Smoked by Windows Phone challenge hits Web Days 2012 in Stockholm

Microsoft's Robert "The Phone Guy" Luciani brought the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge to attendees at the Web Days 2012 event, which was held in Stockholm. Should contestants beat the Windows Phone with a competitive handset, they pocketed 500kr. Rules were identical to Ben Rudolph's version with simple smartphone tasks being used as testing grounds.

Thirty-four challenges were conducted over two days with 33 wins and only a single loss.

Source: YouTube, via: WindowsPhone.nu; thanks Christian for the heads up!



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Windows is the best OS just wished people would be about quality not popularity

willied says:

It's interesting how he uses English for random words like "alright" and "ready".

rubenbest says:

Yea i found that funny too. I was confused at first if he was actually speaking english

Nakazul says:

Its pretty common that English gets mixed in today in Sweden. So many that talks it, and we get all the American sitcoms etc. So from situation to getto slang it can get really messy, especially getto slang. I my self is to old to use the mix of diff languages like that....but every now and then...poff, im doing it. A small country hit by a large language base over and over till it sounds....wrong. But at least you can understand some words, if in Swedish you score zero =D

quek9 says:

We need subs, lol.

Robertottink says:

He is speaking Swedish / English in the mix

Nakazul says:

Oh yeah. Nice to see it happening in Sweden also!

paulyards says:

mixture of 2 languages sounds quite interesting specially swedish.
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