Slacker Radio ready for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Although Windows Phone users have Microsoft’s new Xbox Music service to show off to friends, some folks still have their favorite streaming services, with Slacker Radio near the top. We’ve always liked the Pandora-like player for Windows Phone so it’s great to see it getting optimized for 8 and a Windows 8 RT version as well.

The Windows Phone 8 version is not too different and current users even on Windows Phone 7 can get the update. The new version just allows usage of the doublewide tile with no advanced features like Lock screen wallpaper.

In related news, the company has also released their Windows 8 RT app, which users of the Surface can go and grab now. The app it well designed and is “Designed to make full use of the tiles, multitasking, Share charm, and intuitive UI features found in Windows 8”. The app ain’t too shabby and we have to admit, we like using it with our Plus account. In addition, Slacker has teamed up with ABC News for live streaming of the US election coverage today, giving users on the go or at work an easy way

User can pick up Slacker Radio for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store and for Windows 8 here in that Store.

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ejlee072006 says:

Nice...im waiting waiting patience...surface 2 will be a lot better

jmshub says:

I love the Slacker Radio service, but I find the app to be a little slow or buggy on WP7. I really hope the updated app is better.

ggonzalez777 says:

I just hope that is not as laggy as it is now on wp7.5. In fact today it didn't even load. I miss their dubstep channel, :(.

inteller says:

Slacker on WP thus far has been a hot mess.  Stops playing randomly, is laggy....and don't say it is the OS, other streaming services work just fine.

Must be your precious straight talk, I have no problems on T-mobile

inteller says:

I'm not talking about the connection speeds and playback, I'm talking about the lags between the screens in the UI.  It is a herky jerky mess.

shinygerbil says:

Heligoland is a bangin' album, and Paradise Circus a great tune. I was actually listening to that album earlier today through my Zune Pass.

Just sayin' ;)

outlaw_d says:

I love Slacker and have used it for years.  It's my preferred internet radio!  The WP version has been buggy but I'm sure it'll be resolved with WP8.

CJ Thunder says:

How do I view all new releases in the store? > Spotlight > New Releases hasn't changed much since launch. I want to look at the stroe weekly or so for new goodies in all catagories.

CJ Thunder says:

Clicking on edit and reply are do nothing in IE 10. Want to fix my spelling errors. This box is what, Java? IE 10 doesn't see it to check itself.

aubreyq says:

I thought it was either Windows 8 OR Windows RT, but you can't have Windows 8 RT?

scsgoal says:

AVRCP functionality yet?

cedarlog says:

designed for specific regions

Bigsro says:

Doesnt appear to be in the UK store yet. Is this US only?