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New Nokia MixRadio update ditches the 'Nokia' brand

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The Smartphone Beta Test is now over [Videos]

The Smartphone Beta Test has been running since the birth of the smartphone, well technically it hasn't but it's a pretty neat marketing campaign from Nokia for the U.S. We witnessed a website ( being created with a bunch of videos published to poke fun at some competitor handset issues.

Now the Smartphone Beta Test website has been updated with more interactive content, videos and information on the AT&T Lumia 900, which is launching across the U.S. Cue "Operation Rolling Thunder", Nokia's plan of a attack for the states, which will see the manufacturer driving forward advertising not only for the Lumia handsets, but for Windows Phone too.

Prepare yourselves for some effective Nokia marketing. For a taster, check out the beauty of social integration and live tiles in Windows Phone in the humorous commercial below. Nokia is clearly on the attack here at other smartphones as well as how they can negatively impact our lives by being unreliable - something the manufacturer looks to change with Windows Phone.

Source: Smartphone Beta Test; thanks Hiiiiiiiii for the heads up!



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OMG55 says:

I think these commercials are hilarious and with a little more tweaking will be effective. Now things should get interesting.

Rhody#WP says:

Dr. Spaceman makes a great spokesperson.

bobk212 says:

Nice ads. I guess Stephen Elop wasn't kidding when he said the Lumia was first "real" Windows Phone.

wspaw says:

I think the Samsung adds jabbing Apple fans were well done and clever. IMHO, these aren't and I don't think they'll help sell the phones.

If this is "Rolling Thunder," I think we're going to be disappointed.

Love these and love all the star power! Windows Phone finally has its "it" device for the masses to droll all over...not knocking all the other killer WP devices, like my Focus S, but we needed one single phone for the average consumer, and this is it! Keep em coming!

jasonbeckett says:

I'M A the Windows Phone for many reasons. Finally I understand why I hated at least one thing about every other phone I owned before my WindowsPhone. I was a BETA TESTER...or at least that's what it felt like.

rodneyej says:

Overnight the new term "BetaPhone" has entered into my vocabulary. You, and everyone else will hear me refer to any phone, other than a WPD, as betaphone from now on.... I hope to piss a lot of people off using this term, and I'm sure that's exactly what Nokia, and MS what me to do.... :-D

I've actually been doing that a bit as well.

eshy says:

This ads are great. the first one is a funny introduction (with some nice star cameos) but I really like the second one that shows the real difference with windows phone. don't just tell me my current phone is bad, tell my why yours is better.
I hope to see more of these showing other features of the phone

l_n says:

Hrm.. Is it bad that the videos at won't play in IE9 Mobile?

paulomalley says:

Ummm... Yes they do... I just played them then...

l_n says:

I tried to view them from my HTC Trophy and got told I need Flash or an HTML5-capable browser... Did you view them from wpcentral's youtube links or the videos at ?

eshy says:

  • it's the same videos, should work either way

Neusyn says:

If you have gotten mango then you should have an html5 web browser...

sumedh says:

So how many betatesters out there ???

jimski says:

I love these. That first clip is a gem and hope to see it on the boob tube very soon.

Dethzilla says: know what's a fail though... not being able to browse the website on my phone.  Seriously Microsoft... your best Marketing is Word of Mouth.

scottaii says:

What phone have you got? Works great on my lumia 800

birdman_38 says:

That part with the Amish made me lol

steve70 says:

I thought "It's Over" was hilararious and no one has even mentioned Ice-T at 21 secs in.

scottaii says:

Great ad, although I have a lumia 800 and now feel like a beta tester :(

jonchai says:

Great ads.
Actually, everyone, including Nokia, has done their part very well in pushing the platform. The ball is now at Microsoft's feet to actually push their OS updates out faster. We need more regular updates as compared to iOS / Android because they already have lot more features WP still do not.
If Microsoft ever wants this platform to succeed, they really need to get their act together. Not only do they need to push for greater apps development, they also need to push their OS faster.
Up until now, we still do not have .vcard, USSD support and ability to view battery life, just to name a few. Even dumb phones have these. Also, the Adobe Reader, which is supposed to be an essential app on smartphone is really a joke on WP7.
Bottomline is, it now looks like Microsoft is dragging on Nokia's feet.

Duffau says:

I think your first two features are rumored on Apollo and the for the battery thing, you can go into settings and it tells you info about the remaining battery time. Also, what exactly do you see wrong with the adobe reader? I have never had any problems and I love the way it works.

bono5112 says:

I think it's a great ad

MediaCastleX says:

I really love how everyone thinks they know what's best in manufacturing, marketing and releasing mobile software practices...I wonder how long they have all been successfully working in these industries? =P

uberlaff says:

Holy crap... that was actually funny. Huh, maybe they can pull this off!