SongArc looking for beta testers for their next music game update


SongArc has long been one of our favorite games for Windows Phone, let alone our favorite music game, and now they're giving loyal players like yourself to help shape the game's future by joining in on a beta for the next version. The next verison of SongArc is promised to be "the biggest update ever". Version 2.0 of SongArc, a substantial update on its own, landed in December, so we're really looking forward to whatever developer András Velvárt is cooking up for this next update.

A feature of the next version of SongArc was teased this morning through their Twitter account, showing a new Collection choice that will show "all the sheets you ever purchased" in the game. That's just one of what we imagine are several new features that beta testers will help to, well, test.


Those interested in joining the beta test program should fill out this survey on OneDrive so that they can be enrolled. There's no indication of when the beta testing program will begin or how long it will last, but we're looking forward to whatever is being cooked up for the next version.

Of course, if you can't wait you can always check out the current version 2.0 of SongArc in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: @SongArcGame; Via: The Snoozing Robot; Thanks to Romer R. for the tip!



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vincentchuck says:

I dunno how to play this game...

schlubadub says:

With cunning and guile

Me either. Could never see the appeal.

Ahndz says:

in her latest video review, molly wood said Siri is kicking Cortana's butt...

Mister Gore says:

I was a tester when the game originally came out. Not a huge fan of the gameplay itself, but the game is solid. Best of luck to the dev and the testers.

SongArcGame says:

Thanks. Maybe you will try again when the new version is out :)

Pete Almanza says:

The hardest thing you will do all day is try your hand at Eruption by Van Halen. There's no mercy when it starts going, none. 

milfermon says:

This was a very good game, then the developers made it work through Facebook, I don't want to be close to it, and then deleted the game, don't support this guys, they will disappoint you

SongArcGame says:

We didn't make Facebook a requirement, merely a way to get free coins without spending actual money. A lot of people (almost 15,000) has followed us on Facebook and are happy to get the news when we have them, provide us feedback. If you don't want to be part of this then that is just fine, but at no point was this a MUST. You can get plenty of free coins otherways. If you don't want to support us, that's fine too, but please don't spread misinformation.

milfermon says:

Ok my bad, my point simply is that the game experience got ruined for me after the fb integration, and the coins thing was the worst part, I don't want to play the first part of a song and then a pop up showing and saying, Do you want to pay to play? I KNOW it's not real money but that simply ruined the game, and I'll still tell people not to support you, you had a very good game, I really liked it, but some of your decisions just killed it, at least for me, sorry

SongArcGame says:

I see. We made it clear from the first moment that SongArc would only be free for a limited time. We need to cover the costs of the servers and the work of the SongArc team so that we can create upgrades like the one we're about to release for the beta testers. We left plenty of ways to keep the game free to play, sorry that this still alienated you.


milfermon says:

The game had so much potential, hopefully you'll find a way to fix this, for now, songarc is no worth playing, nor paying

SwimSwim says:

Whoa... I didn't know you could use Excel to make surveys!!! I thought this was the only feature OneDrive/Office Online was missing in comparison to Google Docs.

Anyways, on topic: Cool, I'll have a look. Love this game, but haven't played in awhile.

I want audio surf!

xoxoGeorges says:

Good but impossible to play.

Ah SongArc is not working stuck at updating offline data base