Sneak Peek: Splinter Cell: Conviction on Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone [Video]

This week's "Must Have Game" is Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. We wrote about this game way back in June 2011 and it was even announced before Windows Phone 7 launched, making this one of the longest "in gestation" games we have seen yet. We wrote back then:

"Another Gameloft title, Conviction was announced prior to the Windows Phone launch and then disappeared off the radar. This title provides a surprisingly faithful rendition of the Splinter Cell series, with great 3D graphics and stealth game play. The Mark and Kill allows players to select multiple targets and perform instant kills on them. This is definitely a game to look forward to, but don’t be surprised if it costs $6.99 at launch."

Now the game is just $4.99 and finally will hit our phones early tomorrow morning. So is it worth it?

Yeah, actually it's pretty darn good. It's great to have this type of game finally our our phones instead of the traditional casual arcade games that we've had as of late. This is a much slower paced, cinematic style game where you take your time...murdering people. We're all for that (don't judge us!) and what we've played so far we like. The controls are pretty intuitive, the graphics are pretty snappy and it's quite a bit of fun.

Splinter Cell

Will it hold up after a few levels? Will the gameplay be challenging enough? Too early to tell and that's why we have Paul around to tell us. But so far, we're quite happy with it. Look for the game to land in the next 12-20 hours in the Marketplace for $4.99. Of course, we'll let you know when we have a link for it, so stay tuned.



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eric12341 says:

The one on GC was short as hell. Can't stand when games are short, good thing the achievements make up for it.

Neusyn says:

:D I want tomorrow to come already.

frylock says:

Well, if you can kill people in it, we know Daniel is a fan!

Nakazul says:

Weee finally, third best news today (best is I got my hTC Titan today, and second, I got the Titan Media Link.

theefman says:

May lift my embargo on buying WP7 apps is this is any good.

amieldl says:

Saw the gameplay live on YouTube. Good game. Another game coming out is zombies night out. Nice 3d game...

Unholy_Void says:

This is one game that I most certainly are looking forwards too!

selfcreation says:

WOOOT!!! refresh button is being hit till it pops up!! been waiting for this game sints 2010!!!! when they showed it in a ADD,,

DigTheNoise says:

LOL ... I was going to say the same thing.

jabtano says:

Ok stop this now! make it stop NOW! Yet another reason to stand/sit around holding my device playing a game when I should be making money.... knock it off... I'll be up early to buy it tomorrow. wait I said make it stop.... Oh shut up.....

Nakazul says:

lol, I agree :-D ...still waiting for Wizards Choice EP4

tylerh1701 says:

"Now the game is just $4.99 and finally will hit our phones early tomorrow morning."
Ya, we'll see how "early" it actually goes up tomorrow.

goldenpipes says:

So what game engine does this run on? Did gameloft port over the unreal engine that splinter cell is usually built from?

tommohammed says:

I played this back in the day on the 3GS, and it was a tad underwhelming and glitchy at the time but im willing to give it another shot

cdook says:

Looks pretty cool. Can't wait to check out the trial. Kind of off topic, but does anyone else think the analog stick looks like an Xbox 360 RRoD (red ring of death)?

Omg it totally does!!! Very poor design choice, I'd say!

slygamer says:

7.7m is about 23ft.  That distance marker was 77m.

Tjarren says:

I guess I'm alone on thinking it looks like a bad PS1 game.
So when does Apollo come out again ... ?

dannejanne says:

I'm with you on that one to some extend. It does look better than PS1 games but it is by no means a good looking game in my opinion. Looks old.

NaterBater says:

Yea well for mobile games at the moment it is pretty decent. We need these kind of games to do well so some other high quality games get ported over. Hopefully Microsoft can get some Tegra onboard and then you'll see graphics improve.

danj210 says:

You're the only one tjarreb. I've been waiting for this game since it was announced.

4.99? When it was released early it displayed as 6.99?

Yay though, will get it when it comes out and play on the plane tomorrow :)

ahuczek says:

Didn't anybody watch the video? Looks like a bad ps1 game. Cell phones just aren't suited to these types of games...

eric12341 says:

Looks better than any ps1 game I've seen

dogmeat1978 says:

Still isnt up yet?? Im in the UK

MacAarburger says:

still not on the marketplace.... http://www.windowsphone.com/de-CH/search?q=Conviction
and wednesday is almost 3/4 over.... 8(

dogmeat1978 says:

Its funny the last couple of weeks the comes have been popping up quite early now its back to the same, oh well got alan wake on my 360 thats pretty good!!

dogmeat1978 says:

^^Sorry first word second line is games^^

eric12341 says:


danj210 says:

For the idiots that keep saying SC looks like ps1 games... This is a single core phone not a ps1, ps2, or ps3

ahuczek says:

That phone youre holding is a lot more powerful than the original playstation. Fyi

danj210 says:

Game still isn't out yet!?! Ms don't you know that this is one of your most anticipated titles.

Grrr...still not out....early my ass

bAN01TgAZ says:

Thanks CRC Kenshin!
I have been looking forward to playing it :)