Spotify coming to the U.S. tomorrow, sign up now. Windows Phone app soon?

To all the U.S. peeps out there who've been waiting on Spotify, the Swedish music streaming site, you'll be happy to know it's launching tomorrow. More importantly, if you sign up now you can get an invite as soon as it goes live (guess they're doing the Google model of things with invites, blarg).

Sure, we don't yet have an official Spotify app for Windows Phone, but there are third party apps in the Marketplace. More importantly, there is an official app coming, as demonstrated at MIX11 a few months back. The "Mango" version will of course allow your music to stream in the background, much like Zune player does currently.

Our big question though: Could we see a non-Mango version launch in the next few days? Seems like something Microsoft would do, what with that marquee app blitz they did a few weeks ago. Plus we've seen some non-Mango versions of apps like Best Buy and British Airways released, even though they were first demoed with Mango features. Hmm...

Head here for the signup!



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dalydose says:

I sure hope an app comes out at launch. That would be great!

Solidstate89 says:

A shame that the place I would this most often is at the office...which sadly acts like a freaking Faraday cage.

theefman says:

Why get this over Slacker, Last FM, Zune?

Honestly, I couldn't tell yeah. Only reason I can think is for people who already use Spotify and *don't* use the other services, they feel comfortable with it.

mydefposse says:

Stopped using Spotify after they changed their "free" package to 10 hours a month. F***ers!

If you were a subscriber then them changing the free service shouldnt have bothered you.

I personally dont see many US customers choosing Spotify over Zune, especially if they dont get the 10 downloads per month. In the UK it could be different as we dont get to keep 10 songs, time will tell.I cancelled my Spotify premium account when I switched to WP and there's no going back now.

mango.lover says:

They can keep it. We'll stick with Zune Pass.

falconx#WP says:

I´m in Spain and i prefer Zune Pass. Spotify GUI sucks.Besides, I can use Zune on my TV through XBOX.

My point exactly, you can have Zune on up to 3 PC's and 3 Zune devices, so that's Xbox and 2 phones or whatever combo you want.Spotify on the other hand is only available on Phones, PC, and some of the high end Onkyo AV receivers.

juliarobertt says:

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