Smart Challenge, a brain twisting puzzle game for Windows Phone

Smart Challenge

Smart Challenge is a brain twisting puzzle game for your Windows Phone that tests you deductive powers, reflexes, and powers of observation. 

You are presented with a series of brain twister styled questions and tasks where the answer may not be as obvious as it appears.  For example, on the main menu there is an arrow labeled “star” and you are directed to “press start to continue”.  Your reflex is to tap the arrow but to continue you need tap the word “start”.

Smart Challenges has three levels of play that are progressively unlocked and you might be surprised how challenging the simplest of tasks can be.

Smart Challenge

Settings are accessible from the gaming levels page and covers language support (English or Italian), audio on/off and a game reset button.  You also can access the help screen, about screen and credits screen from the gaming levels page.

Smart Challenge

Game play is not very difficult with Smart Challenge in that you are presented with a collection of puzzles or challenges that you must solve.  Some are very straight forwards such as tap the button ten times but the counter only goes to nine.  Some ask you to tap on a set of colored numbers in a specific sequence but as you tap on the numbers, they are re-arranged on the screen.  Then the next question asks you to multiple the same numbers but only the blue numbers.

Smart Challenge

Smart Challenge will test your memory, powers of observation, deductive reasoning and reaction speed much as we see with similar games such as Stupid Test.

It is a fun game to pass the time with and has its fair share of challenges.  What I am not too keen on is that if you miss one question, you fail the level and have to start back at the beginning of the level.  It can be rather frustrating to advance through a level, miss a difficult challenge and find yourself starting back at square one.  I would not mind seeing a “three-strike” set-up where you return to last correctly answered challenge but on the third failed challenge, you return to the beginning of the level.

Smart Challenge can be a puzzling with plenty of “uh-duh” moments.  It reminds us that no matter how obvious the answer, your mind can easily overlook it.

Smart Challenge is a free, ad-supported game that is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  You can pick up your copy of Smart Challenge here in the Windows Phone Store.

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DreadVenom says:

So we getting gta in 2014 it seems. It seems R* has a 7day gap between each platform release.

I still fail to see why every single new app or app update is breaking news on WPcentral. Seriously.
I understand supporting new apps and the community, but it's annoying when every 35 minutes there's a new front page story about some weather clone app or only marginally different puzzle game.
Do a single weekly or daily app-wrap up, and leave it at that.
That's all.

DreadVenom says:

So you don't want to know when GTA is released????

willied says:

Then don't read the article. It's that easy.

920Walker says:

I prefer the current format. I don't care to scroll through long reviews of multiple apps of varying type.

QilleRz says:

+1, I prefer this way because everytime I refresh after finished reading one article, the new article excite me !

Voxophone says:

Glad someone feels the same as I do. Maybe they should do a end-of-the-week new app wrap-up. But an individual article for each new (and not even that great) app is a little over the top...

wpguy says:

Another vote for an individual article per app, AND I like the regular multi-app review for those days when I miss an article.

overzenith says:

Nice "Trap" on Smart Challenge. Just pass through check point 1

tanveer 786 says:

Bring temple run 2 and subway for 512mb ram please.

I don't think it was coming till 6-8 months

jaymin00 says:

6-8 months are tooo early..

jaymin00 says:

Idk which type of developer they are,they cant convert a game for 512 MB in 2 weeks

Talk4Lig says:

I just want gta, not puzzle games, please come quick

wpguy says:

I enjoyed the game until I got to press the button twice quickly. I didn't react fast enough and had to start over AGAIN...

It was fun until it became irritating. Uninstalled.

I may give it another try if the three-strikes suggestion were implemented.

This is pretty awesome! Good game =D 

Good game :DDD!!!


Hey,I couldn't finish that rebus at set 2..there's anybody who can tell me the answer,please?

Help .
. Smart challenge in stuck on check point three
does anyone know ??