Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II officially announced

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I, the long-awaited return to 2D gameplay for the Sonic series, met with a mixed reception when it debuted on consoles in 2010. The Windows Phone version debuted several months later. In WPCentral’s Sonic 4 review, I praised its faithfulness to the console game (outside of a crummy pinball level exclusive to the mobile game) and touch screen controls. While the retro remake of Sonic CD is still due to arrive sometime (having already hit consoles and iOS), many fans have been left wondering about the fate of Sonic 4: Episode II.

Good news today then, as Sega has finally released a teaser trailer for Episode II. The trailer is devoid of gameplay footage, but it does at least promise the return of two popular characters: Tails the fox, Sonic’s young sidekick, and Metal Sonic, one of the main enemies in Sonic CD.

Head past the break for another video and more gameplay details!

In addition to the teaser, Ken Balough (the Sega staffer who WPCentral previously interviewed about Sonic CD) discussed some of the changes coming to Episode II in a video interview with GameSpot. The second episode of Sonic 4 will sport both an all-new graphics engine and all-new physics engine. The new physics will hearken back to the original Genesis Sonics, fixing one of the main criticisms of Episode I. Balough doesn’t confirm this, but it’s quite possible that Christian Whitehead’s Retro Engine, which powers the Sonic CD remake, is at least tangentially involved.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II is coming to a variety of platforms, including Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. There won’t be a Wii release, but I doubt many people will be playing their Wiis after its successor, the WiiU, debuts in 2012.

Source: GameSpot



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NaterBater says:

This is great news. I can't get enough sonic. Hopefully CD is released this coming week as it is a great game.

tylerh1701 says:

I'm not a big Sonic fan, I grew up with SNES instead of Sega.  But this should be good news to all the Sonic fans out there.  

Hopefully it'll have more than 4 levels in it,felt so cheated when I bought it on Xbox because of that.

Winterfang says:

Can't wait :D.

Mooncow27 says:

Any Sonic is good Sonic. Plus, I liked the Episode I. Not  the best, but hey. If you come in with no expectations, it is quite good. Not on par with Generations, but still good.
I do not think I would get it for WP7 though. I got Episode 1 on both xbox and WP7. Could not stomach the controls on the WP7 version. I will certainly get the xbox 360 version.