Spiegel Online launches official German-language app for Windows Phone

Spiegel Online German

Update: Hey international readers, as noted in comments, within the app if you click the middle icon "rubriken" and then scroll down to "englisch", you get the International edition

Spiegel Online (www.spiegel.de) is a fairly serious news source on the internets, so it’s exciting to see them launch an official Windows Phone app today. Available in most regions (including the US), the app should give readers of the site a quick and easy way to access it on the go.

Unfortunately it’s only the German-language version and not the International edition, so unless you know the German language well, you’ll have to pass.

Spiegel Online German

That app is less than 1MB in size and will run on all Windows Phones, regardless of version numbers. The app itself appears to be a PhoneGap release, meaning data pulled looks to be reformatted web pages and it has not been natively coded for Windows Phone. Having said that, it’s quite zippy to use and gets the job done, allowing quick and easy browsing, sharing of articles and quickly navigating to various sections of the news site.

Should you want to venture and grab Spiegel Online’s app for Windows Phone, head here to the Store. Thanks, TschomDoe, for the tip!

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Come on we need English

kaynachtsman says:

Yay for us germans. Danke für die Neuigkeit :)

And yay for us Americans who are learning German and need reading practice!

dazorange says:

And us who are slowly starting to forget German. This will be a great way to stay informed and help keep up my skills in German.

freshfelicio says:

They could have done better with using Metro design. The buttons and the color gradient bar at the top makes it look like a simple port from iOS.

Read the part about being a PhoneGap release ;)

Laion says:

Der Spiegel is great. The app not so much.

murtagh360 says:

Click the middle icon "rubriken" and then scroll down to "englisch".

Your welcome!

Thanks, added! Not sure that will help most humans who want this app, but good to know!

murtagh360 says:

Not ideal alright but I would imagine that could change depending on the uptake of the app.

DJCBS says:

The only think I would like to see added was a way to pin to the start screen certain categories as it happens, for example, with the Guardian App.

Good news, der Spiegel is often a good choice when it comes to serious journalism!
Unlike der Stern...

l_n says:

...but Die Bild has naked girls!

klose91 says:

Do they still have them? Thought they banned it, or were that just the Montags Mädchen ( or how it was called).

l_n says:

They might not. It's been a while since I've read Die Bild (www.bild.de)

klose91 says:

For me it's been a while too. On Wikipedia (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bild_%28Zeitung%29#Die_2010-er_Jahre - it's in German) I read, that they didn't banned it, they just moved it from the frontpage to one of the inner pages of the "newspaper" (what a joke...). ^^

klose91 says:

Good that Der Spiegel made an app, but it could have been done better. Doesn't fit the metro style, looks too much like iOS. Making rubrics in the App-Bar isn't good, they should do it like MS did it with Bing News. ^^ But still nice, that this Apple loving magazine thinks about Windows Phone.

Luminatic says:

Wot - They managed to get their heads out of iA** and created a WP app? Good times!

esackbauer says:

What does this app better than their mobile website??

jcw108 says:

Only a more comfortable quick access to the various news categories. Apart from that, it is really just the mobile site. The total lack of any Metro / Modern UI design elements is disappointing, but was to be expected from Der Spiegel. Still, nice to see them at least recognize WP now.

lowrider2107 says:

That was about time. But I agree, it is merely a copy of the mobile site... Waaaaaaaay to go!

MrHeckles85 says:

Nice! Endlich :)

Wunderbar! Can ditch the readers now. Vielen Dank Spiegel!!

Nice, Spiegel is good for News from Germany.