Smartboard Calculator updated, free version now fully functional

Smartboard Calculator

Smartboard Calculator isn't your run of the mill Windows Phone calculator app. Inspired by the old school blackboard where you calculator acts like a blackboard where you can scroll around by touch to review all your calculations.

Smartboard Calculator was recently updated to address a few usability and performance issues and tweak the free version. The free version is now a fully-functional, ad-supported version.

Smartboard Calculator

This brings Skydrive backup support, Excel export, calculator templates and favorites to the free version. The ad-free version of Smartboard Calculator is currently running $4.99.

You can find Smartboard Calculator Free here and Smartboard Calculator here at the Windows Phone Store.

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cckgz4 says:

This seems to be very neat. Starting back up in school next semester so I will look into this

dlrohm says:

Seems like a lot for a calculator with a chalk board feel, just sayin.

zekerrific says:

Well then lucky for you, they also offer a free version!

Whodaboss says:

Please tell me where I can find a calculator like this for less than $5 dollars.  Walmart?  I looked couldn't find one!  I tried Target?  No luck!  I even looked at Best Buy?  I cant seem to find one.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thx!  

Saulys says:

Great app...greetings from Lithuania to whole wpcentral team :)

kevm14 says:

It probably would have been enough to have a graphing calculator feel, where you just scroll up to old calculations.  Then again, the chalk board method provides a visual grouping potential.  And export to Excel (with Excel right in the phone) is something no calculator can do.

I have found his to be very helpful over the past months. Having common expressions I've entered handy at all times, along with the ability to reference them easily in other equations, makes this worth downloading.