Sneak Peek: Chickens Can't Fly for Xbox Live on Windows Phone [Video]

This week's Xbox Live "Must Have Game" is Chickens Can't Fly from developer house Amused Sloth. For those of you who remember, Amused Sloth made indie games Chickens Can't Fly and Chickens Can Dream with the former being "upgraded" to Xbox Live status by Microsoft. The theme of the game? As we wrote earlier, you're playing the role of a corporate scientist trying to determine if chickens are capable of answering critical questions such as: "Is there life after the butcher?" or "Does a frozen chicken get dizzy?". Good questions!


Now that game is finally ready to come out and we're taking it for spin. The game will be released this Wednesday and fetches for $2.99. We won't pull any punches: Chickens Can't Fly is an ingenious and often hilarious casual game that will appeal to a wide audience. It's currently one of our favorite titles on the platform as it has great graphics, interesting challenges that aren't too hard for regular gamers and some neat little surprises along the way (including avatar awards in an upcoming update).

Watch our video tour above and check out the official trailer after the break.



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kidjenius says:

im gonna go broke because of all these amazing games...

J4rrod says:

I would say a-men if I wasn't using my $25 app card for them lol.

incendy says:

Looks really great! They are on a roll with these Live games.

Tbh, I found Hot Pursuit not as good as Undercover (which I really like), in the other hand Bullet Asylum is very nice. Big hopes for the Chicken...

nice! been looking forward to this one.

Drewidian says:

I hate you so much for having Toy Soldiers early! LOL. I really love that game on the XBox. OK... I don't hate you, but I'm definitely envious. :-D

Kon-Aitor says:

Why would you be so cruel and have toy soldiers and splinter cell right there on your homescreen for us to see :((

Desdemona says:

Seriously Daniel..why? :( If I meet you someday on the subway, I will defo sneak up to you, steal your phone and exchange it for mine (dont worry, its a WP7 as well:)!)

"...I will defo sneak up to you, steal your phone and exchange it for mine"

lol, funny thing is you'd have a choice of phones as I always carry two or three with me :-P

dnlbntl says:

The other trailer is just as great with the utterly nonsensical CEO of "The Totally Not Evil corporation". This definitely looks like it's going to be fun :-).