo says:

Totally agree with all of you

jargonz says:

I agree. Microsoft should at least provide an option to use the accent/background color in the live tile. Otherwise, many users like me would either not pin the tile to the start screen or make the tile as small as possible.

Attention, app developers! If you want your app's live tile to occupy a prominent place on our start screens, make your live tile follow the accent/background color.

And what's with the new live tiles of the Nokia HERE apps? Nokia did so well with the old live tiles that used the accent color. Why did they change the tiles to use a fixed color? Nokia, bring back the old live tiles!

Nokia did so well ? Actually, none of my nokia apps have accent coloured tiles, all are purple or light blue, damn it ! Including the nokia camera.
And i dont even get my pictures on the storyteller live tile for some reason, what can be worse ? Its just a solid pathetic purple !

jargonz says:

I did specify Nokia "HERE" apps, didn't I? The old HERE apps like Nokia Maps, Drive, Transit and CityLens had accent-colored live tiles before Nokia decided to use a fixed dark blue color. Some of the Nokia apps still use the accent color, including Nokia Car App, which I pinned to the start screen instead of HERE Drive+.

All Nokia apps when I got my phone almost a year ago followed the phones accent color. Then after each update one more app lost this amazing feature. Now only Nokia Care, Nokia Xpress, PhotoBeamer, Lumia storage checker (beta) and the old non functioning version of Play To (replaced by Nokia Play To) supports accent colored live tile.

Novron says:

Stick it an app folder, they're transparent.

jargonz says:

That's actually what I did.

hwangeruk says:

app folder? What is an app folder?

DaiaX says:

Ya, i need it to be transparent.

I think wpcentral's articles reader are now in rest after have wp8.1 on their device. I am among of them and you guys?

Hiswona says:

Rich - question...
WPC wrote an article saying Here Drive➕ is now free.

How so?
The price has gone up by 30% since 8.1 launched

Akash Patel says:

Its free only buddy.

BenWylde says:

It's free on Windows Phone 8.1 - it even replaced the usual HERE Drive.

msirapian says:

Nokia said Drive+ is free on 8.1

8.1 is not out, people are enjoying 8.1 Preview. So like for all the other apps waiting for an update, just wait for the final release.

Why would Nokia change their price for Drive+ when 8.1(RTM) is not even released?

Yousef Kawmi says:

the moment my phone turned 8.1 the app store updated my Here drive to Here drive+ 

kabamaru2372 says:

Same here. (lumia 920)

Hiswona says:

Thanks for the explanation.
The reasons why Nokia increased the price has to do with Nokia business practices not you.
The price was increased from R450 to R599, which I will gladly pay.

The issue is that WPC ran an article which said it was free.

Hiswona says:

All the replies are Nokia phones. Where it was free anyway

SB5 says:

I have an 8X with Windows Phone 8.1 and got HERE Drive+ downloaded from the regular HERE Drive when I updated to 8.1

rockstarzzz says:

We need these app updates in a month or two! At least the big shots should get updated to WP8.1 before roll out of new hardware in May and June!

inffy says:

Well i think we will see lot of 8.1 updates even before the official ota gets released. It's been out 2 days and you guys are already screaming for updates.

It takes time to make the changes for thw wp8.1 for the apps too.

AngryNil says:

With Skype, the correct comment is "seems slower".

adrian1338 says:

Just used my store app update functionality earlier and saw that. shame it isnt the update that makes all the magic happend with the messaging hub

Tomasz S. says:

There is no Messaging hub in WP 8.1. There's only a SMS app.
In fact there are no hubs except for the People app still kinda reminding a hub.
The "put people first" paradigm is officialy gone. It's "put apps first" now.

HaibaneReki says:

* sobs miserably* =(

wpguy says:

The Games and Office hubs are still here. But I agree, it does seem that Microsoft has stepped back from the concept of hubs. I wish they would go all out in hubs. App folders are static and nothing special.

Tomasz S. says:

"Games" is not a hub. It's just a slow-ass App alike that on WinRT.
With a non-functional games list, that won't let you uninstall games or display recently played ones.

Meanwhile, the all apps list in WP 8.1 has no new features to make up for it being longer now.

But I understand that the objective of WP development is bringing on new users, that want WP to be more like Android. Not about keeping a few early adopters happy. After all, most of us are here to stay no matter what.

Nivananca says:

Sad, but probably true. Anyway, I was really disappointed when I realized that the message hub is history.

Message sync still doesn't work properly. Still have to restart Skype to get it to update, if Skype was in background. And sometimes even if it was closed already to.

sidn625 says:

I just noticed this in the app store that when you press back, it takes you through every page I.e. App you have visited. This kinda sucks...

Flagz says:

Just hold the back button and close it.

JimBeam12 says:

Ms should get their shit together. Their apps are crap

LSDigital says:

Thus, giving a chance for someone else to do it better :)

If only that was true. MS should give us grade A apps, then developers can try and make some A+ apps.

Aashish13 says:

Except bing apps.

dhruv07 says:

When the app launches there should be a launch start display then the app should open . Currently it opens with loading that seems bad

Akash Patel says:

Guys in setting there is messenger messages what does it means??

Xsled says:

If you were a previous Live/MSN messenger user.

rankachmiari says:

for the first time, i can say!! seems faster to resume and open for the first time, idk why...

Tomasz S. says:

Still to slow to be consider a valid replacement for the missing messenger hub.

Faragondk says:

I enjoy Windows Phone 8.1 very much, but I'm shocked how far behind Skype for Windows Phone still is compared to iOS and Android. I really believed we were going to see something more special in Skype for Windows Phone 8.1 I still can't send an SMS from skype on Windows Phone, on WP 8 it was a lottery if Skype was ringing or not, haven't tried it in WP 8.1 yet.

GP07 says:

I'm hoping we get a big 3.0 update for 8.1 with lots of new things and so on.  Otherwise these little updates are ok but the app is still lacking I'd say.

Word-flow keyboard is so great I just typing shit on my phone for the heck of it. Never tried swype on android but this is freaking awesome!

reda igbaria says:

Yes it is really and it's one of the best features in the update!!! Awesome

Aashish13 says:

I'm loving Swype. We just need now few updates ie Xbox music update and firmware update which will drain battery less as we have got a major update tujhsa why battery is draining quickly as WP performs multiple function.
Note:- I'm not whining for updates

Seems still terribly slow, ugly and unusable compared to the other IM clients. Why the hell are we still not able to sent pictures?

colinkiama says:

Still super slow to resume :(

bahamut443 says:

Am I the only one on the planet running the 8.1 version of Facebook? Sent a tip with a link to WPCentral and got nothing. Can now upload videos and integrates with the People hub.

Tomasz S. says:

Integrates? It only links you to the Facebook app to open another contact page.

You can't even start a chat now from the People app (no longer a hub).

Integration my ass.

wpguy says:

Actually, I am seeing signs of integration. My People hub appears to have pulled my Facebook groups from the Favebook app. I have never used any of the baked-in FB functionality.

swizzlerz says:

No I didn't Install it I use the beta version

Al_2 says:

I think this update activates the 'Skype' button in a normal phone call that was demonstarted at Build. I've just tried's quite slow but it did work!

Aashish13 says:

Will Rudy write fb app. I love his apps thts y I'm asking hes very hardworking and talented.

StevieBallz says:

Third party Facebook Apps have lots of issues due to how people's privacy settings affect API usage. E.g. many people have selected that their data is not to be shared with Apps and those people won't even show up using the API. The only exception to this are the official facebook apps.

jiggaman135 says:

Am I the only one no longer receiving live tile updates and notifications via the notification center for most of my apps. Specifically I dont get anymore updates via live tile from my wpc app nor have I had any notifications via the center from my wpc app? Also I never got notification center alerts that the store had apps to update untill I manually checked. And I'm set to not auto download apps. Shouldn't I have gotten a alert to APp update in the notification center?

danielgray says:

Possibly, wpcentral stuff not coming through for me.

reda igbaria says:

When it will make the live tile matches the background photo

E12_T says:

i have problem with my xbox games! everytime i opened it, it said "Couldn't open that. Try again. What the hell is happen actually?? i've shut down my phone so many times, in the end, the same thing happend again! i feel so uncomfortable for this matter. Please fix it! :( and i dun even like my games listed on apps list.. And why xbox music is no longer for live tiles?? is this windows phone 8.1 that we gonna face soon? even the preview looks sucks. i'm so regret for update it. anyone help me.. :(

Same here, after updating the games hub, it became "Updating" eternally.

Come on give me the transparent tile !!!

jayant_daga says:

Stop showing off your 8.1.. Am jealous

Gaurav Paul says:

Mark all as read now marks group chat also as read. Earlier it didn't work for group chats.

Edward Kang says:

Off Topic:
Please vote this idea by allowing users to purchase apps across countries! :)

erzhik says:

Until it gets on par with iOS and Android, there is nothing to talk about here.

iosub says:

With the latest update you are forced to use a Microsoft account to login.. There is no option to login using a Skype account!!!

Is just me ?

tmpusr889 says:

I can't log in either. I have an old Skype account with Skype-In/Skype-Out services and now it won't let me log in. Instead it's asking for my Microsoft account. This is BS.

g525 says:

Did you try to link your skype account with your Microsoft account?

lowrider2107 says:

I noticed the same. I for sure don't want that!

Very unpleasant change, M$!!

Naresh Patel says:

Why I am not able to use Skype when I open Skype everything is working in voice speech I can't login because only voice speech active in Skype

JimBeam12 says:

What a piece of shit application. After the update, sometimes I can't send a message. All the developers of this crap should be fired asap.

Lipe13 says:

Now with the 8.1. update I am actually getting messages and notifications instantly after they're sent to me. Before 8.1. when someone called me via Skype my phone would only make sounds and not display any info, even on the Live Tile and with the notifications turned ON in the settings. The app is pretty much fixed to me in that respect now.

Auron Swift says:

Since the update on my 920 I no longer can see text replies from people. My tablet and win 8 PC still do, just not on the phone.

g525 says:

I have a 920 also, I only see replies if I open skype. I don't get notifications on cellular data, but when I connect to wifi I'll get notifications. Does that happen to you also?

Side note: my flash for the camera also doesn't work since updating to 8.1

petersun21 says:

A few microsoft apps and nokia apps do not allow "skin" (transparent). That is a shame. Transparent tiles are way better looking.......

Narr says:

I like having the app updated but why do they forced you to login again to Skype?

xpxp2002 says:

I hate to start this, but it actually does seem significantly faster after the update.

JimmyFal says:

My Skype is stuck in "on screen narrarator mode" since the  update. Hope this fixes it....


lawalhu says:

I'm facing the same problem. Cant go beyond the screen narrator. Clicking login doesn't work. It just keeps talking...

Still very slow we need a serious update hope it comes soon

In India whenever I start Skype text to speech gets automatically enabled and text input is not allowed