Spectra brings 8-bit racing to Windows 8; Windows Phone and Xbox One versions on the way


Spectra 8bit Racing is an interesting concept. Not only because the game has just launched on Windows 8 (with both Windows Phone and Xbox support coming), but because it packs in awesome music, retro gameplay and graphics with procedural generation. If you're a fan of Song Arc, we highly recommend you read on and check out Spectra.

We last looked at Spectra back at Microsoft's recent Ventures event in London where Gateway Interactive CEO Louis Deane walked the audience through backend technologies and tools developed by the new studio, as well as the game itself. Since this is a startup, we can't help but admire work done thus far.

Spectra 8bit Racing

Players are tasked with racing through a procedrually generated track, depending on which song is currently playing in the background. What makes Spectra for Windows even more fun is the difficulty and built-in controller support. Simply plug in/connect your favourite game pad and get cracking with a more fluid experience – that's not to say the on-screen controls aren't usable.

It's a simple, but highly addictive game. Spectra is available for $5.99 with a free trial for you to try it out. Windows Phone and Xboox One versions are well on the way. Let us know how you get on in the comments.



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Deaconclgi says:

My 8bit games never looked that good...

DennisvdG says:

I'm really enjoying this! I hope the phone version will run just as smooth and have tight controls because that's necessary for this kinda game

$6 for 8bit.. Sounds less wow..

a5cent says:

Just a name. Obviously not 8bit software.

Am the second one to comment

Tjalsma says:

Thanks for adding so much to the discussion.

Anyways, I'll be checking this out.

isi mcf says:

Universal app?

Why Not says:

When for 7.8?

Damned666 says:

After the apocalypse.... May be.. :P

Aashish13 says:

Why u cant upgrade. Everyone here knows that once wp9 will be in action, development of windows phone 8 won't be there after few years. So better buy a new phone

wtf is 7.8? upgrade to 8 already come on

Antwan3k says:

I'm wondering if you can save on one version and continue in another like in Skulls of the Shogun

Man I still miss the great Zune HD game Audiosurf....still can't find like it that's better

kingkoopa09 says:

You and mw both there used to be ports of how they were going to port the app several times to of course no avail

maxknux says:

I think there is sequel to it but I thought it was on Steam. I still play it but never used Zune with it

MetaG85 says:

Yeah Audiosurf was good fun on Steam!

When they release an Xbox One version it will feature Xbox integration. Why can't they do the same for Windows 8 and WP8?

coip says:

No kidding. I don't like this. Nutjitsu did the same thing. We need uniformity. And we need more Xbox games on Win8 and WP8. #SaveXboxWP.

AndyCalling says:

Hmm. Ok, but I paid $6 for 8 bit games when they were cutting edge. Someone needs to tell this chap it's not the 80s any more and that he needs to charge accordingly. Otherwise, cool-ish.

MetaG85 says:

I'd pay the $6 if it includes Moga Pro support on WP8.1. Otherwise it looks great but I can wait, Asphalt 7 & 8 offer up tons of content and are both a thrill to play!

Louis Deane says:

The game will be on promotion tomorrow! $3.99

The game features full controller support

MetaG85 says:

That's awesome, problem is I don't have W8 device (Yet) but I do have a beautiful WP and ready to throw my money at Gateway for Spectra on WP8.1 with Moga Pro support QuickFast & InAHurry!

Louis Deane says:

we'd be interested in adding you to our private beta for WP8.1 to check your controller is supported. Can you add me on twitter? @gateway_louis and we can get you on it!

MetaG85 says:

Indeed, I'm on it!

Simon Sage says:

The musician, Chipzel, deserves a shout-out here. The album for the game is great, and she's done awesome stuff in Super Hexagon as well.

MetaG85 says:

Just listened to the soundtrack Chipzel is a Beast!!!
Definitely following her now!
Thanks for making me aware of her!

MetaG85 says:

This game looks great It NEEDS Moga Controller. Support on its WP8.1 release!
You can check out footage here guys!