Sneak Peek: Square sharing app for Windows Phone

Square App

Sharing is cool. We all love to share things, whether it be what we're currently up to on Twitter, or by publishing photos to Facebook from our Windows Phone, it walks hand-in-hand with being intrigued by what our friends are up to. Square, by Lawrence Gripper (the developer behind the BBC News Mobile app), Chris Sienkiewicz and Dave Crawford, is a new solution to contact and image sharing between platforms using QR codes. It's a fairly simple concept, but ingeniously executed.

Square will enable the user to grab an image from the Pictures Hub (providing choice of camera roll, SkyDrive or Facebook albums) and share it to another device with a generic QR code scanner. Not only that, but contacts on the Windows Phone can also be shared to another device with a scanner (and support for vCards). If you're one who detests carrying around business cards as much as I, Square also sports a contact card option for yourself (basically choosing "you" from your contact list to import your details), which can be pinned to the home screen for quick access and turns your contact information into a handy QR code (in vCard format).

Of course, the app wouldn't be complete without a scanner. Square comes kitted out with the tools to scan QR codes and import images and contacts. It all works flawlessly, and the UI (although there's not much depth) is simply gorgeous. When will we see Square on the Marketplace? In the next couple of weeks. To see the app in action, head on past the break for a quick demonstration.



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erichon99 says:

awesome idea, pretty much is an all in one solution to share stuff using QR

Judge_Daniel says:

Now that is what Microsoft has been looking for when they said they want the next big app.  This should be on a list of must-have business apps for Windows Phone.

monotok says:

So how does it send a local image? Does it upload it to URL or something? Confused about that :p

Leapo says:

It's possible to encode a small image (or a large ammount of text) directly into a QR code: http://i.imgur.com/4uikl.png
The above example is a Verzion 40 QR code, which can contain up to 1852 characters (this one contains an entire article on QR codes). I've managed to scan it multiple times on my Samsung Focus, but you have to hold very still due to the sheer density of the code.
Question is, how large of an image could you fit in that with Base64 encoding?

thenet says:

If it wont work with IOS to share business card. I can just take a photo shot of my business card has an image and that will work to share.  :)

Jay Bennett says:

Really like the look of this one! And just reminded me Rich I still have your business card in my wallet somewhere...