Spotify Free coming to Windows Phone with brand new design


iOS and Android users have been enjoying Spotify Free, while Windows Phone users are still waiting for it to arrive. If you have downloaded the Windows Phone app without a premium Spotify account, you won’t get past the login page. Today, Spotify has officially acknowledged they will be updating their Windows Phone app for spring.

The first update for Spotify includes:

  • Personalized radio stations
  • Browse for what’s hot and what’s new
  • Discover more music
  • Performance improvements
  • Brand new design

Spotify Spring

The bad news? This update will be available for Spotify Premium subscribers at the beginning. Spotify Free for mobile will arrive afterwards, but no specific dates were provided.

Want Spotify Free to come to Windows Phone sooner? Maybe voting for it will speed things up.

Source: Spotify; Thanks for the tip, Sarang D.!



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Toxid_Fox says:

Still missing file sync tho, i want my mp3's on Spotify :/

DennisvdG says:

YES! thank you finally!!

aerosmillie says:

Been waiting for this. Finally! Is it coming after the 8.1 update?

Jrexxx says:

Sing hallelujah!

freshfelicio says:

Bad design. Since when do WP apps have a menu button on the top-left corner? They have pages you can swipte through and buttons + more options at the bottom. No user elements should be on the top, especially on big phones.

TechFreak1 says:

Hopefully its just a screenshot from the android app... Or maybe it was quicker to port?

DennisvdG says:

Dude, anything is better than what we have now, the colour scheme is super ugly and it's slow and buggy...

perspicuity says:

Agreed. It's the off white of stained ivory and so many UI elements are super tiny. So many bugs...

inseyven says:

I like the Old UI... :(

Tomazon says:

Exactly! a waste of screen space. At least i use it on a 520. Can´t imagine myself using this mediocre app on a flagship device. Whatsapp, you are next

WP95 says:

The Xbox one smartglass app

Shadai says:

Hurry up free update

willboyce says:

Don't get the big deal. Is it free to use unlimited

aerosmillie says:

Free radio play, free artist play (with adverts) 6skips an hour and unable to choose a specific song

Exactly what I tough: everyone, MS probably behind it, is holding on for the Blue update. I don't like the approach.

The list is growing: Updated FB, Updated Spotify, non-beta Instagram, non-beta Path, non-beta Molome, Flipboard, FB Messenger, BBM, Photoshop Express, Updated Foursquare, Updated TR2, Updated Subway Surfers and maybe others big games.

Shane says:

You may not like the approach, but why shouldn't they wait? With 8.1 they should only have to (technically) code once not twice. 8.1 opens the door to apps currently not available on WP8 yet are available for Windows 8.1. I am waiting patiently.

Just thinking:
- Foursquare has a bug since 6 months ago!! You always get only 1 point for every checkin. They already know this months ago, but is fair with their users to wait until BUILD for fix a simple thing like that??
- Flipboard was announced months ago and the app probably is already. They dont need anything new on WP8.1 to make the app possible for WP;

- Instagram is another example.

MikeSo says:

I use 4th & Mayor for Foursquare. Never noticed a bug. If they won't fix it, switch. :)

xxxneoxxx says:

Lol, I am waiting patiently. yeah. Guess we don't have any other option, do we..?

TechFreak1 says:

It makes sense from a marketing stand by point as it equates to some what more coverage and clicks. Which theoretically should mean more downloads.

Edit: damn this cold, @shane, fair point.

WixosTrix says:

Doubtful that Microsoft is holding back high-profile apps. Developers announcing an app and us not seeing one for months is something pretty common on WP.

astroXP says:

How and where did you come up with that conclusion from?

nizzon says:


Marco Gomes1 says:

You must be new to Windows Phone:) "later" and "coming soon" are patented trademark of our beloved OS. And by the looks of it Microsoft is also patenting "next summer".

Chris_Kez says:

"Windows Phone: the time is now; well, soon"

MikeSo says:

Yep. It's always "coming soon". And then it arrives, with minimum features... and never to be updated again...

Sorry guys I'm getting a nexus 5, BUT I will use my windows phone as a backup. Also hooray I can finally try Spotify on my HTC 8X!

Enjoy your Nexus 5, it is a great Android device, as it doesn't have a lot of Android crapware.

TechFreak1 says:

You sure you have enough space free on your 8x? :P. Buying the nexus 5 outright or upgrade?

Yeah I got space and I'm buying it outright.

penetronn says:

Can't take not having native Facebook contact integration with Nexus devices. Deal breaker.

I don't use Facebook only twitter.

iAdrian23 says:

I just hope that I will be able to use this service despite the fact that I'm from Romania (EU).

The UI looks similar to Xbox Music on iOS (which looks nicer than the WP version, sadly).

psykojello says:

About. Freaking. Time.

PeterFnet says:

Skeptical. The existing apps were full of bugs. My opinion is dated over a year since I canceled premium. How is the current app?

Agent-P says:

Not as buggy as a year ago, but still pretty bad. The iOS version of the app I use on my backup iPhone is way better.

PeterFnet says:

oh okay. Glad to hear there was SOME improvements. Thanks for chiming in!

brianlg says:

Abooooot time

blushrts717 says:

I don't know if this could be any worse than the current app, but maybe they will surprise us.

david90531 says:

Spotify is irrelevant in Canada. Sad

Yes bless windows phone!

WP-Swag says:

Damn, that design!

Ill stick to Deezer..thank you

TechnoTim says:

I heard android and ios users now get access to their playlists on the free version, but they have to play them at random. Will the same be true for the Windows phone version?

aschaps says:

Finally! Just in time for Bonnaroo. I hate how buggy it is right now. It makes paying the premium a lot more painful.

Roach26 says:

F Spotify, Pandora is better.

lesd777 says:

Been waiting. I cancelled my premium but if has all the features as other mobile platforms, I'll definitely be using this again.

anyone got a better alternative than spotify? I would be happy if there is anyone else to support


Pandora, nokia music, Digitally imported ...

Agent-P says:

Nokia MixRadio if you have a Lumia device.

waeras says:

You could try WiMP.

Dafter says:

Finally! But MixRadio is the number 1 for me! :)

willboyce says:

Nokia music is just as good. When you do thumbs up, you get more of that artist. Oh yeah you get the words to sing a long. Da da. Plus you get info about artist and where there playing. Hard to beat

FrankEpr says:

I'm actually enjoying Beats Music a lot...been thinking hard if I should switch from Spotify after the 90 days free offer expires!

Jazmac says:

Same here but I don't know if I like Spotify enough to switch out after the 90 days.

coderjones says:

I switched to Beats, but I've had a bad time with it just halting playback randomly.  If they can't get their bugs fixed then I'll keep my Spotify active and wait for the update.  I love the Beats interface, but it should keep playing when I hit play.

I don't think will ever use spotify but seeing that it is yet to come on windows phone and other eco systems enjoying it already makes me feel frustrated. Why don't we get new apps and games. This app gap will never be over. Its very frustrating.

Pandora is much better than spotify

Pacs_R_Us says:

I don't use the radio feature of Spotify (I use Pandora for that kind of thing) so that part of the update I don't care about. I care about the UI Improvements. I hate that you can't sort your playlists on the app and that whenever you pick shuffle play, it always picks the first song of the playlist as the first song it plays. Minor thing but I find it kind of annoying.

Sbear01 says:

TOTALLY AGREE ON THE SORTING AND STARTING UP PLAYLIST PART. But the radio is what im waiting for, its nice on those days where you want to find something new and you dont like listening to the actual radio.

LaNiQuE says:

Wow were really getting Spotify free !!!!! I didn't even look at the design of the app I care but I don't care

Fludlyt says:

If it has last.fm scrobbling like their apps on other platforms then I'll be very happy.

They NEED to add the download to SD card feature for offline mode... android and ios have it. On my Lumia 620 I have very little phone memory to download all the songs on my various playlists. This is a must need feature so I won't have to eat through All my data. Why have an SD slot if you can't use it?

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xcharles718 says:

Installing apps to the SD card will be available on WP8.1(which will be upgradeable from 8.0).

MrVol84 says:


MikeSo says:

I want Spotify only for the last.fm and FB integration. If it wasn't for that, Xbox Music + Nokia MixRadio are excellent alternatives.

astroXP says:

The bad news? This update will be available for Spotify Premium subscribers at the beginning. Spotify Free for mobile will arrive afterwards, but no specific dates were provided.

I'm a bit confused about this, so the UI changed app will go live first for Spotify Premium users (meaning you won't pass the login screen unless you're paying for the service) and then (unknown time) the Spotify app will become Spotify Free thus allowing any user to use it?

Maybe I'll actually consider trying Spotify if this happens...

Reza Atabaki says:

Not interested. I am happy with Nokia Mix Radio :)

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TheSnapDude says:

Yay!  Now I can listed to my Marvel Movie soundtracks!

xcharles718 says:

F*** YES!!!!
(Seriously, this is the main reason why I don't use a WP anymore).

rysliv says:

It's about time

Nice! But the design does not fit right with WP8....

I have made a Spotify WP8 redesign project. What do you think about it? https://www.behance.net/gallery/Spotify-Windows-Phone-8-Redesign/14817913

Mister K says:

I'll believe this when I see it. Spotify's record with Android devices is historically dreadful - they only started taking it seriously in the last 18 months or so. Prior to that they only really cared about iOS. What chance Windows users get a service their £10 per month deserves? I'm dubious to be honest.

The real problem I have with Spotify on windows is the fact that it sounds rotten. Android and iOS users get the option to stream at 320Kbps, Windows phone users can only get 160Kbps max. On decent earphones that makes a huge difference (to me). Without "extreme" quality streaming I will not be renewing my Spotify subscription - no matter how nice the interface.

marcus26 says:

I wonder if these plans are derailed by the ui update that's gone out to ios and desktop. Cant see why they'd update the windows phone app to look like the old ui. I hope wp gets the new look