Skype for Windows Phone updated with support for Cortana, Action Center

Skype for Windows Phone updated with Cortana support

Microsoft has release a new version of Skype for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 that adds, among other things, add support for its new Cortana digital assistant.

The new 2.19 version of the app allows U.S. users who have Windows Phone 8.1 installed on their devices can now begin calls just by using Cortana. Microsoft says, "Now you can start Skype video and audio calls by simply asking Cortana something like "Skype get Lara Kingwell on the screen".

In addition the new version lets 8.1 users swipe down to see any emails, texts and Skype updates in the Action Center feature. It also lets users edit their last sent message, which might come in handy for folks who type something up quickly.

The app has also increased the number of languages from just 19 to 51. Finally, there's some performance improvements for the app's push notifications in this update.

You can download Skype 2.19 from the Windows Phone Store right now. What do you think of this new Skype version and, if you have Windows Phone 8.1, will you use the Cortana feature?

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UchilHasmit says:

Y u No transparent...

Aashish13 says:

Coz the Skype logo and blue design looks cool

xankazo says:

Totally agree!! BTW, we're on a roll!!! :D

Yeah it looks cool but doesn't hide the fact that app currently sucks ass, it's extremely slow


at least they could add an option for solid blue and transparent
- slow
- poor settings
- can't remove from list account
iOS Skype is still better

How is Skype for Android ?

if onedrive and outlook and every other MS app runs better and has more features on Android than WP8, than im sure skype is no different. So far i dont see anything exclusive on the WP8, but are still lacking features that have been around for months on other platforms 

sharathu7 says:

Seems like they increased font size in small tile... Did anyone notice...?

mreaglejr says:

Yes, the icon is huge and really ugly.. It's bigger than any other tile icon.

dhruv07 says:

Y don't u add a loading screen as a Skype logo Instead of black screen Showing loading ... Dat seems like app hung up :/

poddie says:

I cannot stand the new tile... it looks so out of place with all the other apps now. It was the perfect size before. Seems like a minor issue but man is it annoying.

nesspj says:

I can't stand how a product now owned by Microsoft, still does not have a transparent tile for their latest mobile OS!

ebin5 says:

Because everything transparent is ugly.

barry.weston says:

That's your opinion. Not everyone's.

Opinion doesn't exist on the internet, you either agree or get bashed

os1019 says:

Sad but true.

ScubaDog says:

It's one I happen to agree with, to be honest.

leadpoizon says:

I wouldn't say it's ugly, but it definitely is boring to have everything transparent. All apps, including Skype, should have an option with settings as mentioned here:

Fritzly says:

De gustibus non disputandum est...

Zulfigar says:

No kidding D:

inseyven says:

The question is... Why not improving the app? It's very slow and nothing fluid

Mine isn't slow at all..

smartass1379 says:

I'm running a 1520 and i can say there is nothing fast about this app. Its slow and buggy. Microsoft needs to step up their game!

dfmos says:

Where is file transfer to send images!!!!!!


It's 2014 Microsoft we have been asking for this feature since windows phone 7.0!
Give the users what they want!

uopjo6 says:

Exactly this. Its ridiculous.

AtOmIc031 says:

This +925 When I saw the news I was so happy, and hoping this was a far bigger update than what it really is. I mean iOS and android have better skype than wp :/

At least give us the option to share content, I mean really It's 2014 and we still don't have this. It's rediculous...

dalydose says:

Don't the Android and iOS versions of Skype do this already??

blackhawk556 says:

Was Skype even available back when WP 7 was available?

Cryio says:

A limited version of it for WP7.5. Also, fun fact, it had landscape mode for typing. WP8 version still hasn't.

This is one of my biggest complaints with Skype. Other than it is slow, I don't see why file transfer is not available on Windows Phone. Is available on Android and Windows 8. This is a simple mistake that becomes an issue for some. Replace messaging with Skype like Google Hangouts for Android and add file transfer. Should have been one of the first features on Skype.

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kenzibit says:

Where's the major update they promised? June is almost over.

crise says:

This is probably what they call major.

ortizang says:


barry.weston says:

But it isn't over yet...


"coming soon... " MS Routines

wayne310 says:

since notification and app folder have been introduced on wp8...i find it easy to keep all IM apps in a folder

traceamar says:

I don't really care about the transparency... I want to ask MS when will Skype really become useful.... i.e. text message, phone call, contacts, etc integration... By the way , its already 4 years late

ortizang says:

I dont use skype because it sucks in windows phone.


"coming soon... " MS Routines

Then you probably will want an iPad or iPhone.
They've had that, plus integration with Siri for over a year.

cruelvaldez says:

Cortana is becoming more and more awesomer everyday :D

Yousef Kawmi says:

More awesomer, TIL

HotJava says:

I just realized this morning that Cortana finally says my name. I love it :)

crise says:

Wow easy to get you excited..

cruelvaldez says:

Haha Yeah I know that is clearly incorrect but I can't help it. It just sounds fun lol :)


I think he means in iOS 

Suhasa Su says:

"more awesomer", isn't it redundanter?

ortizang says:

well I think it is more easier.

cruelvaldez says:

More everything

MadSci2 says:

Don't you mean "Simple! And Amazing!" oh, wait, that's a different Reality Distortion Field

taymur says:

dont get so excited, because its still as bad, if not even worst.

Dare2Blink says:

What a silly and illogical comment

CSJr1 says:

Because they make edit improvements and integrate it with Cortana and you call it worse.  Logic is not your strong suit.

iAdrian23 says:

Wow... Cortana! Very useful TO 5% of WP users.

Can you please stop eating Microsoft lies? I'm so done if they don't get their *hit together by this fall. I'm tired of making lies to my friends how WP are soooo coool and different. My friend was right. It's all about the apps. Who cares about the design? I don't anymore.

CSJr1 says:

Features were added to Skype.

Skype app is better for it.

I fail to see the lie(s) I am supposed to be 'eating'.

Yet they still failed to add file transfer. Can't send pictures on a big app on your own platform but the functionality exists on your competitors. They need to stop giving other platforms the latest features and updates first. The Cortana feature for Skype is a nice addition. Always good to add new and useful stuff, but if your app on your own platform is still not on par with your app on competing platforms, you are wasting your time. Mirror functionality first then work on new updates with favoritism and first release on your own platforms.

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ymcpa says:

I'm sure it's useful to more than 5% of the users. However, that doesn't matter. There are improvements in this update. Unless somehow performance decreased or they removed feature, logically this update can't be worse than the previous version. There are still improvements needed, but that doesn't make taymur's statement correct.

pallentx says:

It was nice of them to add cortana integration to an app so bad I never use it. Seems like it would be a better use of their time to make the app decent first or at least at the same time as adding Cortana integration.

taymur says:

Seriously? Improvements? I'm sure they wont write in their change log that they made it worse.

They added fast resume with those improvements...
. Lets see how many here agrees with the fast resume.

Cryio says:

How can it be worse ? It now has Fast App Resume!

pallentx says:

That's a big plus. I counted to 20 recently when my phone locked between messages in a conversation and I had to unlock to go back into Skype. This is absolutely unacceptable performance and Skype is really the only terrible offender on my phone like that. Hopefully this fixes that.

percistratus says:

Seems speedier... Wait, I haven't tried it yet

Ploydd says:

Already tested it and it works great saying Skype call (Name)

Judge_Daniel says:

I thought this was the same functionality that TellMe provided. I thought with Cortana, we wouldn't have to say app names first, like with TellMe. I thought the point was to be more conversational.

dalydose says:

If you just say "call", then it will be a regular cell call. You have to say Skype to specify.

Wam1q says:

Well, I can use Cortana to call Skype contacts even before the update. Just say: Call xxx Skype

"Skype call Jane" or say "Call Jane's Skype" or "Call Jane on Skype" and she will follow.

For some reason she doesn't follow when you say "via Skype"..

Sachinmeet says:

I hope this isn't the "much awaited" Skype update

ebin5 says:

Why?. It seems this is what Joe belfiore talked about

Sachinmeet says:

I thought it would bring it at par with the other platforms.

Kormiko says:

Yeah, I miss Windows Live Messenger.

taymur says:

hopefully not.

kidjenius says:

I don't think so

aXross says:

I hope not. Still 'patiently' waiting for major update of Skype.

nyolc8 says:

I'm waiting the "ability to send-receive images" update.

YES, the real Skype! with deeeeeep integration with Windows Phone (People Hub, Messaging Hub, Phone Hub, Office Hub, yada yada)

sdreamer says:

That's all nice and all but can we get basic features like sending photos? At least get all the other features of other platforms? Make it faster to. Hate this resuming/loading screen. It's like the only so on my 920 that does it.

Cryio says:

They introduced Fast App Resume now so you'll see less Resuming.

Xsled says:

The loading is much much faster right now. Only been using it a few minutes, but it seems almost instantaneous.

Edit.... well.. almost :)

npoe says:

The first couple of times that opened the app it was slow for me but everyone at work were watching the FIFA world cup over wireless instead of the TVs that company has to show important stuff; now the game is over it does resume really quick.

jkommeren says:

Well one feature has finally been added it seems: Calling a user from a URI (skype:emailaddress?call). A life saver for my project.

btbam91 says:

This!!! In line picture messaging please!

neo158 says:

I'll use the Cortana features when Cortana is available in the UK!!!

RobinPaul says:

Still no file Transfer

Laura Knotek says:

I'd rather have file transfer than Cortana for Skype.

nognats says:

Same I reallllly dont give a shit about the voice activated calling. Please just build out skype for the phone. I want to be able to use skype dedicatedly. I dont want the nice features I want the real ones.

Kristijan87 says:

Amen to that. I keep WhatsApp around for the sole purpose of sending photos to people. Those photos that are part of a conversation, you know, not photographs worth keeping, because the quality isn't that good when sent via WhatsApp. If Skype supported file transfer I wouldn't have any need for other messaging apps...

blackprince says:

It's almost like people forgot what email is for.

Laura Knotek says:

I don't think most people use email to share pictures.

Sean D. says:

Who is "most people"?

Laura Knotek says:

I've never received pictures from friends in emails. They either send MMS or WhatsApp. Email is more of a business tool than a way to share pictures with friends.

The only time any friends used email for pictures was to share links to sites where they have hundreds of photos hosted.

Fatty Laura says:

Because you have no friends?

Most of people i know still emails pictures through email or uses services such as OneDrive

Stop being ignorant

Reebs Reebs says:

Sorry for being straight with you. This must be the dumbest comment ever. If most people you know use emails to send pictures, it doesn't mean that other people have to do the same! I also only receive pictures via messages and group messages. It's really annoying to see people only seeing things from their perspective and bashing others that don't do things like they do. To me, this is ignorance. Please keep an open mind

S Vaibhav says:

I use Outlook e-mail to share pictures.... WhatsApp doesn't support high res images.

ymcpa says:

Why not? It can transfer files just as well as any of these messenging apps.

uopjo6 says:

Skype is business oriented as well and it gives a bad image to my clients when they ask to send images right away and I gave to tell them please wait for an email. Besides file sharing is a common feature on all similar platforms since a decade ago.

Laura Knotek says:

I'm not a business user, but I need WhatsApp for picture sharing. Skype is not good as an IM app without file sharing. I don't have much use for the calling features of Skype and never use video calling. It could be a replacement for WhatsApp if it didn't lack features.

theefman says:

Well since sending photos via email on WP results in them being sent at a reduced resolution that really isnt a good solution.

rockstarzzz says:

This. This update is moot.

reda igbaria says:

Btw, Facebook beta also has Cortana support!!, you didn't mention this.

Martsicky says:

Now it's time for Twitter to update their app, we've seen Twitter beta leak like 2months ago.... and still it's not here.

FUS3360 says:

I agree.. It shouldn't take them that long to update an app..

wp_hero says:

Is it equal to IOS one??

theefman says:

Not even close.

Cryio says:

Absolutely not. Not being sarcastic, maybe next year

The iOS version of Skype is miles ahead compared to the one on *Windows* Phone.

For a *Microsoft* application.


Arka1412 says:

Has they make it faster??

Cryio says:

Yes. It has Fast App Resume now.

Aashish13 says:

They were to give an overhaul change what happened to that??

ktl88 says:

LOL. So true. With the way that Skype is supporting its own platform.


'It's coming....'

bitz0071 says:

Why Skype is showing loading written screen while starting the app they should put splash screen image of Skype like windows 8/8.1 app.

Cryio says:

I too don't understand this ...

kidjenius says:

Still can't accept photos..

erzhik says:

Still a battery hog?

rockstarzzz says:

It never has been a battery hog like Rooms or Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp or Line or Hike or WeChat has been. Skype was a battery hog in 2012 but no one could use it anyway. Now it is always non-intrudingly online in the cloud. It obviously drains battery when you video call for an hour, but so does watching a movie on 4G.

baijugs007 says:

Thanks to developing team

Not fast resume in my Lumia 1020 with 8.1
I can't see my contacts online (and they are because I can see them at
Also, the app still is very limited compared with Skype for desktop.
I hoped more improvements of that update. it's a pity :(

Cryio says:

Fast App Resume works brilliant on my L820. It loads from multitasking in 0-3 seconds. It's not constant, but better than 5-6 seconds.

The Cortana functionality is nice a bonus, but OMG I've been waiting for Action Centre integration for months. So happy to have this now!

thaman04 says:

I'm confused, what's different with this Skype in Action Centre?  My current Skype notifications have already appeared in there this whole time.

DaddyG73 says:

I was wondering about this too...

Xsled says:

Mine has worked since day one of 8.1. Hmm...

rockstarzzz says:

It now clears the live tile in clearing notifications.

FernandoDB says:

and call integration ? Can I migrate upgrade a normal call to a skype video call ?

Aashish13 says:

Yaa u can do it of your outlook contacts are synced. When u call someone u will have call options while calling in that one of them,would be video call. Tap on it and it would give u an option to select Skype to call the person whom you want too

FernandoDB says:

how can I sync ? thanks !!!!

Xsled says:

Seems like both devices need to be 8.1. I could be wrong, but that is what i found in my testing.

FernandoDB says:

this make sense.... thanks !!!

Would be good if more than the US had Cortana first, yes I know about the hack

dalydose says:

Yes, you know about the hack. Yes, we know that you want it internationally.

Wael Hasno says:

"Skype initiate file transfer"

Raesu says:

Blue screen of death.

Hi Jonn C. You can share the wallpaper that appears in the image?

Deaconclgi says:

One would think that Microsoft employees would use the changelog/New In This Version section in Windows Phone 8.1........

deadwrong03 says:

Still cant send files, how is this a big overhaul nothing looks different.

Huh? I used Skype via Cortana already. By saying : Cortana call ...... On Skype. Isn't that kinda the same thing.

theefman says:

Smoke and mirrors from Microsoft.

Exactly, to spooky imo. Magician Hans Klok at work.

ajit920 says:

Skype update always excites me as I am regular Skyper..

Deaconclgi says:

I can tell you are a Skyper because this update has made you hyper.

ven07 says:

Yes loving the update! Much needed btw

Jag Mann says:

I don't get any notifications on Skype and as soon as I exit the app, it makes me offline to all my contacts. What happened to always being online? This app is completely hopeless.

Are you on Windows Phone 7? As what you are describing sounds like pre 8.x behaviour.

Jag Mann says:

No, 8.1 dev preview

Judas20 says:

Same here :'(

MiguelGHs says:

I have the same issue, its useless! And it can be even worse when I'm using it through my phone's data plan, that way I can ever see who's online or text them.

mesamit says:

still slow...takes ages to open and no file transfer yet this massive update Joe was talking about??/

thaman04 says:

I don't think it's the same one.  The one that Joe showed looked very different.

boxa72 says:

Who runs Skype at Microsoft? Coz I wanna harass them with Tweets until they bring it to parity with other platforms! Why on earth would u make their experience better than ur own f#ckin platform!!!

lerimer says:

Find out who and let me know. We'll harass them together!!!

blackhawk556 says:

I'll join you guys let me know

Not really what you wanted but try

Raesu says:

I'll bring the pitch forks.

Sean D. says:

The sad part is it seems like way too many people in the WP "community" think that harrassing or shaming MS into doing stuff is a good thing to do.

theefman says:

Well nothing else seems to work and people are tired of having crappy experiences with MS products on an MS platform. So until Microsoft does something about these subpar experiences, shame on!

lerimer says:

Where is the ability to add attachments!!???

em1ke says:

In 2016 maybe..

firesword9 says:

News of the ability to attach files in 2017 and the update to it in 2019..... I think I will be going for iPhone 6 now.... there Skype is updated before news comes out

On Skype for iOS and Android

Happy to see an update rolling out.

Finally with full-functionally resume!

Neyney10 says:

as a Microsoft Product on a Microsoft platform of OS, I have expected that this so "upcoming update for the 8.1" would bring a Huge improvment, one that would bypass the IOS version.

I was expecting status updates on the People Hub.

I was expecting more basic features such as sending files  or even just images. Skype can send videos via the send Video Message thing. but cant add existing one, which i find absurd. although i know it works differently.

and much awesome other things such as faster startup, on the older version, each time you open skype it logs into your skype account all over again, but i thought for myself, "Isn't skype already intergrated into my microsoft account? and Isn't my microsoft account already on the phone? why does it have to log-me-in all the time to the skype account" although i have to admit that now i cant see the reconnecting thing, but i still didnt check if it just for the display.


I hope that there is another update incoming :)

Completely agree with you.

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SoullessOnyx says:

What is Cortana? Oh yeah! That US only feature.

thaman04 says:

Umm... it's coming to many countries at launch if you haven't been paying attention.  This is still in Beta phase.

uopjo6 says:

So MS is selling WP as a phone that does business. Skype, their own platform can't even send a damn file. I'm like "wait ill send you the image through email" and my clients are probably rolling their eyes wondering why not right away with Skype. SKYPE. Seriously. It can't be that hard and is one of the most requested features since WP7!

"Receiving files is not supported on this device" :( I was expecting this update to bring it to the same level as the new iOS app.... I hope that's not the "big" June update they had promised..

Raesu says:

If its from the new IOS version, you now get a link to see the picture

At least something I guess... But it's time we get a decent app. It's been years..


Why there's no Arabic???

LZSchneider says:

Its weird that the Windows Phone 8.1 version of a MS owned app is the weakest. All the same, at least its still getting updates.

Sting921 says:

I Just hope it doesn't crash anymore.

JenkTJ27 says:

Landscape keyboard?

Nokia5110 says:

+L625 from Nokia 5110! Was hoping against hope.

Still can't add attachments or photos to my messages on Windows Phone. Who the heck cares about Cortana support? Bring the basic features FIRST!

Adretheon says:

Still no landscape text?

still im unable to connect Facebook and microsoft account.. :(

awneze says:

These are not the updates you are looking for

milfermon says:

The app is still sluggish when loading