Space Weather dev works with Microsoft to release beautifully redesigned 4.0 update

Space Weather 4.0

Space Weather developer Timothy Stewart has released a new update for his app that provides users with a completely revamped experience. Winning the Nokia DVLUP design competition, he managed to sit down and discuss the app with Dave Crawford, senior designer at Microsoft on the Windows Apps team. Stewart has been able to take the app in its previous form and really push the limits with content and the user interface. Space Weather 4.0 is visually stunning.

But first, what exactly is Space Weather? As the name suggests, it's an app dedicated to relaying information on weather in space. If you have no interest in space, anything to do with solar activity, wind or geospace then this app is definitely not for you. Should you be at least intrigued by what's currently happening around Earth, Space Weather is a cool app worth checking out on your Windows Phone.

Space Weather

The redesign is interesting since Stewart previously rewrote the entire app in the release of version 3.0. Using the newly designed app (did we mention how good it looks?), users are able to read up on real-time solar storm status alerts, forecasts, and other data that's presented in a good looking interface. Images, movies and news articles are also included, along with sky cams, solar images, solar recordings and more.

Microsoft also recently released video footage of developer Timothy Stewart spending time with Crawford on Space Weather 4.0. It's worth checking out, alongside the talk with our own Jay Bennett.

It's a beautiful new app and one we strongly urge everyone to check out. You can read up on details covering Space Weather over on the Nokia Developer website. The app works on both Windows Phone 7 and 8.

QR: Space Weather


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wuiyang says:

NO IA? NO AI? no Artificial intelligence?


Westarmy says:

So AA Much AA Power Much Pleased

Will download for my forthcoming jaunt to Sycorax.

Abdal says:

Nice concept also great app

rain620 says:

This will be useful for my trip to Neptune this weekend.

Went there last month, not so good. Go to Saturn it is much more beautiful

immyperez says:

I prefer Pluto myself...great for ice skating. Well worth the jet lag!

brebo33 says:

Pluto getting kicked out of the planet club was actually a secret marketing strategy: Tourism there has picked up 27% since

superpos says:

Probably you don't need to give any advice about your trips, but...go to Venus...thank me later...

Yousef Kawmi says:

Too bad Uranus isn't hot enough..........it's far from the sun.....

Viipottaja says:

Yup, sun don't shine there much..

John20212 says:

Great to see this app being updated so often, have been using it for quite some time, great app.



TechnoTim says:

Thanks. I have been updating it for a few years now. I don't plan on letting it get stale. The Windows 8 version is getting a facelift next

jkelek says:

Yay Tim! Nice work!

TechnoTim says:

Thanks Justin!

mister2d says:

Purchased. :)

sip1995 says:

Is it going to be free ?

blackprince says:

It was last year. Been enjoying it ever since, great for debunking my Electric Universe Theory whacko co-worker.

Just pay for it and support the developer. His hard work needs to be rewarded and for less than the cost of a burger it's an absolute bargain.

TechnoTim says:

Thanks!  Also it helps pay for my Azure subscription.  My service and API are hosted in the cloud and it's not free sadly.

sip1995 says:

Okay, i'll support you cuz you've done a great app + i'm a developer too so i know about costs for Azure and more :)

kravex says:

Going to buy as it could come in handy for my cruise to the fjords and it looks my kind of geeky app :-)

Wael Hasno says:

This sounds all too, can I at least see the moon faces? Can the app tell me when the next full moon is going to occur? Hate turning into a werewolf without knowing first.

TechnoTim says:

Thanks for the write up! Hope you all enjoy Space Weather!

broughshane says:

any chance you'll make a app for sun and moon phases / events . find the apps lacking for WP in not being updated or maintained

TechnoTim says:

Sounds like a challenge!  Let me see what I can do...


metallikunt says:

Came here expecting a Uranus joke.... was disappointed.

gautam26 says:

I'm buying this app just to support the developer.

ashfaqgazi says:

I also need support . Transfer some funds Fr me also

gautam26 says:

You've published an app?

Akuji_ism says:

Develop something unique first before you can ask for money.

rogerhew says:

+925 Australia.

Jazmac says:

Where are the located in that video?

TechnoTim says:

This video was shot in San Francisco outside of Microsoft's office there

samcode7 says:

what's with MS moving away from its signature panoramic control?

gerrymad says:

He suggested the pivot control instead of the panoramic control because of the type of information being presented by this app. Each control has different uses.

toraji says:

Downloaded the app out of curiosity and to support the developer knowing it would be way out of my league. Pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the app and a lot of information makes actually sense. My compliments TechnoTim!!!

HellcatM says:

Looks like an intersting app.

One thing about the video though is David Crawford should have been using a Surface to do his drawings (instead of paper and a sharpie), it would have made a good ad.

Akuji_ism says:

Use the app from WP7 days, it's really great. The app is the example of unique apps which Windows Phone strongly needs to promote itself. Also i'm thankful to the developer for releasing frequent updates and hope this will continue in future. 

TechnoTim says:

Thanks! I will always keep it fresh, have tried to for a few years now.

MikeSo says:

Where is Jay Bennett these days anyway?

venetasoft says:

Wow, really impressive !! Kudos to the developer !!

I like the design, but would this by chance have a timed trial? Also since it wasn't directly mentioned, does this app support the notification center?

Roger Huston says:

No Trial = Fail

Viipottaja says:

Is it more reliable than Earth weather?

Green Onion says:

Really nice app! I do suggest a timed trial (maybe a week?) to convince those in the fence though. :)

subkamran says:

Awesome job, Tim!