Smoked by Windows Phone marketing campaign hits Malaysia

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The Smoked by Windows Phone marketing challenge has gone global since Ben ("the PC guy") Rudolph first started the campaign back at CES 2012. Now the Windows Phone team in Malaysia has taken to the streets to challenge the public who own competitor handsets and see if they can beat Microsoft's platform. 

Should the contestant manage to best Windows Phone, they'll walk away with RM100, and should they lose a card is at hand reading "My phone just got smoked by Windows Phone". Check out the following video of the Malaysian challenge in action.

To find out where the team will be to challenge them on April 14th and 15th, head on over to the Windows Phone Malaysia Facebook page. We'll also be the first to state that we want one of those polo shirts.

Source: Discovr, Youtube; thanks Jason for the heads up!



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maxschels says:

Good to see it goes global. Great marketing.

karelj says:

And still I have yet to see any commercials on tv. :-(

ZX9 says:

Where do you live? (in a non-stalkerish way, lol) I was shocked to see a Lumia 900 commercial airing on Easter here on the US East coast. Admittedly, I freaked out and made my girlfriend rewind the TV to see it again. I wouldn't advise that part. ;)

WinFan1 says:

"lemme smoke ya" >.< this is my catchphrase from now on specially since i just got my L900 :D

Gilgameshi says:

I really don't know about saying, "lemme smoke ya" to a stranger, especially to a guy.

Lol, RM100 is not US$100.

infin8ty says:

Will it ever go to the philippines?

snakechia says:

I want to go to see being smoke? No one can smoke me! Coz I'm Lumia 800!