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Smoked by Windows Phone, new numbers and ads

Microsoft's Smoked by Windows Phone began way back in January at the 2012 CES conference. Since, it's grown by leaps and bounds traveling to various Microsoft Stores across the nation and world wide.  We've even seen the Smoke by Windows Phone challenges held by former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra.

Ben Rudolph, who started all this, has released some numbers associated with the Smoked by Windows Phone.

  • 95%: Windows Phone's global winning percentage
  • 36: The number of countries running Smoked by Windows Phone promotions
  • 50,000+: The number of phones that have been smoked by a Windows Phone
  • 8,000,000+: The total number of views the Smoked by Windows Phone has generated since it launched in January.
  • 100,000,000+: The estimated number of people who have seen, participated in or read about Smoked by Windows Phone. 

The Smoked by Windows Phone campaign will continue with a new set of internet ads hitting the web today. The ads are also available over at the Windows Phone YouTube Channel. While the Smoked by Windows Phone has had its moments of controversy, the campaign has brought a lot of attention to how well our Windows Phones measures up against the competition.

Source: Windows Team Blog



There are 22 comments. Sign in to comment

rodneyej says:

Hey George, isn't that a picture of that dude from Android central? That picture is hilarious! Lol..

gtbuzz says:

You're missing a zero on the number of people that have seen/participated/read about the smoked by campaign. It's 100,000,000 according to the blog.
Also... "whinnying" percentage.

willied says:

That dude was quite open to WP's better sharing ability. That's nice to see.

XboxOmac says:

Its 100,000,000. Not 100,000,00.

willied says:

Look at the comments above before you post the same thing.

NIST says:

Oh no you didn't!

willied says:

Oh but I did!

rfso says:

That's a lot of people whining!

RenatoFontes says:

Just a quick reference to Charlie Sheen...
"Winning" not "Whynning"

ZX9 says:

"98% global whinnying percentage"? ;)

Big.Boss211 says:

People are whining about it too. Hence the comments below mine I'm sure.

selfcreation says:

I love how the client says * yeeeaaah my phones lags  compare to yours..*
THATS cause your on ANDROID BABY!! lol..  ;)

danWP7allday says:

My Windows Phone smokes my girlfriend's iPhone every time...

selfcreation says:

and my G-f's  GS2 , lol
and I have a focus ( bassed ont he GS1 ) HAHAHA . PWN!

goldenpipes says:

Hah yeah I smoked my brothers iphone4s and his co workers gs2

oldpueblo says:

Ben, don't switch to the 900 because half the time your camera button won't work. :P

stevethenerd says:

I have no more problems with my 900... Its simply the best smart phone around...

oldpueblo says:

Agreed, but the not always working camera button would certainly put a damper on these contests.

I can't take pictures from the off screen on my lumia 900. Only when it's in lock screen.

I won that contest. I'm actually posting this from my Hunger Games laptop right now. It was pretty awesome.... though I though that the hunger games stuff was like stickers.. but it was actually laser etched on there.. so now my laptop is indefinitely lame.
oh well.. It was a fun contest. 3 ties.