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Tentacles: Enter the Mind for Windows 8.1 now available


Some old Xbox games get a 2nd Life


Xbox gamers can now put Microsoft Jigsaw together on Windows 8


My Little Pony brings love and friendship to the realms of Windows and Windows Phone


Have fun learning the alphabet with Elmo Loves ABCs for Windows 8 and RT


Lost Echo, a 3D action adventure game jumps from iOS to Windows Phone Store

Windows 8 Apps+Games

Angry Birds Epic now available for free on Windows Phone


Dream of Pixels unleashes beautiful puzzles on Windows Phone


Duckie Deck Sandwich Chef is a fun and creative Windows Phone game for preschool kids


Ice Rage: Hockey, a smashing Windows Phone game full of body checks


Asphalt 8: Airborne gets updated, adds the SSC Tuatara to the garage


Disney releases two new Windows Phone 8 games, Lost Light and JellyCar 3


As expected, Disney Solitaire comes to Windows Phone 8


JoyBits brings Doodle Creatures and Around the World to Windows Phone 8

Windows 8 Apps+Games

Minesweeper updated for the 21st century in Microsoft Treasure Hunt, coming soon to your Surface


Blazin' Aces arrives in the Windows Phone Store, let the dogfights begin!

Windows 8 Apps+Games

Tentacles: Enter the Mind coming to Windows 8 this summer


Kochadaiiyaan The Legend Reign of Arrows lands in the Windows Phone Store


Cloud Raiders unleashes Player vs. Player clashes on Windows Phone 8


'Another Case Solved' is a sweet mystery game for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

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Soulcraft is now free on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, one of the best action RPG games around

Soulcraft for Windows Phone

Soulcraft is an insanely awesome action RPG game for both Windows Phone and Windows 8. If you’re into those sorts of games and don’t already have Soulcraft you really should check it out. In both Stores, it easily averages four of five stars without hundreds of ratings. And now both games are free.

Soulcraft is a popular game that’s available on nearly any mobile platform you can think of. You can find it on iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Previously on Windows Phone the game went for $1.49, but now you can pick it up for free. It does however have in-app purchases that you can have. Depending on your play style, you can spend little to no money on the game.

Interested in playing Soulcraft? It’s free for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. Head to the Windows Phone Store to get it or the Windows Store. QR Code below. 

Via: Plaffo

QR: Soulcraft



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pratik ghag says:

Hangs at level 3. Tried many times, you lose your level progress and it starts up again

Aryan Angel says:

Only if I had gdr2 to get rid of dat 3.4GB of other storage...

jawesome says:

I'm on GDR2 and up to 5.1GB of other storage so far...

Aryan Angel says:

You must have a 920 or above

firewolf006 says:

^ this upsets me a little bit

220SeaChaser says:

GDR2 didn't do me any good

Jazmac says:

Is this the surprise?

Corvodin says:

Nah, I think it would be on Nokia's facebook and twitter account. 

I think Nokia already announced their surprise, or didn't. I honestly don't know..

idlezork says:

It froze my phone on initial start up and can't even power off the phone.  Screenshot does look awesome but there's just too many frozen instances that i've heard of.  Not going to try again.

kirklyt says:

Soulcraft is a great game. I wish it's an Xbox title, that would be more awesome.! :)

I just grabbed Order & Chaos last week. Sure this is free but there is enough RPG action on Order. May be a few months down the line, I will pick this up.

Antwan3k says:

Are there cross-platform saves for this game?

zakaweb says:

MS & IOS & Android, Yes.

sabrekane says:

Be careful.  I started a game on the WP then played it on my Android.  Now when I go back to my WP it says the save game was made with a newer release(Android) than my current version(WP). I was only level 5, no biggie. Sucks if you want to play on both platforms though.

Vistaus says:

Not available for the Surface RT :(

Hoekie says:

In the description it says:
Controls: The default is set up for Touch devices like Windows RT Mouse/Keyboard controls work as well Gamepad works either way.

Vistaus says:

Well, it's not. When I open the link for the View in Windows Store (the one that triggers the Store to open) on my Surface RT it tells me that the "application is not available for my device".

BaritoneGuy says:

Just installed on my Surface RT. Maybe it is a region thing.

I hope it performs better that on Android. Lumia 822.

sayzar says:

What?! Not an Xbox Live title? (walks away...)

bashbaliga says:

And yet you bother to comment, what kind of noob does one have to be to comment "walks away"

chezm says:

i cant believe i bought this game...its not horrible but i expected more...and now its FREE.

Lukas Stacke says:

Just awesome.. I bought this game last month and now it is Free and i have nothing special for it :-(

crooza says:

game is freezing after one mission. then i have to wait for my phone to restart. Thats why this game is free. Running it on L820

Zakriel says:

The game is runing smoothly in my Lumia 920 btw, its a really good game. I recommend it.

manie_v says:

I had to reset my L 820 to get rid of the other storage issue. Reinstalled all previous apps+games and now the other storage is reduced from 2.9 GB to 800 MB for the same app size. Now I see its much controlled with GDR2, not sure if the other storage size would come down without reset.

Dragunov2 says:

I play this game on my L620, a great game...
Only using the keyboard ingame is a bit buggy, sometimes when u push on a letter, it doesn't respond and sometimes the letter becomes purple and u need to press again

NikLumWP8 says:

The best RPG action game for free? I said not, today I install SoulCraft on Lumia 520, play a while, then what happen? It freezes/hangs, made Lumia Back, Windows and Search button won't be working when freeze/hang, I should press and hold power on/off and volume down together to make my Lumia 520 restart. So, for what you developer give this game for free? The result is freeze/hang. Six-Guns game is still many-many better than SoulCraft.